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  1. hogan873

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    If their winning percentage stays stagnant the rest of the year, the Sox will win 54 games. I believe they'll finish with between 55 and 60. A bad year for sure, but not Greg-bad.
  2. hogan873

    Dylan Covey

    Why do you always throw these little insults in your posts? "Flip fanatics", "flip-niks". Anyway, there's no reason to trade Covey. He's more valuable to the Sox right now because be could certainly be part of the projected contending teams of 2020 and beyond. If he's for real with the way he's been pitching, he's under team control through 2022. He could be quite the find and an important part going forward.
  3. hogan873


    I unfortunately didn't get to see the game, but I followed it when I could online. Covey with another strong start is starting make people believe in him. It is truly amazing how much he has improved from last year. Watching the highlights, the strikeouts he got were on some nasty pitches. Abreu's 1st to 3rd DP was sweet. That was some heads-up baseball. Just enough offense and another great game from the bullpen sealed another impressive win. This team can be pretty fun to watch at times.
  4. hogan873

    GT: Indians @ White Sox - 7:10/8:10ET

    You and your facts and math and stuff ruining things. I also forgot it was a four game series.
  5. hogan873

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    It's pretty obvious by this post that you're not that familiar with the White Sox, nor with baseball for that matter. Soria has been pretty good, and I could definitely see a team desiring his services. Not necessarily as a closer but as late inning relief for sure. Jones has been hit and miss, and he has some injury concerns. But he still can be serviceable if used properly. Avilan, however, has been very good. And he's under team control through 2019. Of those three, he's the most valuable, and I think the Sox could get an interesting return for him. To answer your question about releasing Soria, Shield, and Santiago...yes, if released teams would be interested in them. Teams will be interested in Soria and Shields without them being released. Just because YOU don't like a player, that does not mean they aren't liked or desired by MLB teams.
  6. hogan873

    Jose Abreu's defense

    Abreu is a proven star, I'll agree with that. And if some of these prospects end up producing like him, they will be successes. I believe what most are getting at is that Abreu is producing very well right now and has been since he put on a Sox jersey. But how will he be in the projected competing years (2020-2022, and beyond)? Personally, I'd be all for extending him through 2022 for $17-$20 million a year. By then, though, he's most likely be primarily a DH.
  7. hogan873

    Jose Abreu's defense

    Abreu is not an elite 1st baseman. I personally believe he's better than many think, but he's probably realistically a so-so defensive player. Offensively, he's one of the most consistent hitters in the league. He may never be in the running for home run leader or highest BA, but he's going to hit .300, 25-30 HRs, and 90-100 RBIs. Still doesn't make him elite. And why do you think most of the prospects won't produce? I know you hate the rebuild, even though you refuse to understand it. But there are some great prospects that have a real chance to be very good...maybe even elite.
  8. hogan873

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    You just did, essentially.
  9. hogan873

    Sox have team meeting after game

    This is what it looks like, unfortunately. We look back and see the records of the Cubs and Astros, but since we aren't fans of those teams we didn't see it as it happened. What we're seeing now with this Sox team is what a 55-60 win season looks like. A few highs, more lows, and a few dear-God-this-is-bad lows.
  10. hogan873

    Sox have team meeting after game

    *Looks at a calendar, sees it is still 2018* *Remembers that it was well known that 2018 was a rebuilding year* *Looks at the team's record, shrugs* Enough with the "this is a horrible franchise" and "all they care about is money". Not interested in the rebuild and the development of the future? Don't watch the games. Don't comment. Take a year or two break.
  11. Narvaez and Gonzalez are both terrible behind the plate, and neither do much offensively, either. I'm ready to see a couple different guys back there.
  12. hogan873

    2018 Watercooler thread

    Finale of The Terror last night was excellent. The entire series was really good and followed the book pretty well. It was advertised as the season finale, but unless they tell a new story I wouldn't expect a second season.
  13. hogan873

    Sox Bullpen Quietly Doing Well

    Bummer, Rondon, and Fry are nice surprises. Jones has been a bit inconsistent. Soria has been what we expected, I think. Avilan has been a bit of a disappointment so far. Overall, though, I would agree that the bullpen has been doing a decent job. And they've been asked to take on more innings that they should have been due to some horrendous starts.
  14. hogan873


    This has been said a few times, especially since he has turned it around, but Moncada is must-watch TV right now. He's looking much more confident at the plate, and he's just killing the ball.
  15. hogan873

    2018 Watercooler thread

    Both were great. Dark, but very entertaining.