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  1. The Sox wouldn’t be in the running to sign Machado if their offer was 7 years and less that $200M.
  2. Haven’t we decided by now to not take anything Nightengale tweets seriously?
  3. He's at Hahn's house, and they are both laughing their asses off at us. "Dude, call Nightengale and tell him you only offered me 5 years." Giggling like a schoolgirl, "That's awesome. Give me the phone."
  4. The actual page we'll be on when Machado does finally sign is being artificially inflated with the guessing of the aforementioned page. To what degree the it is being artificially inflated is variable based on the number of people a) browsing the thread, b) actually reading the thread c) guessing the number of pages, and d) making fun of fellow posters. Therefore, whoever doesn't "win" could argue that their guess would have won if not for the guessing of the pages. It's a vicious circle we've put ourselves in, and it's damn time something happens. By the way, I'll guess 324...with 16 posts on that page.
  5. Probably both, if the reports are true. I still think the Sox are willing to go more than 7 years, and we certainly don't know what the true actual offer is. However, if the 7-year deal is true, it's probably first the Sox trying to get him cheaper and second the fact that no one is forcing their hand.
  6. Or, think of the marketing with Moncada and Machado patrolling the infield.
  7. Yeah, I agree. But holy shit this is frustrating. I'm sure many of us thought after the information last night that today would be eventful. Turns out it's just the media arguing about whether the offer is 7 or 8 years.
  8. Just wait until Machado signs. There will be hundreds of us nuts in here. I don't know how this new message board will handle it, but the old one would seize up, and we'd get the error that the site is too busy. We'd madly press refresh, swearing at our computers, praying to all gods that each refresh gets us back in.
  9. If the Sox truly are at 8/$250M, going to 10/$325M is only $75M more and an average of $32.5M, which is only sightly more than the average they've purportedly offered. Funny how we use the word "only" when talking about $75M.
  10. I still don't believe that the feeding of information from agents and teams to the media has that much influence. If the Phillies and Yankees are still in on Machado, do we really think that they're going to make a decision on an offer based on Nightengale saying the Sox are only offering 7/$200M?
  11. 8/250 is a good starting point. If Passan's story is accurate, the Sox would be willing to add years and money. They're not going to go in and give them their best offer first. Hopefully true negotiations start soon.
  12. I'm surprised he's not retweeting Nightengale about the Sox NOT offering 8 years.