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    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and they usually stink. An opinion is not science. An opinion does not trump science. The science, the research, and the damn results prove that the vaccines work. Anti-vaxxers saying they need more information or need to some research for themselves are full of shit. I don't want to hear from anti-vaxxers. They are selfish, ignorant people who are literally causing this pandemic to continue rolling. And that's NOT an opinion. That's a fact.
  2. hogan873

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    When Yoan hits it just right, the ball explodes off his bat.
  3. hogan873


    I would believe it was more a pitch count decision. Plus, he labored a bit in the 4th. If he gets out of the 4th as easy as the other innings, he probably would have at least started the 5th.
  4. hogan873

    9/14 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    What a catch! But holy shit I thought he hurt himself again.
  5. hogan873

    GT 9/12: Red Sox @ White Sox

    Not shocked. Not surprised. Totally expected.
  6. hogan873

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    Kopech looked magnificent.
  7. hogan873

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    I don’t doubt that Grandal was hurting before he went down with the knee injury. This is what a healthy Grandal looks like.
  8. hogan873

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    Best bat drop in baseball.
  9. hogan873

    What Should They Do with AV?

    He's a rookie who, as others have mentioned, may be hitting that wall physically. Give him some rest, limit his exposure to RH pitchers, and keep him fresh for the playoffs. This kid is part of the future of the team. He has work to do to improve, especially against RH pitchers. There is plenty of time for that in the off season and spring training next year. For the near term, some rest and specific starts and plate appearances.
  10. hogan873

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    “The messaging over the last month in the U.S. has basically served to terrify the vaccinated and make unvaccinated eligible adults doubt the effectiveness of the vaccines.” Neither of those views is warranted. The last part of the article, copied above, is what's the most frustrating. Turn on the news, scroll Facebook and Twitter, browse the Yahoo news feed...through all of it you'll find enough articles, opinions, and "studies" to do exactly what is stated. "We're not safe, even though we're vaccinated." "Everyone is going to catch COVID eventually." "Vaccinated people are still being hospitalized." YOU'RE NEXT! Personally I'm not worried. I do wear a mask when indoors in a public place, but I didn't until the mandate was brought back. We started weekly testing at work for everyone, vaccinated or not. My first test was negative, as I assumed it would be. But there was a small doubt in the back of my mind that I might have it and show no symptoms. I'll keep doing what I need to do to stay safe, but I'm not going to live in fear. It's hard, though, when everywhere you turn the bad news is streaming.
  11. hogan873

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    The vast majority of vaccinated people who do get COVID have mild symptoms at worst. There will always be the rare case where a vaccinated person has severe symptoms and requires hospitalization. But to say more and more vaccinated people are experiencing severe symptoms is inaccurate. Unvaccinated people are 29X more likely to require hospitalization. As far as crowds at games, there is a vaccine. There was not one last year. That's the biggest difference. Outdoor venues have lower risk than indoor venues, and that is why you're starting to see some indoor venues stating that being vaccinated or showing proof of a negative COVID test will be required for entry. We always knew 100% of the population wouldn't get the vaccine, but remember back when it was being developed and they were saying a vaccine with 70% effectiveness would be great? And the hope was that 70% of the population would get the vaccine? That's pretty much where we are now with the vaccines being not as effective (but still quite effective) against the Delta variant. We're not back to normal, whatever normal becomes, but we're in much better shape than last year. We're still seeing most infections in the unvaccinated population. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and unless more people get vaccinated, we run the risk of more variants popping up that could be even more resilient to the vaccine.
  12. hogan873

    Rodon Contract Value

    I'd love to see Rodon return, but I'm in agreement with most of you. He's going to get paid by someone, and the Sox most likely won't offer enough. There's the concern of his health, too. We've seen, now, what a healthy Rodon looks like, and it's incredible. But, can he stay healthy for an entire season. He's showing signs of tiring now, and that's not unexpected based on how little he's pitched over the last couple years and the injuries and surgeries. My fear, as I imagine many share, is that if the Sox do somehow sign him he'll end up hurt and not be the guy we're seeing now. And if he signs elsewhere he'll be amazing and win a couple Cy Young awards. The fan in me says try to sign him for 4/$80M or so, but the practical side of me says make the QO and see what happens.
  13. hogan873

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Those refusing to get a vaccine are very selfish, and they don't care if others are potentially harmed. They'll say they care about others, but they don't mean it. I got vaccinated for me, my family, and my job. People refusing to get vaccinated are doing it for themselves, that's it. Mandatory vaccines are coming. Some employers are already requiring it. Some venues (United Center, for example) are requiring it. If people lose their jobs or are refused entry to an event, good. One less thing for the rest of us to worry about. As far as masks, no one likes wearing one. But they are the most effective prevention against infection. Vaccinated people can still catch COVID, although the risk is lower and the risk of severe effects is much lower. If an infected person, wearing a mask, is in a room full of vaccinated and/or unvaccinated masked people, risk of transmission is very low. Wearing masks, while a nuisance, is easy. And people are acting like...well, like the spoiled fucks they are. If everyone threw a mask on today, nothing would have to be shut down, and COVID infections would drop off sharply. COVID will probably never go away. But we can drive it down to an endemic virus like the flu or the common cold that we can protect ourselves from with yearly shots and have treatments that we can buy over the counter (not horse deworming pills). But we have to get more people vaccinated and more people to actually wear masks for a while.
  14. hogan873

    9/1 game thread Sox vs Pirates 7:10 first pitch

    That was a great play by Leury and Cesar!
  15. His second home run yesterday was a great example of how much power this guy has. He might have hit that ball with 50% of his power, and it easily found the seats. That ridiculous power is just a part of his game. His speed, which is understandably and purposefully down a bit right now, might even be a more important part of his game. He can run out singles that should have been outs, turn singles into doubles, turn doubles into stand-up triples, and get to balls in the outfield with ease. He makes tough plays look routine regularly. He's young and still raw. He's going to get better, and if he even comes close to most of his potential in all areas, he's going to be one of the best players in baseball for a long time. I don't know if the Sox ever had a player with as much raw talent. Guys like this don't come along very often.
  16. hogan873

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    God I’ve missed that man and his bat drops.
  17. hogan873

    8/26 Chicago White Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays 2:07 PM CDT

    Tepera threw 8 pitches. Does he get the 8th?
  18. hogan873

    8/26 Chicago White Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays 2:07 PM CDT

    So even a 7 run lead isn't enough for this bullpen.
  19. If this team doesn’t have at least a 3 run lead heading into the late innings, they are almost guaranteed to lose. Loser mentality. Horrible offensive approach. Bullpen that routinely shits down their pantaloons.
  20. hogan873

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    With full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, I would expect more employers (and maybe venues like restaurants, theaters, etc.) to start requiring vaccines. My employers is not requiring vaccines but is requiring weekly testing for everyone, vaccinated or not. Testing will be a condition of employment. If you refuse a test, you'll be sent home without pay. Continued refusal will result in termination. I wouldn't be surprised if the vaccine becomes required soon. I think the rising cases, especially in areas with low vaccination rates, is causing more people to get vaccinated. That's a good thing. There will still be those who refuse it, but as more and more employers and venues start to require the vaccine, those anti-vaxxers will be shit out of luck. It may take this third wave to actually get to the targeted 75%-80% vaccinated rate. It's too bad it has to happen this way, but getting to that magic number was doomed as soon as everything became political. Now it seems it's gone beyond politics into some other realm with Trump being booed when he encouraged his supports to get vaccinated.
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    Nice to see the runs early. Cease was awesome, probably the best he's looked all season for 7 innings. Hendriks pitched out of a couple jams. Nice win against a good team. With the way Abreu, Moncada, Eloy, and Robert are hitting right now, this team looks to be much better once TA and Grandal are back.