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    White Sox Winner: feel better Bassit!

    Good news considering.
  2. hogan873

    White Sox Winner: feel better Bassit!

    I'd be surprised if there's not a fracture. But, if that's the worst of it, that is great news. The amount of blood was scary and the initial thought around his eye being affected was truly awful. If he comes away with stitches and a bruised face, he's extremely lucky.
  3. This could be a blowout. The A’s players are probably out of it right now.
  4. Because the camera switched right as he got hit, I thought he just ducked under it. Then I saw the ball rolling in the infield and the pitcher on the ground.
  5. There are plenty of YouTube videos of pitchers getting hit in the head. That was one of the worst I’ve seen.
  6. Christ. Hoping it’s at worst a broken cheek bone or torn ear. I don’t like that it was near his eye.
  7. That’s a lot of blood. Damn.
  8. Oh shit. That looked bad.
  9. hogan873

    That's a that'll do Liam White Sox Victory

    I have to hand it to Keuchel. After an ugly 1st, he settled down and pitched well the rest of the way. Smart move by TLR to pull him after 5 and let the Pony Tail Gang handle things. Kopech, Kimbrel, and Hendriks all did their jobs. Four innings, 9K, 1 BB, 1 H. That'll work...every damn time. Luis "I Don't Need Two Hands" Robert with the insurance blast was nice to see. Eloy continues to smoke the baseball. Chapman was probably tired of nearly being killed each time he came up to bat. And Seby continues to demonstrate that he deserves to stay up with the club when Grandal returns. Nice win. Let's keep it going tonight!
  10. Everyone but the batter seems to know a splitter is coming.
  11. Robert is *checks notes* fast as fuck. Goodwin should know better.
  12. That was really bad baserunning.
  13. Keuchel has seemed to settle down.
  14. Surprisingly, five teams have hit into more DPs than the Sox, including the Yankees and Astros.
  15. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team hit into so many double plays.
  16. This team is not very fun to watch right now.
  17. The way the whole team is playing, they’re not a playoff team.
  18. Especially against a soft-tossing lefty with…nothing
  19. hogan873

    We will see what this team is made of…

    I think the "switch" lies within a couple players. I love Moncada, but he's a guy that MUST get going in order for this team to be better. He looks lost at the plate most of the time, swinging through pitches in the strike zone, very inconsistent power... He turns it around and is 75% of what he was in 2019, and this team is much better. TA has looked better recently, but his slumps are more prolonged this year, and he's been double play happy a lot. He's less of a concern for me, though. Hernandez is better than he's played recently, and I expect him to return to form. If he can, the lineup is strengthened again because he can back in the 2 spot or toward the bottom and make a difference.
  20. The Hernandez play was close. I think he was safe, but it might not have gotten overturned. The second one was blatant. The first baseman's foot was clearly off the bag. Plus, there was nothing to lose by challenging it there. A really bad miss by whoever was supposed to make that decision. Steve Stone didn't help by saying over and over again how Hernandez was out and how great a play it was. He even said a few times one the second play that it was "too close" until Mike Monaco said something about his foot clearly being off the bag.
  21. hogan873

    We will see what this team is made of…

    I'm not worried about the division. The Sox can play around .500 ball the rest of the way and easily win the division. What concerns me is the playoffs. The Sox haven't shown to be consistent against good teams. They have looked good at times, but when they look bad, they look really bad. Hendriks will get his shit together and so will Kimbrel. They both have great stuff, and I think the slip-ups we're seeing are all mental. The rest of the bullpen has looked pretty good lately. Tepera is as-advertised. Crochet has stepped up and been really good lately. Kopech continues to be great. Bummer is returning to form. The offense concerns me more. The inconsistency is maddening. Good hitting is contagious, and so is bad hitting. Too often we're seeing the team go into the late innings down by a few runs, and then we'll see a spark and score a run or two. But it's not enough. I have been feeling good about only a few guys' at bats: Abreu, Eloy, Robert, Vaughn, TA (lately). The rest of them...I get very nervous when the game's on the line when they come up. This is the stretch when we'll see what this team is made of. So far it's concerning, but there's time for adjustments, and Grandal will be back soon. Here's my "get your shit together" list: - Moncada - Hernandez (has looked pretty bad lately) - Hendriks - Kimbrel (he seems to have caught long-ballitis from Hendriks) - Keuchel (throw strikes for god's sake) - All hitters who love the double play - TLR and his lack of willingness to review close plays - The entire offense when they shit their pants facing bad pitching