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  1. 2 minutes ago, ptatc said:

    I'm still not sure this was the case. As others have pointed out many of the players still looked less explosive and slow during the playoffs. Was this the mentality of taking it easy or was it nagging injuries that they were hoping the rest would help but ultimately didn't

    Regardless the players didn't perform. There are many hypotheses as to why, all of which probably contributed to some extent.

    Good point.  Injuries definitely could have played a hand in the results.

    I look back at 2005 and see what our pitchers did during the playoffs.  Four consecutive complete games in ALCS, and even in the WS they went deep into games.  I know it's not fair to compare that crew to this year's, but the starting pitching was very disappointing.  My guess is that there had to be some injuries and/or fatigue.  Although I think Cease's struggles were primarily mental.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Tony said:

    It tells me 3 things. 

    1. The Astros are still the kings of the AL

    2. They’ve made 5 straight ALCS. The playoffs aren’t as “random” as some are making them out to be 

    3. I don’t feel great about losing to anyone. I want the Sox to reach that Houston level. This series showed me they aren’t there yet. The Sox aren’t on the Houston “tier” in terms of quality. 

    Despite the Sox having a lot of talent, the Astros are the better team right now.  Even looking at just talent, there are fewer holes on Houston's team.  But the bigger issue is execution.  The Sox did not play well, and there were some management miscues.  The majority of the fault lies with the players, though.  You're not going to win a series against a very good team by hitting mostly singles, hitting into a bunch of ground ball outs and DPs, and having all of your starters exit the game early.

    I still don't like the approach down the stretch, taking it easy, playing subpar baseball.  That mentality carried over into the playoffs, even though we were told that wouldn't happen.  But that's on the players, too to an extent.  These are professionals who for the most part didn't do their jobs well when it really counted.

  3. 5 minutes ago, wegner said:

    I bet Rick Hahn is counting the days until SoxFest.......is over.

    Unless they make some bold moves before then.  The team is going to be handcuffed a bit with money, but a few creative moves could free up some cash and allow them to make a splash.  If they end up with a true RF and another solid SP (and maybe a good 2B) by then, SoxFest could be a better time for Hahn.

  4. 6 minutes ago, RibbieRubarb said:

    I can always count on Soxtalk acting like a good White Sox team is actually a 100 loss team. And all wins were based on luck and departed players.

    I loved the progress they made, the "next man up" attitude to overcome injuries that would have devastated a lesser team, and the emergence of some elite young hitters and pitchers.

    But, so many here will bask in the glow of their "I told ya so's" and pretend to be fans while rooting for negative outcomes.

    I guess congrats are in order for you. 

    2020...Wild Card.

    Next step...League Champ.

    Keep moving forward.

    Well put.  It's frustrating, but looking back at what this team did while missing A LOT of what we were counting on, we can see plenty of positives.

    I think the part that angers many of us is now having the full team back, they didn't play very well.  Down the stretch and into the playoffs.  Whether guys got burnt out or bad managing or long slumps, it was a perfect storm of bad stuff.


  5. 1 minute ago, Soxfest said:

    Growing tired of 90% of his comments anti Sox

    He has no obligation to take it easy on the Sox.  There have been many poor choices by TLR, and this team’s lackluster play in September has followed them right into the playoffs…even though we were ensured that wouldn’t happen.

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  6. The Sox don't need guys to play above their potential to win the series.  If the starting pitching is good enough to keep them in each game (maybe better in one game that shuts down the Astros) and guys like TA, Abreu, Moncada, Robert, and Eloy play like their capable, the Sox have a real chance to win the series, even without HFA.  But if one of more of the core guys goes cold for the series or a starter has a really bad start, it'll be tough to win the series.

    As others have mentioned, winning one in Houston is almost a must-have.

    My gut says the series goes 5 games, and game 5 is similar to game 4 of the 2005 WS.  Great pitching that shuts down both offenses.  Someone sneaks a run or two late.

    Game 1 - Sox
    Game 2 - Astros
    Game 3 - Astros
    Game 4 - Sox
    Game 5 - ....

  7. 42 minutes ago, Balta1701 said:

    Well, the county I was in last fall until I had to move typically had 100-200 cases per day at the peak last year, and as soon as the fall semester started they began seeing 400+ cases a day fairly regularly, along with a couple of deaths per day including at least 1 student. So...maybe you can only take so much from a lack of outbreak reporting in a country where there are so many cases in the low-vaccination areas that any attempt to do contact tracing to figure out where people got exposed is completely overwhelmed.d

    That's a fair point.

  8. 8 minutes ago, raBBit said:

    It's the bigotry that's commonly accepted and encouraged here and around the country unfortunately. People see young people enjoying their life and the natural reaction is to place a political motive to them and to call them names. 

    I agree with you here.  And what's interesting is that we're not hearing about any spikes of COVID from football games where there are 50K+ people, college or pro.  Maybe it's really not that interesting considering better than 50% of the population is vaccinated, and there is a percentage that have had COVID and are (at least temporarily) immune.

  9. 2 hours ago, Jerksticks said:

    Lol.  Look at all those 66k, 18-22yr old conspiracy theorists.  

    Many schools are requiring vaccinations or weekly testing for admittance.  I can't say for sure what the policy is at the above pictured school, but I'd be willing to bet the majority are vaccinated.

    So, I'm not sure what you meant by your comment.

  10. 13 hours ago, raBBit said:

    Do you really need this explained?

    The polio vaccine effectively rid the world of the virus when mass distribution occurred. Polio was a virus that affected the youth and the healthy.

    When mass distribution of the COVID vaccine occurred, we see some countries seeing their highest case rates  of COVID since the start of all this. COVID is a virus that very rarely affects the youth, the healthy, etc. Even when a country surpasses 50%, 2/3 or 75% vaccination rate, cases are skyrocketing to all time highs. This is true with different countries, in different regions, in different climates and with different vaccines (ex. UK, Israel, Malaysia). Look back in this thread when Israel's rollout was happening. I am sure there are posts from StrangeSox and others pointing to Israel as the blueprint for vaccine rollout. Then when the same country's cases skyrocket to all time highs the same people aren't as interested in the vaccine-related developments in Israel or other countries with vaccination rates and high cases rates. They just move the goalposts All vaccines are not created equally. Weak vaccines create mutations of viruses. There was never a delta variant of the polio virus because Salk's polio virus was one of the most incredible scientific creations of all time and effectively eradicated the virus from the earth. 

    This is not true.  Plenty of young and healthy people have had COVID.  Although most young and/or healthy people who catch COVID recover well, they are as much at risk of catching it.

    Don't forget that cases jumped again once the mask mandate was lifted "for vaccinated people only".  Everyone knew that meant no masks for anyone because who was going to police mask-wearing for unvaccinated people?  No one was going to ask anyone else if they were vaccinated.

    The vast majority of new COVID cases are in unvaccinated people.  Most hospitalizations and deaths are in the unvaccinated population.  So, no, cases aren't spiking because people are getting vaccinated.  Cases are rising because people, all people, stopped wearing masks and there's still a stubborn, selfish percent of the population who refuse to get vaccinated.

    If everyone got vaccinated, COVID wouldn't be eradicated, but it would be affecting very few people.  And those it affected would have mild symptoms (at worst) and not end up in the hospital.  But not everyone will get vaccinated because of dumbass conspiracy theorists and the sheep that believe them.

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  11. This team was great when facing adversity - the lengthy losses of Eloy and Robert, Grandal being out for an extended period, Madrigal going down for the year.  Now, with Eloy, Robert, and Grandal back, the additions of Tepera, Hernandez, and Kimbrel (on paper, all good additions), the team is struggling.  That's quite frustrating.

    But, even if they play okay for the rest of the season, they're going to win 90+ games and win the division handily.  That's something that many of us thought not likely, especially after losing Robert and Madrigal.  I'm not saying we should take it easy on these guys.  They need to get their shit together by the time the playoffs start.  If they go into the playoffs playing like they are now (lifeless, sloppy baseball), they will exit quickly.

    I'll be more optimistic and believe they'll play good baseball come playoff time.  But if a quick exit happens, it'll be really easy to look back at the last 50 or so games of the season and say we saw it coming from miles away.

  12. 12 hours ago, greg775 said:

    I definitely think people should consider both perspectives as you say. I contend not all anti-vaxxers are wacko conspiracy theorists. I think many anti-vaxxers are normal people with their reasons. People should listen to each other. Instead, I've noticed intolerance. For instance I've noticed if I stray and say anything negative about Fauci or Covid in my posts here, I better duck. Peeps get MAD. It's an opinion, folks. We need to consider all opinions cause I guarantee u I'm not the only one who thinks my way on Covid.

    Opinions are like assholes.  Everyone has one, and they usually stink.  An opinion is not science.  An opinion does not trump science.  The science, the research, and the damn results prove that the vaccines work.  Anti-vaxxers saying they need more information or need to some research for themselves are full of shit.  I don't want to hear from anti-vaxxers.  They are selfish, ignorant people who are literally causing this pandemic to continue rolling.  And that's NOT an opinion.  That's a fact.

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  13. 5 hours ago, joesaiditstrue said:

    was Giolito being pulled after 4 IP planned?

    I would believe it was more a pitch count decision.  Plus, he labored a bit in the 4th.  If he gets out of the 4th as easy as the other innings, he probably would have at least started the 5th.

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