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    Rodon indeed scratched. Foodies Know All.

    Remember how sweaty and gross Freddy Garcia looked in 2005 (was it during the ALCS or the WS?), and he pitched a gem. Maybe Rodon can do the same with a case of the shits.
  2. hogan873

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Side effects, other than a sore arm and minor fever and aches, aren't common. Severe side effects are very rare. Including myself, about 10 members of my family have gotten the vaccine, and only one of us had a slight fever after the second shot. My brother in-law had the J&J shot and was fine afterwards. About 130 people I work with got the Pfizer vaccine, and I only know of one person that had anything more than general aches and a slight fever. They felt nauseous for a day and were pretty sore.
  3. hogan873

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    I don't watch a lot of movies, but I did watch a few over the past couple weeks. Watched Godzilla vs. Kong on HBO Max. Really enjoyed it. It's probably the best of the new Godzilla movies. Pretty much non-stop action with the plot essentially told through dialogue of the characters, who were mostly running from the monsters. I do wish I had watched it on the big screen, but seeing it "free" was pretty nice. With Saturday being rainy and dreary, we checked out Palm Springs on Hulu. Think an R-rated Groundhog Day. It was really funny. Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti were great, and JK Simmons (in a small role) is awesome in everything he does. Finally, I was looking for a good sci-fi/horror movie to watch Saturday night and decided on Sea Fever, also on Hulu. It's an Irish horror flick about a commercial fishing trip gone wrong. It was as much a character study as it was a scary movie. The 95 minute runtime flew by. I'd highly recommend it
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    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    My youngest two (16 and 18) are scheduled for their first shots this week. There's a Facebook page a guy created that was all about supporting local restaurants when COVID started, and it has morphed into a restaurant/bar appreciation page. The moderator has also been posting links to open vaccine appointments, and that was how we were able to snag appointments so easily. By easily I mean going to the page immediately and securing an appointment as soon as possible. It took about 2 or 3 tries for each, but once you reserve a spot, you have 5 minutes to fill out the info and confirm. Both of my younger kids work with the public (Walmart and TCBY), so I'll feel a lot better once they're fully vaccinated.
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    Blown games

    In yesterday's game for sure, as well as a few others, it shouldn't have been so close at the end of the game. They blew so many chances to score runs earlier in the game. They should have went into the 9th up by 4 or 5 runs. That's not excusing the bullpen for blowing it, but this team as a whole has been very underwhelming.
  6. hogan873

    That's a Home Opener Winner

    It was so refreshing to see a starter take the mound with such confidence. He looked in complete control, was locating everything, and mixed his pitches well. Hell of a way to introduce himself to Sox fans. It was nice to see Yoan hit a home run, and his other at-bats looked good, too. His driving the ball to the opposite field is encouraging. Yermin's HR was a thing of beauty. The little bat flip was a nice touch, considering he hit the HR off Keller. And I'll go ahead and say it - I like Mendick. I think if he was on a team where he could play everyday he could a decent player. I wouldn't think that .260 BA, 12-15 HRs, 50 RBIs, and good defense would be unreasonable.
  7. I really don't care of TLR takes responsibility for the loss. Nor do I care if Madrigal would say his boneheadedness cost a game, Grandal would take responsibility for some bad pitch calls, Robert saying he should have caught the baseball that bounced off his coconut... The list goes on and on after a pretty shitty road trip. Everyone, with the possible exception of Mercedes, needs to step the fuck up and play better baseball and the manager needs to make better decisions. Good news is that they're 3-4. The way they played, they could have limped home at 1-6 or 2-5.
  8. hogan873

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    He always seems to have a worried, stressed look on his face. Maybe that's just how he plays, but maybe he is indeed in his head. I think he's a much better player than he's shown so far. It'll be interesting (and aggravating at times) to watch him grow.
  9. hogan873

    White Sox winner!

    Well put. There are plenty of hitters with a bunch of "meaningless RBIs", those being not in crucial situations and/or impactful to the outcome of the game. Jose seems to hit and drive in runs in crucial and pressure situations on a regular basis.
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    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Oh, I've heard, I have certainly heard.
  11. hogan873

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    We've been wearing masks for nearly a year. For those of us vaccinated, why wouldn't we continue wearing masks for a while longer until we get the majority of the population vaccinated? Wearing a mask to go to the store, go out to dinner, go to a baseball game is not difficult. The only way we get out of this is to keep doing what we have been doing as the vaccines are rolled out. As someone else pointed out, vaccinated people not wearing masks will only lead to non-vaccinated people not wearing masks. We're so damn close, and there are so many people (and governments) doing everything in their power to fuck things up.
  12. hogan873

    White Sox winner!

    Again, didn't see much of the game (damn these west coast games). But I saw enough to be frustrated by the continued defensive woes. The 3rd inning was ugly, and Giolito had to throw way too many pitches. But, Giolito did pitch well overall. Also nice to see Robert destroy a baseball. Collins looked good at the plate, not behind it. Vaughn's first hit was encouraging. I think he needed that first one to get going. I expect many more. I didn't see the rest, but it sounds like Crochet was good again, and Abreu did more Abreu things. This team is exciting and frustrating. Going to be a great season...that will cause me to drink more beer.
  13. hogan873

    And that’s a white Sox winner!!!

    I was able to see a few innings of Rodon pitching, and he looked great. Command and confidence. He did a nice job with fastball location, and his multiple-speed sliders kept the hitters off balance. Anybody have money on Rodon being the best pitcher through one rotation of the starters? I can't wait until the Sox are done with this damn west coast swing. I want to watch an entire game.
  14. hogan873

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    After watching Mercedes hit this past week, it's amazing that he hasn't gotten an extended look at the MLB level before. And it's entirely possible he only made the team this year because Eloy tore his tit. I understand that he's essentially a DH that can catch a bit, but he's shown the past two seasons in spring training that he can hit and has shown so far in the majors that he can hit. He seems to have a pretty good eye and doesn't chase too many bad pitches. He has a ton of power but doesn't rely on it with every swing. He goes up there looking for a hit, not just a home run. If he continues to get playing time, which he certainly should, he's going to hit some monster HRs. He's an exciting player, and I'm happy he's with the Sox.
  15. hogan873

    Chill out guys

    Yeah, he seems like too nice of a guy to do that. Maybe this is where TLR steps up.
  16. hogan873

    the TLR managing thread

    The majority of the blame for the 1-3 start is on the players. The manager didn't make Madrigal make a bad play. LaRussa did not cause a fly ball to smack Robert in the melon. TLR was not batting when there were runners in scoring position. These are professional god damn baseball players making dumb mistakes and not executing when the damn well needed to. If this sort of play continues, it's evidence that the manager is not addressing the shortcomings and not holding the players accountable.
  17. hogan873

    Chill out guys

    There are other teams that are expected to be good besides the Sox that have had a bad start. The Braves are 0-3, the Cardinals are 1-2, The Red Sox lost 3 games to the Orioles. We're close to this team, so the bad stuff is magnified for us. Yeah, they played some shitty baseball this weekend. But we all know this team is better than what we've seen so far. What we need to see, in addition to some wins, is better execution when there are runner sin scoring position, better defense, and more consistency from everyone, but especially the guys who we are expecting to help carry this team. My son and I were talking yesterday, and he said it best: "This is a very frustrating team to be a fan of." Remember when Keuchel bitched the team out last season? Someone is going to have to do that again pretty soon.
  18. hogan873

    Dylan Cease: 2021 Darkhorse Cy Young Candidate

    He didn't look good during the first inning but improved as the game went on. My biggest concern with him is how badly he misses with a lot of his off speed stuff. Many of the pitches he threw were never close enough for the hitter to even think about swinging at them. It's clear he has good stuff, but he still has a long way to go to control it.
  19. Making it illegal to provide food and water to voters in line has nothing to do with showing an ID. Nor does limiting drop boxes, making it harder to do absentee voting...the list goes on and on. This is a restrictive voting law.
  20. Go look on social media. Plenty of fans proclaiming to never watch a baseball game again.
  21. Good news. It's a shame for the city of Atlanta, but it's the right thing to do. MLB says they are already working on an alternate city. It'll be interesting to see where it lands.
  22. hogan873

    What we learned from Opening Day

    Giolito looked really good, but it did seem like he used a lot of energy early. That's to be expected, and I'm glad he was hyped. Striking out the side in the first was awesome, and that changeup to Trout to end the inning was gross. TLR made a good decision to pull Gio when he did. Something we wouldn't have seen last year. Yoan looks much better than he did last year. Certainly seems like he was heavily affected by COVID last year. Adam Eaton, at least for a game, made us thankful that he has returned and has proven to already be better than Mazara. Madrigal needs to get his shit together. His yips from the wild card series have carried over. It sucks to lose game 1, but it's one game out of 162+. This team is loaded with talent and will be one of the best teams in the AL.
  23. hogan873

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    Moncada leads the team in HRs and triples. The Sox acquire Bryant before the trade deadline. Cease and Rodon combine for 35 wins and both have ERAs under 3.5. A brawl starts after Hendriks does the "I'm done with you" hand wave after striking out someone on the Tigers.
  24. hogan873

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The CDC stated yesterday that data shows vaccinated people do not carry the virus, which means that only do the vaccines prevent symptoms, they seem to prevent infection at all. This is huge and even more important as restrictions are being relaxed and people are caring less and less. The magic herd immunity number to 70% - 80% should be reached by early summer. Let's hope vaccination rates can stay ahead of the dumbass rate and prevent another wave. Because that's what it's going to take. People aren't going to go back.
  25. hogan873

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I've seen several articles and interviews with people saying we need to expand eligibility sooner rather than later. The upticks in positivity rates are being driven by younger people (18-35 or so). Couple that with the latest news that the vaccines are 90% effective in the real world, the quicker we get people vaccinated, the quicker we can squash a potential wave. There are always going to be holdouts, those who will never get the vaccine. We can't worry about them. Hate to say it, but it's the truth. If the vaccines are 90% effective against even catching COVID, the truly small population of anti-vaxxers won't matter to the population as a whole. Regardless, we're so close to the finish line. We can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep putting shots in arms, keep wearing masks, keep taking precautions until it's safe enough to relax.