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  1. In game threads, we really do have a love/hate relationship with this team and the players. I get and agree with the RR dislike. He's gotta go. The hate on Madrigal is extreme. He's a rookie and has made some dumb mistakes. But he's got quite the future based on his entire body of work so far. EE...yeah, he's cooked and that's too bad. Shouldn't be in the lineup. Dallas, as someone else mentioned, may not be 100%. Regardless, they need to get their heads out of their asses now and start clawing back some runs.
  2. I can't watch the game (at work), but based on what I've seen posted here about Madrigal, I hope the guys in the dugout are coaching him. He's making mistakes he shouldn't, and he needs his teammates to help develop him.
  3. I wouldn't want to "settle" for anything this season, but getting to the ALDS would be a great accomplishment in the first year of being competitive with essentially two starting pitchers. A win today is huge.
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    One down, one to go.
  5. Hopefully Marshall can save RR from himself.
  6. I think the Sox have a good chance to take the series, especially if they win today. I'm nervous beyond this series with the lack of starting pitching.
  7. Well, it's a good thing the release of rosters isn't what decides who wins the game today.
  8. The yelling on every pitch from the Cubs dugout is really fucking annoying.
  9. May not have to rely on Ricky to blow the game tonight. Hopefully Cease will surprise me (and many others) and have a good game, but giving the Cubs a bunch of walks is a recipe for a bad game.
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    Fire Ricky

    There are plenty of options out there for a new manager, but we can't ignore the fact that a new pitching coach is probably needed. The team needs someone who can help the slew of young guys develop, and the use of analytics is becoming more prominent. Cooper is an old school guy who has basically said he doesn't believe in it. I would imagine/hope that a new manager would be able to being in his own staff. This team needs someone else at the helm. The last three days alone has convinced me of that. I can't remember who said it on Twitter, but someone remarked that the Cubs had Renteria as their manager while they were coming out of a rebuild. And what did they do with him? Time for the Sox, coming out of a rebuild, to find someone who can manage a championship caliber team.
  11. That's a...shitty lineup. Madrigal and Engel need to play. I'm fine with sitting Robert and McCann, but yikes.
  12. Who else would decide it? The fans?
  13. He wouldn't be stretched out enough for a start anyway...right? But you never know based on recent decisions.
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    So many here treat baseball like football

    The team is obviously better than they are playing right now, but they're probably not as good as they played during the stretch into this slump. They're somewhere in between. Still a good team deserving to go to the playoffs but with a few holes and a lot of youth that will go through slumps. Oh, and a manager that isn't very good. The last two losses were on the coaching staff. Needs for 2021 include a right fielder, one more quality SP, and a new coaching staff.
  15. Fucking joke of a team since clinching.
  16. I don’t know how they overturn that, especially that quickly
  17. Tired of seeing Robert stand there with the bat not moving on close pitches.
  18. He keeps the bullpen mounds warm for the other guys.
  19. Eloy’s AB that finished with a swing at a ball at his eyes was no gem, either