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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    good times! great people to talk sox with!
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    joe crede & the "BIGHURT" & FREDDY GARCIA
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    josh fields
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    um most recently ....big frank hitting that game winning home run last year in the 12th inning vs. the twins!!!!!!
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    the milk man herbert perry
  1. credescrew24

    How is the soxfest experience I'm debating on going?

    Thanks for the input guys! It really is appreciated.... I've been to AZ every year since 2003 never miss a year it is indeed awsome as someone mentioned earlier I just have always been curious about soxfest and this year seemed to be a good a year as any with that sweet hawk bobble! Is there any garage sales with game used stuff or any deals on old give away stuff? Any chance of interactions with players after the stage stuff is done with? Like at the hotel bar haha Oh and to credezcrew24 haha yes I am the reason you have a Z in ur username 😝
  2. Hey guys I'm debating on making the trip to soxfest their year but wanted to hear what y'all have to say about it... im a die hard sox fan and been to Chicago plenty of times for games during the season but have never made it out in January for soxfest. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Hope to see ya guys out there for those that go .... the mrs has already given the green light so we shall see 👍
  3. I was just wondering if anyone has an insite on if the sox will be wearing the uniform on field as well that game. Waiting to put in a Lids order online in case they sell the hat to match would be sweet 👍
  4. credescrew24

    Teams have upped their offers in Q derby in the last week

    ya I doubt it matters that soxfest is this weekend....like someone stated above if they get what they are looking for in the trade market for Q then his days as a SOX are over. Im a SoCal based sox fan and the dodgers had jose Deleon schedule to appear and sold autograph vouchers and everthing for him that takes place this Saturday out here in LA and look what happened to him...poof traded!
  5. credescrew24

    Spring Training Planning and Meetup Thread

    I'll be out there on march 16-20 seeing the sox on st pattys day against the Cubs then sox vs LA on Saturday followed by Sox @ haÅlos on Sunday.... if anyone is going to be out there let me know I could use a fellow sox fan to share a beer with 🍻👍🌵☀️⚾️
  6. credescrew24

    Rumor: Dodgers & Sox discussing Sale & Frazier

    Any package mentioned as long as Cody Bellinger is involved.... I'm a sox fan via So*Cal and have seen plenty of Cody play while he was on the dodgers single A team the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and was instantly impressed me as well as seeing plenty of him in AZ last spring.... dude can rake 👍
  7. credescrew24

    White Sox @ Angels 9:05 PM CST

    All of a sudden this became a Tyler thread.... Anywho if anyone is heading to the BigÅ let me know... Or I'll be the dude rock'n Sox logos tatted on my right calf
  8. credescrew24

    White Sox @ Angels 9:05 PM CST

    So*Cal based SOX fan I'll be out at be Big A for the entire 4 game series.... Any other local sox fans heading out?? Would be nice to put a face with some of ya and have a beer! Let's take it to the HÅlos and kick um while they are down and struggling!!!
  9. credescrew24

    3/8 ST Games: Shark vs. Moneyball

    What time is the tv delay on? And is it going to be on MLB network does anyone know?
  10. credescrew24

    Sox Sign Jose Abreu - 6/$68 million

    So does this mean a return of the JOSE JOSE JOSE JOOOOSE chant at the cell?? miss those days
  11. credescrew24

    Anyone going to Anaheim this weekend?

    Heading down to the stadium around 3:30 come have a few brews b4 the game guys guna be tailgate'n behind the big A look for silver dodge ram w/ sox sticker on back window and a pathetic Chris sale lookn mustached sox fan in a sea of halo fans haha.... All are welcome to join let's get this one tonight boys!!!
  12. credescrew24

    Anyone going to Anaheim this weekend?

    QUOTE (TitoMB @ Sep 19, 2012 -> 06:59 PM) Looks like I will be there Saturday for sure, with my friend and his GF. Let's get a Soxtalk tailgate going! Perfect Check ur inbox I sent my # so we can set something up for sat! Names scott btw
  13. credescrew24

    Anyone going to Anaheim this weekend?

    QUOTE (TitoMB @ Sep 18, 2012 -> 05:40 PM) I'm thinking about grabbing a cheap-seat to the Saturday game. I'd love to join you for a brew before the game, because it might be the only time I get to see some Sox fans, haha. Sweet yea most my buddies are halo fans and I go to alota games at the big A with them we usually set up in the parking lot near the big A itself where most of the tail gate'n goes down... Let's set something up all are welcome and dot worry there are always a nice Lil turn out of sox fans down the 1st base line
  14. credescrew24

    Anyone going to Anaheim this weekend?

    Going to all 3 games I live like 15min from the big A .... Anyone's welcome to come join in on pregame tailgate'n I could use any and all sox fans to join in .... Strength in numbers haha get back at me
  15. credescrew24

    Rafael Soriano signs with Yankees

    Take this for what it's worth but recently I was out at the mall here in socal and ran into the halos GM Tony Regans and had a chance to talk to him for a bit...he showed luv to sox fans and saw my sox tattoo on my leg and be for he left I asked for anyinside info on rumblings for the offseason. Instantly he a huge smile and said that we were guna be getting someone else good soon...??? What do u guys think could it be soriano? Let's hope another AL gm knows something in the works haha...