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  1. black jack

    Garrett Richards Thread

    Signing Machado's buddies has nothing to do with their ability to afford players now. We heard for years they were saving money to spend when it's time. Well, it's time. The millions they saved the last five years aren't being spent. They duped the fans... again.
  2. black jack

    Madrigal could be ready for opening day

    I believe his already solid defense and base running will improve with a bit more experience and teaching. The few mistakes he made seem exaggerated by the very small sample size. The kid will hit, get on base, move runners over, and score some runs. What more do you need from a 9 hole hitter?
  3. black jack

    My 5 Favorite WS Players

    I've always picked the third baseman as my favorite going back to when I was a kid. Helps to have an absolute stud in the position now.
  4. black jack

    You have $30m to complete the roster...

    I would expect him down at least then, maybe even longer. They should delay his starting so he doesn't reach his innings limit in September.
  5. Extend him and I’m on board. Let him walk and I riot.
  6. black jack

    Weird Trade Ideas

    Someone do a Harper and Wheeler trade.
  7. black jack

    Tim & Tony Talk

  8. black jack

    Offseason Targets

    Thanks for putting that in my head. Now nothing else will satisfy!
  9. black jack

    trading our players

    I'm not trading anyone that I don't have to. I only move players that are blocked at the MLB level and I'm forced to make some difficult 40 man roster decisions. Koepech, Cease, Dunning, Lopez, Rodon.... I want them all getting a chance behind our new pitching coach before moving on. As for the everyday players, I've been waiting a VERY long time to have this team depth. I don't want to lose any of it. Spend some fucking money to add Springer and the roster is complete.
  10. black jack

    Offseason Targets

    You only have time to post every one of their rumors?
  11. black jack

    Offseason Targets

    I'd prefer Springer, but depending on what they gave up for Musgrove, yes I can live this plan. I think Engel deserves regular playing time, but between late inning subs and Eloy running into walls, he's sure to get plenty even if they sign Springer.
  12. black jack

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

  13. black jack

    TA donating turkeys

    Now that makes more sense. I figured that number wasn't right. Wasn't meant as a call out.
  14. black jack

    TA donating turkeys

    I give out around 100-125 turkeys every year. I call ahead and then drive up to Super Walmart and they load a couple pallets on my truck. I then pass them out to the low income areas of McHenry County. I commend Tim for the charity because anything is better than nothing, but to only donate a few more than me and I barely crack 6 figures in income... I would've expected the numbers to be a lot higher than 205.
  15. black jack

    Offseason Targets

    Trading the depth is stupid, short sighted, and always bites you in the ass. I'd rather sign a B level pitcher and roll with what we have then trade anyone of substance. Give the new pitching coach a chance. Cease, Lopez, Kopech, and Dunning might be all we need.