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  1. black jack


    Moncada needs to find a way to keep his legs healthy. For whatever reason, there's always something wrong and it's killing him at the plate especially in the power department. He needs to change something in the offseason to build up his endurance. If that's less power lifting and more yoga, whatever.
  2. black jack

    Give Your 2022 Sox a Slogan

    Impossible to get behind.
  3. black jack

    And That's a White Sox Over .500 Winner !

    The season starts today!
  4. Some people need to find excuses to why they fail instead of simple looking in the mirror.
  5. black jack

    Eloy is dead. Again. Wait, maybe not.

    Daaa Bessssss
  6. black jack

    Shane Riordan sucks and knows nothing

    Tom Cruise has had this weird vein popping out of his forehead since MI3.
  7. black jack

    Shane Riordan sucks and knows nothing

    Please don't ever let this man manage my team again.
  8. black jack

    Shane Riordan sucks and knows nothing

    I know Maddon is tainted, but would his weird style be enough to light a fire for the second half if they brought him in as interim to finish the season?
  9. black jack

    Shane Riordan sucks and knows nothing

    What would this team look like with Hinch running things?
  10. black jack

    Shane Riordan sucks and knows nothing

    They fire Hahn and make Tony the GM? Rick should've walked away when JR went over his head for the manager position. Fire TLR and bring back Ricky to finish the year. Why can't we ever have a real manager? edit- what's Bochy doing these days?
  11. Figures. The game I miss and they do this.
  12. black jack

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    I'm a huge NY Jets fan and frequent a Jets message board. That board as you can guess is filled with a majority of Mets and Yankee fans. The board is also very liberal and has a huge African American membership. There have been numerous discussions about race and other hot topics not unlike this board so I feel like I have a pretty good idea how most of the members will react and respond. The responses there are a bit surprising. I expected it to be similar to here, but it's the polar opposite. I find it interesting that Sox fans see it as racist, but Yankee fans don't. They're saying TA7 better get used to the "Jackie" cat calls etc.
  13. black jack

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    This was posted while I was typing and honestly, it leaves more questions than answers to me.
  14. black jack

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    I should probably end the conversation here because typically when someone like me asks questions, it ends badly. But the topic was raised on a public forum so I'm going to use this opportunity to educate myself. It's all very confusing to me. If you're born a man, but relate to being a woman, doesn't that just mean you're a homosexual that dresses as a woman? Or can a man who feels like he's a woman still be attracted to woman meaning he thinks he's lesbian? Does sexual attraction have nothing to do with it? It sounds like a very difficult situation to be born into. Is therapy an option to help you cope or possibly (any word I insert here will come off as ignorant) fix these issues? I'm not sure I'll ever fully understand.
  15. black jack

    Josh Donaldson called Tim Anderson "Jackie"

    Forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand what trans means. Google has a bunch of different meanings. Is it someone that was born with both sexes or it someone that was born certain sex, but thinks they are the other? Again, if this comes off as insensitive, I apologize. Not my intention at all. Sometimes the best way to end discrimination or perceived discrimination is by educating. If you'd rather not respond, I understand. Maybe in a private message?