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  1. black jack

    Madrigal Wins Gold Glove

    Ichiro with 30+ HR power.
  2. black jack

    A Realistic Offseason

    This is why we need a dislike emoji.
  3. black jack

    Kopech hit 100 today

    How long does he have to stay down to regain that lost year of control?
  4. black jack

    Will anyone fall on the sword for another awful year?

    Someone with more time than me can do the math, but if we eliminate that awful start after the break they might be hovering around .500.
  5. There's only one man for the job: Davey Johnson.
  6. black jack

    Moncada's ceiling

    I think he’s firmly planted between the greatest ever and the second greatest.
  7. It's like looking in a mirror.
  8. He can throw too! Boobie!
  9. Let's make him 22-24.
  10. That's my Gordo.
  11. They're balls, but when he's been calling it all night you have to adjust to his zone.
  12. black jack

    Cease starts game 1 on Wednesday

    Exciting, but imo, too soon. I would've waited until next June.
  13. black jack

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/25, 6:10 CT, NSCH

    He wouldn't have been carried off for a simple sprain.