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  1. black jack

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Remember when we had the best record in the AL? 2-13 after that glorious start.
  2. black jack

    4-8 Gamethread - Tigers, 1:10pm, CSN

    It's not on WGN! I can finally watch a game!
  3. black jack

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    I think there's less chance of Machado signing here than Harper and there's absolutely no chance with Harper. If i'm wrong then i'll be dancing jigs all over my house. Imo, we already have our Machado and Harper with #10 and #74 (that should prove my eternal optimism).
  4. black jack

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (Lillian @ Feb 20, 2018 -> 05:25 PM) I love Yolmer. He's one of my favorite players. However, he does not fill the void, upon which I'm focusing. I love the kid too. It's a bit disappointing that Moncada didn't try to play center field or third because Yolmer is good enough to be a long term second baseman. I understand not messing with the future face of the franchise's head.
  5. black jack

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    Let's be honest, there's 0% chance we get one of the big three. I'd offer him the Melky contract, maybe even go an extra year. We have the money and the long term need.
  6. There's absolutely no reason to listen to sports radio. Any kind of breaking news will be all over the webs within minutes of it happening.
  7. black jack

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jan 27, 2018 -> 08:12 AM) Just how bad is having the worst farm system in baseball, really? Or how beneficial to be Top 3? http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/2214341...baseball-really Year 4 and Year 5 for the White Sox would be 2021 and 2022 Just glanced over the article, but the numbers might be skewed a bit if the teams with the bad farms were big spenders.
  8. black jack

    Cumulus Media trying to drop White Sox/Bulls from WLS

    QUOTE (InTheDriversSeat @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 11:41 PM) You should be able to receive WLS with no problem in Schaumburg. The station is a clear channel, transmitting with 50,000 watts. Might be a problem with your radio. Actually WLS did alot of talking and cross-promoting about the White Sox during the station's 3 live & local shows: John Howell and Ray Stevens, Bob and Marianne, and Steve Dahl, who is a huge White Sox fan. WLS had many video interviews with players on the station's website. There is 'White Sox Weekly' which airs at 12 Noon every Sunday year round for free on the radio (not just a podcast). WLS broadcasted live from Soxfest at 2016 and 2017, and the station is supposed to be at Soxfest again this weekend despite everything that is going on right now. For most seasons in White Sox history, the team has aired on radio stations which did not have a Sports Talk format. Doesn't bother me. But I would agree that AM 1000 WMVP (ESPN Radio) is the most likely choice where the Sox could end up in 2018, although there are several other possibilities. . The station sucks (the reception, not content). I've got a 2016 vehicle and my wife's 2012 model has a new sound system. It's not the radio. I lose reception when I get north of Lake Cook Rd or west of 355. So that means unless i'm in Cook County I can't listen. It's terrible because I used to listen to every day game since i'm always in my vehicle.
  9. black jack


    QUOTE (35thstreetswarm @ Jan 20, 2018 -> 03:41 PM) Another risk that comes with the sleeveless is that fans buy them, too. Ever sit next to a fat guy in the sleeveless jersey with his pit-hair blazing on a hot August day in the early 2000s ? Not pretty Yo, that's offensive to every hairy fat pig out there!
  10. black jack


    I've always preferred piping to pinstripes. Looks a lot cleaner. That and get the "SOX" off the shoulder. Bring back the white sock in the diamond.
  11. black jack

    Luis Robert

    As in Iron man Robert? He'll always be French Canadian "RoBay" to me.
  12. black jack

    Luis Robert

    QUOTE (GenericUserName @ Jan 17, 2018 -> 08:29 PM) He and Eloy are both also there. I don't know if he saw them as much though. He says "on that field" so they might have been on a different field. I have a hard time believing that Robert impressed more than Moncada and Eloy, but if true ! AND they think he'll stick in center???? This just keeps getting better.