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  1. but he should've already been on second. how are you not running hard on that play? it's a tied game!
  2. he should already be on second base. why is hustling so taboo nowadays?
  3. Butter Parque

    Getz on Rutherford: Noticeably bigger

    meh. from what i've heard, he may have the best swing in the system. If he can increase his strength and hit more fly balls, he could be an impact bat. Don't want to trade him for 2 years of Joc.
  4. Butter Parque

    No one has less credibility than . . . .

    Meh. That’s not going to shut them up. Those same people will just say Machado took the money, he doesn’t care about winning, and he’ll be unhappy within a couple of years. Theyre already saying that. Winning gets the media on your side. Sustained winning. Competent organization = winning = better media coverage
  5. Butter Parque

    Soria traded for Kodi Medeiros and Wilber Perez.

    I can’t imagine his future is in the starting rotation. Could be a solid late inning guy though.
  6. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    It has nothing to do with an extra year of control for Eloy. It has to do with paying Eloy an arbitration salary for an extra year. If this rebuild hasn’t generated additional revenue between 2021-2024 to more than offset this cost, than they weren’t competing anyway.
  7. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    If this rebuild can’t generate revenue (ticket sales) in the time period of 2021-2024 to offset an extra year of arbitration, than it ended up being a failure anyway. Thats all this amounts to if Super 2 is indeed influencing decisions on guys like Eloy. It’s Management covering for themselves in the event the rebuild fails and they don’t generate any additional revenue by the time that extra year of arbitration comes into play. Ill reiterate that this team has no salary obligations on the horizon and most of us don’t expect them to go out and make a big splash in 2019 free agency. Im a fan not interested in seeing Reinsdorf pocket money at the expense of having a potentially deserving player learn and gain experience at the big league level.
  8. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    They're rooting for a player to not receive an extra year of arbitration at the expense of being called up to the majors before June 2019. But yes, anyone who sees this scenario as ridiculous obviously isn't as sophisticated as those on message boards who like to pretend that they are GM's.
  9. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    You supported the statement by hot fire by referring to it as reality. It’s non sensical from a fan’s perspective unless you’re rooting interest is savings for Jerry Reinsdorf.
  10. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    You can’t have it both ways. You said you “hope” he stays down until after the Super 2 deadline. Why? You don’t want to tell a team how to spend its money, but instead you hope the team doesn’t spend its money on someone who is potentially its best player down the road. Like you said, baseball is entertainment. Hoping that a billionaire keeps money in his pocket at the potential expense of a good young player (and the team’s contention window) seems like a weird way to be entertained.
  11. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    No one is arguing that it can't or hasn't been done presently and in the past. For a fan to ROOT for this to happen is staggeringly stupid. The team isn't going to be paying ANYONE for a while. We're talking about payrolls from 2021-2024. Who is this organization shelling money out to in the meantime? And all holding the player down does is protect Reinsdorf, KW, and Hahn in the event their rebuild is an utter failure and they cannot increase ticket sales (revenue) during that period. I'm not going to root for them to hold a good player down until sometime in June of next season so that said player can't receive an extra year of arbitration.
  12. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    Well then your reality is artificial because you don't have a clue about this team's resources. You can pretend that you do on message boards, but you don't. A team with ZERO payroll obligations that's fretting about an extra year of arbitration down the road for its potential BEST player is not a team that is committed to spending down the road to win.
  13. Butter Parque

    Jimenez could return Sunday

    This is a ridiculous stance for a fan to take. You aren’t paying him his arbitration salaries. Ownership is paying him. Why should you care? All it does is deprive you of seeing a good player. Pros of artificially holding down deserving player until after Super 2 deadline: 1. Reinsdorf saves money on one less year of arbitration Cons: 1. Deserving player realizes cheap team is manipulating him and isn’t willing to sign extension with team before free agency. 2. Fans don’t get to see good player on field for 2 months. 3. Player loses at least two months of MLB experience, which could be useful in getting him acclimated to the big leagues, thus potentially slowing down time until contention. 4. Fans realize that a team with no salary obligations that is still cheap enough to hold a deserving player down to avoid an extra year of arbitration is probably not going to be willing to spend the necessary money to build a consistent winner, whether that means trades for highly paid players, contract extensions for deserving home grown players, or outside free agents. Other than that, I think the idea to hold him down in AAA for nearly another full season is brilliant.
  14. Butter Parque


    How do you know he should do that? I'm not saying he's been great down there, but that doesn't mean that he couldn't gain from learning at the MLB level. Based upon that logic, because Covey struggled so much last year and had so little experience at AAA, he should have been obligated to stay there for all of 2018. If he has 3 good starts in a row at AAA, does that mean he's still not allowed to be promoted because of the 2 bad starts he had before that?