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  1. The Bulls are going to get the 5th pick and its going to hurt to the core. Everything after 1999 is the price the Bulls paid for having MJ.
  2. Soxbadger

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    Gotta respect Abreu risking his season on a knee injury for Rodon there.
  3. When they traded this years first this was my fear.
  4. No one besides Vuc/Lavine know how to score and Atlanta started triple teaming Lavine and letting the rest of the Bulls brick every shot.
  5. Soxbadger

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    Pretty sure Abreu talked to him after the bat flip yesterday.
  6. I agree, just wish that he could have partially turned the corner with the Bulls. Would have made him way more valuable in trade talks.
  7. Vuc obviously a huge difference maker. Unfortunately now Carter turning in some good games. Had he done that earlier this season it may have saved the Bulls some picks in that trade.
  8. If you look at the way Forbes structured their estimate its based on: 9. Portion of franchise's value attributable to revenue shared among all teams. 10. Portion of franchise's value attributable to its city and market size. 11. Portion of franchise's value attributable to its stadium. 12. Portion of franchise's value attributable to its brand. They really arent taking the private finances into account, because a franchise isnt a normal business valuation. There are only X total, only Y available at any time. So the valuations are based on comparing other teams and their figures. When you look at the list, the Sox at 14 makes sense, although you could easily argue they should be higher. Every team lower than them wouldnt really present a better purchasing opportunity.
  9. Soxbadger

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    Johan Santana wasnt an asset.
  10. Soxbadger

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Came close a few times through Walgreens, but was finally able to get it today through Cook County. The system is pretty terrible even once your in as the appointments disappear/ reappear randomly. Was able to get 2 at the same site within an hour of each other so not the worst. Im assuming they will schedule the second appointment after you get the first. If anyone is using the Cook County site, you basically just have to click instantly as soon as it appears. Once in the waiting room you really have no idea when you are going to get picked (the first browser actually got into appointments second). Once you can pick the appointment, you actually have to click dates, they dont automatically generate. Then half the times you pick will say not available, but if you keep trying more show up. Some were available over 30 minutes later, so definitely seems like they are increasing availability.
  11. Soxbadger

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Yeah I assume its just a luck/dedication. I went on at 12 based on your information and unfortunately the app isnt even working right now. Probably are getting overwhelmed because its 1C today. Just a horrible system, and I can only imagine how someone who cant sit in front of a computer all day would feel.
  12. Soxbadger

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    When I try it always says none in 25 miles. I just tried right now. (It says available but when I click I get a system error on phone. On website it says none)
  13. Soxbadger

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Im finally eligible and I feel like this is one of the dumbest things I have ever been apart of. I really cant believe that the expectation is that I refresh multiple websites every minute to hopefully get a chance.
  14. Worst fear was always giving up a high 1st rounder in a pretty loaded draft. Im willing to give them a few games, but when the trade was made I was worried, especially next years class.
  15. Coby's value is directly tied to his ability to put a round sphere through a hoop. Until he can do that consistently it doesnt matter what position he plays. His problem is he shoots under 35% too often to be relied on to do anything. In college he shot 42%, in the pros he is at 44%. In the last 10 games he shot 33% or worse 6 times, he shot 50% or better 2x. Its hard to see a future for him if he doesnt dramatically increase his shooting percentage.