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  1. Soxbadger

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    He may not say it in public but there is no way he isn't thinking that if GB took a WR in round 1 they are in the Super Bowl.
  2. Soxbadger

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    They had to because the GB player was so flagrant in the hold. It was just a stupid decision because Johnson was hoping to get held there. If he doesn't hold him its probably incomplete. But King played a terrible game and his coverage on Miller to end the half was idiotic. That being said there were several holds on Tampa that werent called. Id have to see 3rd and goal again, but I felt Rodgers could have run for it. I also think they should have gone for it on 4th down.
  3. Soxbadger

    The Wainwright Thread

    I imagine that is why he wont be commanding a long term contract worth a lot of money. But he very well could outperform his contract next year and that is really what matters.
  4. Soxbadger

    The Wainwright Thread

    Double post
  5. In the last few minutes the worst two plays (decisions) were by Coby White on the offensive charge and Lauri on the 3 he jacked up early in the possession. On the Coby play the defense crashed, there were at least 3 guys in the paint and he just forced it when he wasnt even that close to the basket. A lot of people have invested heavily in knocking Lavine. So when the game goes against the Bulls he is the problem.
  6. You going to take your Lavine hateto the grave. Every player does some dumb shit, but for most of the game he was at 2 points per shot, which is insanely efficient. He didnt lose that game.
  7. Ah ok, in OT its been a brick show besides for Lavine's last 3. And he almost just won it, even though Denzel Washington almost ran into him.
  8. I think Lavine took 1 shot in OT. The problem is he isnt shooting enough.
  9. The problem is that besides for Lavine the rest of the team isnt shooting well. White and Lauri are both under 50%. They are 12-32, Lavine is 10-17.
  10. Soxbadger

    Student Loan Debt

    Yes, right now certain taxpayers can only deduct $4,000 for college expenses (some cannot take any deduction). This would increase it to 50,000 per year for the next 10 years and it would remove any income limitation. It would also allow someone like Soxnfins to deduct his expenses over the next 10 years. That way people who paid off their college get the exact same benefit as other people who have yet to pay it off. And its something I thought up myself over the last year haha. I just was trying to figure out a way to make it fair for both the person who paid off their loans and for the person who has not. The other concern I have about paying off loans is that there will be a lot of people who feel it is unfair because they didnt go to college (or went to a cheaper college) because they didnt want to take the economic risk. If they knew all of their loans would have been forgiven maybe they would have gone to college because their would have been no risk.
  11. Soxbadger

    Student Loan Debt

    I think this issue could really cause some problems for a variety of reasons. My proposal that I think would be palatable to most people is: 1) student loans can be discharged in bankruptcy and 2) college education expenses deduction is increased to 50,000 per year and it retroactively can be used by any living person for the next 10 years. Therefore if you paid off your student loans last year, you can still get full deductibility up to an amount of 500,000.
  12. Soxbadger

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    If you've never ordered a cheese fry and used some of the cheese on your beef, have you really lived?
  13. Soxbadger

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    You dont need to be an insider to understand why Kluber makes sense for the Sox. They wont have to shell out a long term deal and they can overpay for a 1-2 year deal.
  14. They arent just moving a player, they are moving a top end player. Not only that, they swapped Wall for Westbrook to appease that top end player. And that is looking worse by the day. You have to give some of these players a chance under Donovan. I have been pessimistic on LaVine for years, but all of a sudden he seems to have found another level.
  15. The only team that got picks was the Rockets. And I want no part of what that franchise has done.