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  1. Soxbadger

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Personally none, and every person I interact with has been vaccinated. Additionally my law firm has not received a single call about vaccine adverse reaction. Every week we receive multiple calls on how to legally get people out of vaccines, but no one has actually called with an adverse reaction.
  2. Soxbadger

    2021 Catch-All

    Chicagoland has a store called ABT who does their own installs. I actually have a contact there who was giving me a much better deal than Best Buy, they just didnt have the exact model. My main issue with Best Buy itself was it took over an hour to get anyone on the phone after the installation team left and even then they could not reschedule me for another week. Even worse is that they somehow allowed one of the products I bought (the water line attachment) to go out of stock after the installation, which meant they then were going to have to delay my installation even longer. The store Manager called me today again and he said that the Warehouse and the installation team never even responded to him from yesterday. It may be better in other areas, but ABT will match every Best Buy price. Im not sure if they offer 0% financing though.
  3. Soxbadger

    2021 Catch-All

    Long story short. They showed up and asked me to turn off my water main. I asked them why that was necessary because I have a shut off valve under my sink. They went under my sink and turned a different valve that goes to my water filter (while the water was on) until a small amount of water came out. They said that my sink was leaking and they had to call Best Buy to get permission to do the installation. They said while they were calling to go and turn my water main off. I went in my crawl space and turned the water main off. When I got back upstairs they were completely gone. I thought they had to move the truck cause they were blocking a street so I tried to call them and find out where they were. I then had a voicemail from Best Buy that the installation people told them that my pipes were broke and that I need a plumber to inspect before they would come back. My current refrigerator already has a water line attached to it so they had to do no installation. They never even tried to turn the shut off under the sink, just said it needed to be the water main. I am pretty sure that they get paid if they report there is a problem with the customer. So basically they made up an issue and told me to go away while they lied to Best Buy. I tried to call Best Buy for over an hour and when I finally reached them was informed they could not install until next week. It was completely shocking and I could never imagine a store ever allowing a $2,500 purchase to be handled that way. After speaking to the instore Manager at Best Buy for 30 minutes he basically admitted they have no control over appliance installation, it is done by contractors and they basically cant assist in anyway. Which is why I am warning people.
  4. Soxbadger

    2021 Catch-All

    There was nothing to return. They never even took the unit off the truck. I went to the store who sold it and they tried to convince me to try again and were willing to offer more discounts. They said I could cancel which I did later. I am still getting emails about the delivery and that the water line is out of stock. So if I had stayed with them who knows what would have happened. Its completely crazy because I purchased the water line, so how could the one that I bought now be missing. Im actually happy in a way that this all happened. I was somewhat worried about getting another LG and preferred ABT for their warranty. Ill be without a refrigerator 1 more week, but at least Ill have a 5 year warranty and a better product (albeit more expensive.)
  5. Soxbadger

    2021 Catch-All

    Not sure where else to put this, but please do not buy an appliance from Best Buy. I just purchased a refrigerator last week and had the installation team who showed up and then left without installing it. I tried to reach out to Best Buy and it took over an hour to get someone on the phone and finally they said they couldnt reschedule until 7 days from now. I already had waited a week for installation. I was going to buy from ABT but they didnt have the model, I now spent almost $800 more on a different model/warranty with ABT just because I will never buy another appliance from Best Buy (unless I can install it myself.) It was just such a terrible experience.
  6. Soxbadger

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    Yeah there really is no reason to announce your starter. That being said injury updates are governed by rules so if Dalton is injured they have to provide something.
  7. Soxbadger

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Really? You think antivaxxers actually care? Why is why drug use criminalized? I dont recall Desantis on the war path for drug legalization.
  8. Soxbadger

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Why cant I put LSD, MDMA, Cocaine etc in my body? Do I really have control of my life? The argument against vaccines is entirely hypocritical if the anti-vaxxers dont believe I have the right to do whatever damn drugs I feel like. Unlike covid, my cocaine binge isnt hurting anyone but myself. In most states you cant even buy marijuana. (Edit) Also my employer is allowed to restrict alcohol/drug use while I am working. Why should my employer not be able to also require vaccines?
  9. Soxbadger

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    If you were going to pitch Wright you should have had Robert try and steal 3rd so a sacrifice won the game.
  10. Soxbadger

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    I never said you were a Republican, I just found it odd that you would think they "lean towards individual freedoms" when Im not sure that is supported by fact. I just think that type of generalization really isnt helpful in this discussion because lets be honest, if you think people shouldnt be able smoke marijuana in their home, you cant really hang your hat on the reason you are against vaccines/masks is because "individual freedoms are so important."
  11. Soxbadger

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Yeah I always associate Republicans with pro-drugs, pro-prostitution, pro-gambling, pro-drinking, pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, pro-respecting trans rights... Cant wait to go to Texas and assert all my "individual freedoms." Im sure they will absolutely be okay with me smoking some weed while I bet on the Cowboys as my girlfriend has as an abortion at 8 weeks. Was that supposed to be in green?
  12. Soxbadger

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Well so far the science seems to show that if you have a vaccine your are less likely to get severe symptoms. So once kids can get the vaccine Im pretty comfortable returning to normal life. That really doesnt seem like a huge hill to climb.
  13. Soxbadger

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    What if I told you the long term health impacts of Covid are likely worse than the Flu. What if I told you that we wont know the impact on children until years from now. So yeah as a parent Id rather not unnecessarily risk my child having long term health issues. Wearing a mask and being safe isnt going to "put fear into them" because every day I teach them about acceptable risk v reward. We explain to children every day why its okay to run in a field, but not okay to run at the swimming pool.
  14. Soxbadger

    2021 NFL Season Thread

    They had so many to begin with that they cant keep them all... Just criminal how they handle draft capital.
  15. Soxbadger

    8/31 game thread Sox vs Pirates 7:10 first pitch

    I have a good feeling about Kimbrel tonight.