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  1. Ive been saying this for days. Even if the Sox are the last team standing they are still going to pay a certain amount. When youre about to sign the face of your franchise you want it to be positive. Personally i think 8/280 is s deal everyone can feel good about. I also think the Sox could throw some incentives so that Manny could legitimately make 300 mil guaranteed. Have option years at the back end that vest upon milestones etc. At the end of the day you want the best Machado and one who has a reason to outperform 8/280.
  2. Sox dont need to beat philly by 20%. They just need to hit Manny's number. No sauces but i think he picks Sox over Phillies all things being the same.
  3. Manny said he wanted 300, he meant 300 pages on Soxtalk.
  4. Maybe Im reading this incorrectly, but are you saying that if JR gets involved the Sox arent getting one? Because Id say the opposite, the only way the Sox sign Machado or Harper is if JR is involved.
  5. If I had to guess, the only reason JR wasnt the lead from the start is because he knows he isnt going to be owner for another 20 years. At some point you need to give guys like Hahn experience. Once JR goes there is going to be a huge vacuum at the top. So Hahn got to 1st chair these negotiations for a while. So that if there is a next time, Hahn has experience.
  6. No sauces, but if I was a betting man its close. JR used Hahn to hardball Machado's camp as long as he could. Now JR can come in "fresh", ups the offer and get it done. Sometimes even in negotiations you need a bad cop/good cop.
  7. Nothing is ever as cut and dry as someone speculating on a message board makes it. But there are certain things that I believed to be true and one of those was that JR wasnt going to delegate the final negotiations of the largest contract either of his franchises have ever signed. Everyone has to start somewhere, but as I said yesterday, Hahn has never been involved in a deal of this magnitude. You just dont let a guy first chair this type of deal on his first chance.
  8. I have no sauces, but JR was always driving this negotiation. Yesterday I posted about how JR is the only guy with the Sox who has even come close to negotiating this type of contract. If JR is involved directly, it means that it is either getting done or falling apart. My guess is that it is getting done.
  9. The Sox need this. Even if its an overpay, they need this. They have saved money for years, they built a farm system. But what is the point if you dont go after All Star level players. Even if they overpay by $5mil per year, that wont be what sinks this franchise in the future. The one concern that I have with the Sox, is that outside of JR, none of these guys have ever landed a top tier FA. They just dont have the experience in a negotiation like this to pull the trigger or convince JR, that its what needs to be done, even if its slightly not the greatest deal for them.
  10. I think something like 8 years $280 with escalator/bonuses that could reach $300mil would make a lot of sense for everyone.
  11. Soxbadger

    Kyler Murray to NFL?

    https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-kyler-murray-wants-15-230549438.html Interesting move. I think if the A's went to $10mil hed take it.
  12. Too many talking heads in this thread.
  13. Cubs fans would revolt if they gave up on Bryant for Machado. Id find it amusing, but I just cant imagine it.
  14. The Cubs have no money. Not a single one of their moves this off season have suggested anything but that.