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  1. Soxbadger

    Job Thread

    Not true. Credit score is based on a bunch of factors, some of them are idiotic (you get dinged if you close a CC even if its a high interest rate and replace it with a lower one), but its not based directly on your income.
  2. Soxbadger

    JD Martinez

    I was thinking 3/90 would get him. May be an overpay but that is what the Sox need to do to start being an attractive destination. Im not sure hed go for 5/100 if there were other close offers, but maybe 4/100 with a variety of options on year 5 would work.
  3. He saw belicheck do that one time and thought it was a good idea...
  4. Yeah i pointed out the 3 to 1 pass to run ratio earlier. Also im not sure Trubisky took a snap under center. Ive always hated shot gun on 3rd and inches.
  5. On the play to Sheehan he should have gone to Montgomery, they just did not attack that area of the field at all.
  6. The second paragraph is my biggest problem with the game. It was clear to me Trubisky wasnt having a night where he could just carry the team. So why are they not working to get Cohen/Montgomery easy touches to help Trubisky out. There were a few times where I felt Montgomery was open coming out of the backfield where he could have gotten him the ball with some space. That being said, Nagy just seemed to have no feel for the game.
  7. I think the difference is that Rodgers lets you get away with having an extremely shitty game plan, because sometimes his talent overcomes it.
  8. Ill stick to facts and statistics, you can believe in faith. My feelings about Trubisky are well established in the draft thread from that year. That being said, I believe that there was a winning offensive game plan for the Bears today. I thought that Nagy would see it, but it didnt happen.
  9. Then Im not sure what game you were watching.
  10. I could be wrong, but I think the Bears actually got into GB territory more times than GB did the Bears. The Bears had the ball with 2 minutes left and Trubisky threw a horrendous pass. The Bears were driving and somehow got penalties that lead to a 1-40. The Bears had more yards, more first downs and actually had more yards per play. The offensive play calling was beyond brutal, but that game could have gone either way.
  11. They almost beat GB with a historically bad called offensive night. That really should be the takeaway. If Nagy is good, he learns from this. Its a bad start, but sometimes you need to see why you are wrong.
  12. Even in close games they were almost never that imbalanced. Not to mention Trubisky and Mahomes arent on the same level right now. If the Bears are going 3 pass to 1 run in close games, they are going in a bad direction. Especially as the Bears defense is much better than KC, so they should be playing to their strengths. Not to the strengths of a team they dont closely resemble.
  13. Im pretty familiar with the West Coast offense, I cant remember a time when Joe Montana/Steve Young were throwing 3x as many times as they were running the ball. Lets look at KC last year: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/kan/2018.htm 583 pass attempts, 387 runs (lets remove Mahomes and that becomes) 327. Being that unbalanced just isnt good for business. You may get away with it if you have a HOF level QB, but its just way to many throws for Trubisky. Right now he just doesnt have the decisiveness to be making that many decisions.
  14. Packers ran 22 times and threw 30. They have a hall of fame QB. Bears ran 15 times and threw 45. Passing league or not, why are you throwing a 3x more than running. The Bears actually averaged more ypc than GB.
  15. In a 10-3 game Trubisky has 45 throws, thats not a recipe for winning.