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  1. bjm676

    Congrats to Soxtalk Posters! 4,000,000 Posts

    sounds like me too. Been more of a lurker than a poster for the past few years. Anyway, congrats Soxtalk.
  2. bjm676

    Joc Pederson thoughts

    Lmao! 😂 LOL. That account has been suspended. We all knew he was full of sh*t.
  3. Will not believe until we hear from Ken Rosenthai or Joff Passen
  4. bjm676


    can he bunt?
  5. bjm676

    Josh Osich claimed by boston

    That makes Jerry happy!
  6. bjm676

    A Realistic Offseason

    Maybe a fall back option, once they lowball JD Martinez.
  7. bjm676

    Game Thread - 09/12/19 - Royals @ Sox - Gio Day

    i think Collins is just bad.
  8. bjm676

    Pineda suspended

    He must've stolen these from Nelson Cruz's locker.
  9. bjm676

    Twins @ Sox 8/29 Berrios vs Cease

    Sometimes people aren't happy unless there is something to complain or b**** about.
  10. bjm676

    8/13- Sox/Astros Doubleheader, 3:40

    Over/Under 25 strikeouts today for Astros pitchers?
  11. bjm676

    2020 Schedule

    weird, they don't play Detroit until June.
  12. bjm676

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    Oh man, Dylan Covey gets a chance to pitch on the national stage!! (We all know he'll somehow still be with the team)
  13. bjm676

    Moncada to IL, out at least 2 weeks per Merkin

    It'll be exciting to finally see what Alcides Escobar can do!!
  14. oh yay, Carson Fulmer. He's got more lives than a cat.
  15. bjm676

    Service Time

    Robert will be up probably after Super 2 deadline passes next year. Jerry needs to save his money.