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  1. SoxieGirl30

    A Letter to All Visitors of SoxNet/Soxtalk

    LMAO! you think I kid? totally serious
  2. SoxieGirl30

    Funny Sox Pix...

    oh my god... i want that jersey!!!!!!
  3. SoxieGirl30

    A Letter to All Visitors of SoxNet/Soxtalk

    Awesome. so that means all the great commentary articles can be read more in a national setting? Finally, some attention to the sox from people who actually care. I'm so tired of reading crap that people who have no stock in a team write about it because it is their assignment..... Also looking forward to more articles from that sexy Matt Michel writer..
  4. SoxieGirl30

    Is Sandy really that bad?

    thanks for the welcome.
  5. SoxieGirl30

    The Onion Story

    Sweet story! If the Yanks could, they probably would.
  6. SoxieGirl30

    Odds and Ends: You Know It is Just a Name

    I didn't like the name change at the beginning either. I agree that it never should have moved. I still think of Comiskey as the old stadium. That was the Comiskey I knew growing up and nothing will ever be the same as it was. Just like nothing will ever be the same as the old Chicago Stadium. The people there were smart and didn't try to make Chicago Staduim II. True, the new name is just another extension of shameless promotion on the behalf of all the companies in America, but I guess that is the price of capitalism. The new name thing is starting to grow a little. I still think it should be something more tied to the city, like Sox Park or something (hey isn't that what everyone calls it anyway?) But hell, as long as the name change comes out as a positive for the Soxies, I guess it doesn't matter what the name on the park says. Although that leaves a lot up to the team, what the renovations are that will be done, and also to us, the fans. Our support of the team will be the best encourgement. Attendance was absolutely sad last year. That will be the test for the real fans, coming out and supporting our team. I know that will be one of the first thing I do when I leave Peoria for summer in Chicago, will be to get my butt to a Sox game.
  7. SoxieGirl30

    Is Sandy really that bad?

    I completely agree. Almomar will not be the most productive unit of offense, and true he may not be healthy enough to put a decent contibution on the field, but he does have value off the field. He knows his position and when he was in prime, played it fairly well too. I would take him on the bench helping to guide new catchers any day, compared to the likes of Paul.
  8. SoxieGirl30

    Braves suck

    Aww, Heather, not coming to old P-town???? How come?? Its awesome here. And it's during Marti Gras (Homecoming) week GO BRAVES!!!!!!!
  9. SoxieGirl30

    Yao vs. Shaq

    All I have to say to this is ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Has the NBA really gotten so bad that we don't look to the game as the defending champs going up against a somewhat quality team??? No, now its on big guy vs. another. What happened to teams??? And speaking of the defending champs, how sad would it be for them not to make the playoffs with the same core players. Granted the Bulls of old sucked it up real bad after Jordan left (hmmm, they still do), but the Bulls also lost a coach and several players (you know Pippen, Kerr, and oh yeah that MJ guy).
  10. SoxieGirl30

    Mariucci X'd

    If only we could have that problem consistently , I think I would actually cheer for the Bears.
  11. SoxieGirl30

    Best Outfields in Baseball

    Somehow the thought of Rowand being the man in the middle full time is not comforting. I'd rather see KW bring in someone from the outside than to try to fit the pieces we have into spots they don't fit.
  12. SoxieGirl30

    Best Outfields in Baseball

    The Sox don't make this list for one reason, CENTER FIELD. If we could put someone consistantly solid in the middle, we not only have a shot of making an arbitrary list that some sports writer with too much time on his hands made, we'll have an outfield to be reckoned with.
  13. SoxieGirl30

    Kordell Stewart probably released by Pittsburgh

    I totally agree, the Bears need 3 real QBs, so why not start with one that has actually been to a Super Bowl and knows how this whole winning concept goes.