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  1. TheBlackSox8

    Tim Anderson Batting Average

    Hopefully we'll be saying the same with Eloy in a couple years
  2. TheBlackSox8

    Madrigal Promoted to AAA

    Is that because he doesn't foul off shit pitches to work counts, he actually gets hits off them?
  3. So do the Sox keep Moncada in the cleanup spot? I believe he's good there as a lefty, maybe try him there as a righty see how it works.
  4. TheBlackSox8

    Will you be mad if the Sox do not seriously try to move Abreu?

    I've posted this before, but I'll iterate it again... Jose's protection for his time in Chicago. Adam Dunn Conor Gillaspie Melky Cabrera Adam Laroche Matt Davidson Daniel Palka Avasail Garcia Todd Frazier Yonder Alonso Throw him in that Boston lineup and he'll be a monster. Throw him in a great lineup, and he'll be a monster. Today he had the best hitter on the team behind him, and look how he produced. Don't sleep on his bat in a great lineup. Boston would absolutely love someone like Abreu to plug in at first/DH
  5. TheBlackSox8

    7/19 Games

    You just want him to be ranked #1 for prospects next year... Seriously though, I don't care what they do. Both ways has there pros and cons.
  6. Maybe Mercedes? That guy has been pretty good offensively in his minor career, specifically this year. With shaky defense there are questions there, however, the guy has proven to me that he should be called up at least on the offensive end...but with no call up he must be brutal at catcher...however they keep throwing him there so, so I dunno. Any other pitchers shown any reason to be called up besides some of the dredge we've seen?
  7. TheBlackSox8

    Luis Robert

    Robert keeps proving he's playing a childs game in the minors...
  8. Adam Dunn Conor Gillaspie Melky Cabrera Adam Laroche Matt Davidson Daniel Palka Avasail Garcia Todd Frazier Yonder Alonso That has been Jose Abreus protection for his time in the Majors...The fact that he has put up some semi respectable numbers with that shit filth that ownership has given this team is fucking comendable. Re-sign that man and give him a fucking team to play for....
  9. TheBlackSox8

    Sox @ KC - 715pm CT (Giolito v. Junis)

    Reeds life of being a Major League Baseball player hangs on the balance of him not looking as bad as he did that at bat. He has to know this right?...I mean at least try, he looked lost on that last pitch and missed it by a foot.
  10. TheBlackSox8

    Sox @ KC - 715pm CT (Giolito v. Junis)

    Back to back Kansas City specials lol
  11. TheBlackSox8

    7/12 Games

    Must've hit it 150 mph or the CF was playing too far in...
  12. TheBlackSox8

    7/11 Games

    Add in Vaughn and Anderson...Madrigal as the cherry on top.
  13. TheBlackSox8

    Sox claim 1b A.J. Reed off waivers AND send him to majors

    This team can afford to give Collins plenty of time to show he can be an MLB player this year. That's why he's here... and not in AAA. Hopefully he gets some consistent at bats to build on something. I'm surprised some of the fans made it this far through the rebuild if they're throwing Collins away that fast...some people.
  14. TheBlackSox8

    GRate to get Netting to the Foul Poles

    It's better to have them and never need their use, than it is to not have them, and have someone suffer unnecessarily I think.
  15. TheBlackSox8

    GT: Tigers (27-53) @ White Sox (40-42), July 3

    Yeah, and he won a World Series getting traded lol. I'm pretty sure Jose would be fine with a trade if he goes on to win a World Series...And I'm also sure he would jump at the chance to re-sign with the Whitesox in the offseason.