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  1. TheBlackSox8

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    You're right, moving between sources fooled my thought process. I think making Crochet a starter after spending time in the pen isn't a huge problem. Maybe he's limited when first starting, but getting him to face mlb batters is the key
  2. TheBlackSox8

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    Sale spent 2 years away from his 100 inning year...but went and threw 192 innings after throwing 90+ the 2 years before that total. I'm fine with him building up through the bullpen...180 is asking a lot, but if Sale can do it he can do it
  3. TheBlackSox8

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    Chris Sale pitched 100 innings once in his career before becoming a mlb starter...in college. 30 + innings first year up, 70ish innings in year 2 all in bullpen. His first full year as a starter he pitched 192 innings...your argument is null
  4. TheBlackSox8

    Getz is promoted to Ast GM

    Chris Sale started in the pen...this move is fine, and Whitesox-esque.
  5. TheBlackSox8

    STAR WARS Everything

    Where are we sitting if Filoni or Favreau made Episode VIII?
  6. TheBlackSox8

    Indians will be no more

    Yeah, some people have invested so much of their lives in certain beliefs, when truth is presented, they become defensive of those beliefs because they can't be wrong, otherwise it was all a waste. I got out of that way of thinking a long time ago thankfully.
  7. Could it have been a thing where LaRussa was getting canned, because of the DUI, from his advisory role with whatever team he was doing that for recently? And Then Jerry offered him the manager position so he'd have some role in MLB still? IT'S SOOO FUCKING HARD TO RACK MY BRAIN AROUND THIS WHOLE ORDEAL...
  8. Couldn't even make it to Spring Training. What a waste...Why the fuck is this a thing???? 2020 gonna be 2020 I guess...
  9. TheBlackSox8

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Right? Hell I'd say Konerko was more of a coach(leader more than anything) of that team then Ventura was. Ventura was there because a name was needed to be put in place of manager for the MLB club...at least that's what it felt like. 5 years of Limbo I'd say...
  10. TheBlackSox8

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    As a Sox fan in 2020, time isn't something many of us have with this squad of guys. I don't feel like wasting 3 or 4 years rooting for this team if this move was a mistake. if it isn't a mistake then whatever, but this move wasn't the chance as a fan I was willing to accept for these guys to exceed. There was a plan that Hahn had and I was on board for. He didn't get his chance to finish it his way...so I feel like I was cheated seeing this thing through with the current tools. Fuck Time, and Fuck JR. I pray this move pays off, but I don't have time to hope...
  11. TheBlackSox8

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    If this proves out to be a disaster hire, we're in for a world of hurt here. Sox can lose their relationship and status with the players on the team and around the league, maybe enough for players to jump ship. Hahn will leave, there's no way he accepts defeat in hiring a manager and having that turn out in disaster only to stay in his postion. If this proves to be an excellent hire(let's face it, the ceiling here is moderately good hire) then TLR gives the Sox 2-4 years max? Do they win the series in those years? Do they make the playoffs all of those years? What performance do we accept here as fans? What personnel can La Russa bring in to calm our nerves here?
  12. TheBlackSox8

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    I mean...maybe? Never heard of her before this. And it doesn't mean she's wrong, because she's right, here.
  13. TheBlackSox8

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    anyone seen this take?
  14. TheBlackSox8

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Is it too late to bring RR and Coop back...?
  15. TheBlackSox8

    Shifts could be endangered

    Relegate infielders to their side of the field. You can still do shifts, but at a cost. Teams will have to bring a CF in to play short outfield behind short or second, while the infielder takes a deeper part of their side of the field covering CF basically. So for lefties, bring the CF in to play a Right CF trajectory, but at the or around the grass, and the second baseman can play a deeper second base. This allows for shifts still, but your risking it with moving positions of the opposite infielder and CF. I might be able to compromise it to that position.