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  1. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    Manny doesn't make that catch. Good call, Francona.
  2. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    This is a new low for you, Tony. I don't think its possible to be more objective than you're being.
  3. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

  4. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. Monday's are my busiest days, I've gone out drinking the last week due to these games. I'm content talking on the Red Sox message board with my buddies tonight. Don't be a dickhead.
  5. redandwhite

    HGH question

    It's not a necessity to live, but if your body is unable to produce a normal amount, it could effect Paul Byrd being able to do his job, in which case it becomes a necessity to live. Steroids save lives.
  6. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    He's the man. I've never been so happy to look identical to someone that looks like John Clayton. Somebody on the Yankee board who has over a thousand posts said tonight that "Pedroia is the next Jeter". Quite the praise.
  7. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    You don't agree with me because my handle isn't "Sox Rule Cubs Drool!" or something of the sort. Yup, nail and noggin on what you wrote.
  8. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    Westbrook has come up huge. Gutsy as hell. The Red Sox have had a lot of chances to score and they've got only three runs to show for it. IMpressivve.
  9. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    What players don't you like on this team? IMO, they're very likable. They're young, down to earth, talented guys. Outside of Manny, I can't think of anybody whose disliked around the league.
  10. redandwhite

    Red Sox Indians

    It's not choking, it's called the breaks that went the Indians way in games 2, 3, and 4 aren't going the same way in games 5 & 6. Two best teams in baseball, the future World Series Champion IMO. Great baseball right here. Enjoy it.
  11. redandwhite

    Marion Jones, what a lady :rolleyes

    Don't you dare think that she was the only one taking steroids. Track & Field is the dirtiest sport of any, Jones just happened to get caught. It was stupid of her to lie and she should be punished accordingly for that, but locking her up is nonsense. She is of no threat to society.
  12. redandwhite

    Ozzie Extension

    Oh, and Tony. I'd love to hear your expertise chime in here... Why is it a good idea to extend the manager of the most underachieving team in baseball history's contract?
  13. redandwhite

    Ozzie Extension

    As a starting point without the extension involved, I still do. One "l" in Wily, pal.
  14. redandwhite

    Ozzie Extension

    I rate Ozzie Guillen as a top three worst managers in sports. Franchise threatening deal. Here come the flamers...
  15. redandwhite

    Trade Garland?

    Why would the Orioles do that?