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    Winston-Salem Dash (High-A)
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    Integrity, Knowledge of Posters
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    July 2, 2003 Konerko tying The Twins in the 11th... Thomas winning it in the 12th. Best game ive ever seen in person.
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    James Baldwin, Ray Durham... Timo?
  1. guapotaco

    Congrats to Soxtalk Posters! 4,000,000 Posts

    Congrats to everybody who made this possible, even the little guys did their part!
  2. guapotaco

    Eaton to Nats/Giolito, Lopez, Dunning to Sox

    Nationals Twitter is so funny right now. Keep refreshing, keep seeing the new anger
  3. guapotaco

    Sox Giveaways

    ill trade somebody the XL pullover i got august 6 for the melky t-shirt they gave away lemme know!
  4. guapotaco

    Sox Math

    i talked em into accepting 23 AND 22 today as the correct answer.... but i wasnt even close to being first on that one either
  5. guapotaco

    07/05 GDT Yanks at Sox

    The two games Ive been to this year have featured White Sox starting pitchers that were then DFA'd... Lets hope Rodon stays around afterwards haha!
  6. this couldnt be overturned...
  7. guapotaco

    PTC, Tuesday, June 21st at 5:10 PM MDT

    gimme gimme Timmy Anderson
  8. guapotaco

    White Sox vs Tigers 7:10PM WPWR tv

    i was wondering what the win probability % was listening to the radio when we were down 7,,, im glad i still tuned in when i got home. Shuck had bases loaded in the 9th and i didnt want him in there but was unaware if we had anybody worthwhile available. It was nice he was in to hit a grounder under cabreras frozen glove and score. Mentally this can only help!
  9. guapotaco

    4/23 Game thread: Texas, 1:10pm, CSN