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  1. Y2HH

    To help your family

    Sorry for your/their loss, Tex. I personally keep a printout of all important accounts (account #'s), my master password to my phone, life insurance policies, credit cards, etc. in a safety deposit box, just in case something like this were to occur. It's hard enough for loved ones you leave behind to deal with devastating loss, adding the burden of them having to track down everything you own or owe is the last thing they need at such a time.
  2. Y2HH

    Chicago Elections

  3. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    /me personally attacks southsider2k5
  4. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    It's still within the confines of a regulated industry (banking/loans), and I think there should be caps on interest rates. I'm all for capitalism, but I think things like predatory lenders should be outright criminalized because they prey on the neediest among us.
  5. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    I rarely actually buy the grocery bags, I do use reusables that are in the trunk of the car. I think I may have bought 2 or 3 since it's been enacted. I commonly waddle out to the car carrying 12 items in my arms and just dump them into the passenger seat because I refuse to pay seven cents. I'm merely highlighting how many differing and often double dipping taxes we have in this state, yet they can't fix fucking potholes in a timely fashion. It's annoying. And when I have to actually cut them a check for an additional 300+$ that I know will disappear into a "black hole" of bureaucracy and IL corruption, it makes me ill.
  6. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    I don't know enough about student loans, I guess. But on its surface, for what are guaranteed loans which a person cannot bankrupt themselves out of, anything over 3% seems astoundingly high, bordering on outright greed to me.
  7. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    Any credit score over 750 is excellent -- doesn't matter if it's 750 or 850, it's the same exact "rank". Also, those student loan interest rates seem astoundingly high.
  8. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    I sold some stock I own at like a 18k long term gain. That's how I owe. I didn't get hosed. I just hate giving them even more of my money and then having to drive over potholes that haven't been fixed for WEEKS. I already pay 7 fucking cents for god damn grocery bags. FIX THE FUCKING POTHOLES.
  9. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    Or I can just put the blame where it belongs, which is on an insane flat tax in an already heavily taxed state. My employer did the deductions just fine. It's not a big deal, I have the money, it's just annoying to owe more when I already paid upwards of 5k + my property taxes and then I get to drive over potholes. 🤣😂
  10. Y2HH

    Tax Refunds

    Did my return yesterday, was fully expecting to owe money, but ended up with a decent federal refund. The State of IL, however, I wound up owing 330$ to the damn state, despite claiming single/0 when I'm fucking married with 2 kids on a single income. And people wonder why I think the democrats in control of IL can go fuck themselves. No, I don't care that this is a politics free zone, this has to do with taxes, so it should be allowed.
  11. Y2HH

    Board Rules - A refresher

    You suspended me for *no reason whatsoever*.
  12. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    In the programming world, they call this sort of thing a nested, "If, Then, Else". In short, IF this happens, THEN you do X, ELSEwise you do Y, ELSEwise you do Z, ELSEwise you do XyZ, etc., etc. There are an almost infinite number of variables and circumstances you could find yourself in when it comes to gun violence, so it's pointless to speculate which would be beneficial if armed or not. The reality is, legal or not, there are hundreds of millions of them in circulation across the United States, and since we can't just snap our fingers and magically make them all disappear, talking about that as a solution is a complete waste of time. Here is what I do know, gun free zones don't work, and never have ... and almost every mass shooting takes place in one. Is the solution arming everybody? I have no idea. Wouldn't that just make things worse? Probably, yeah. I'm not a pro-gun person, so if they banned guns tomorrow, I wouldn't care. But the reality is, that's not happening anytime soon. Also to your point about automatic weapons, those are actually already banned/illegal -- yet people still have them, modified or otherwise. Here is what I do know, I'm not a thoughts and prayers person, but to those of you that are, you should be all out of them by now.
  13. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    There wasn't one. But this is the recurring problem with all debates political, and probably the main reason why Soxtalk killed off the 'Buster. They all eventually devolve into shouting matches, whataboutism, and "gotcha" moments when talking with anyone outside of their own echo chambers. If there was any discussion to be had in this thread, there isn't anymore, and it's because of things like this. You did it proper, you pointed out that it IS legal, which he may not have known -- and then someone else had to take his possibly uninformed statement, and instead of educating, turned it into reductio ad absurdum, and mocked him with it, instead.
  14. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    They call this reductio ad absurdum.
  15. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    Fixed that for you.