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  1. Y2HH

    Board Rules - A refresher

    You suspended me for *no reason whatsoever*.
  2. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    In the programming world, they call this sort of thing a nested, "If, Then, Else". In short, IF this happens, THEN you do X, ELSEwise you do Y, ELSEwise you do Z, ELSEwise you do XyZ, etc., etc. There are an almost infinite number of variables and circumstances you could find yourself in when it comes to gun violence, so it's pointless to speculate which would be beneficial if armed or not. The reality is, legal or not, there are hundreds of millions of them in circulation across the United States, and since we can't just snap our fingers and magically make them all disappear, talking about that as a solution is a complete waste of time. Here is what I do know, gun free zones don't work, and never have ... and almost every mass shooting takes place in one. Is the solution arming everybody? I have no idea. Wouldn't that just make things worse? Probably, yeah. I'm not a pro-gun person, so if they banned guns tomorrow, I wouldn't care. But the reality is, that's not happening anytime soon. Also to your point about automatic weapons, those are actually already banned/illegal -- yet people still have them, modified or otherwise. Here is what I do know, I'm not a thoughts and prayers person, but to those of you that are, you should be all out of them by now.
  3. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    There wasn't one. But this is the recurring problem with all debates political, and probably the main reason why Soxtalk killed off the 'Buster. They all eventually devolve into shouting matches, whataboutism, and "gotcha" moments when talking with anyone outside of their own echo chambers. If there was any discussion to be had in this thread, there isn't anymore, and it's because of things like this. You did it proper, you pointed out that it IS legal, which he may not have known -- and then someone else had to take his possibly uninformed statement, and instead of educating, turned it into reductio ad absurdum, and mocked him with it, instead.
  4. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    They call this reductio ad absurdum.
  5. Y2HH

    At least a dozen killed in CA bar shooting

    Fixed that for you.
  6. Y2HH

    Technology catch-all thread

    https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/johnpaczkowski/apple-tim-cook-bloomberg-retraction It's stuff like this that makes "fake news" a thing.
  7. Y2HH

    Filibuster - Closed

    This. I lol’d at the “most important election in history line”. #BRINGBACKTHEBUSTER
  8. Y2HH

    Filibuster - Closed

    Meh. Sometimes true sometimes not. I’ve held plenty of good discussions there, and yes, others weren’t so productive ... but in the end it was worth it.
  9. Y2HH

    Relationship Advice Thread

    Says everyone trying to convince themselves this would be a good idea. In all seriousness, it depends on what you're both looking for. First and foremost, let's start with the fact she's 22. Therefore she's not very mature. Especially today. That aside, if you're both just looking for fun, whatever ... but if you're looking for one thing and she's looking for another? I'd just make sure you're both on the same page. My opinion? I personally couldn't get along in an actual relationship with a person that young -- we'd have nothing in common. We didn't watch the same cartoons or movies growing up, we wouldn't like most of the same music, or anything...hell, she was like 9 when the Sox won the world series. lol
  10. Y2HH

    Filibuster - Closed

    I just want to add that there will be no civility. YOU WILL NOT SILENCE US, EVILDOERS! If you see a Soxtalk admin at a restaurant, I encourage you to yell and scream at them until they #BRINGBACKTHEBUSTER! LOL Sorry, this was like a hanging curve.
  11. Y2HH

    Market/Financial Thread

    I'll make this simple for you -- put 75-80% of your funds into the S&P500 Index, and put 20-25% into a Foreign Index ... this will cover all your bases. Don't bother with Bonds until you're much older. These recommendations should be cheap in terms of management costs (the foreign index will be a bit more expensive, but I recommend it to cover your bases), and they also cover you in terms of diversity. You shouldn't buy them in "one giant lump sum", either. If you're putting 4,500$ into this account yearly, you should buy up these indexes on a quarterly basis ... this will cover you in terms of ebbs and flows of the market. If you buy all at once, you may end up buying VERY HIGH, but if you buy consistently over time, you'll buy both lows and highs and it'll even itself out for you. NOTE: The S&P500 isn't "one stock", it's the top 500 American Companies sold in a bundle, so while this guarantees you will not beat the market, you will also not "lose" to the market, either. It's important to understand that just buying the S&P 500 is, in and of itself, diversified. I also suggest the "foreign index" simply because there are a lot of worthwhile emerging markets and viable companies based in other nations. Also, these are quite cheap right now...and this plan covers you on a global basis. Don't bother toying with a lot of the other stuff, you'll find high managerial fees that don't sound like very much now, but over time they really ding you. Thank you, that is all.
  12. Y2HH

    Filibuster - Closed

    Boo, this is unfortunate. This was one of the few places I actually liked discussing politics because the board isn't full of brainless trolls with IQ's I can count on one hand. 😕 Has it been discussed if you can you bring back the 'Buster as a private/invisible forum or something, so those of us who want to be a part of it can be? I understand we're free to discuss politics elsewhere, but ... like I said ... I only enjoy discussing politics WITH THE FINE CITIZENS OF SOXTALK. Yes, it can get heated at times, but that happens when you discuss things people are passionate about... #BRINGBACKTHEBUSTER
  13. Y2HH

    Financial News

    These people don't have a long term mindset anymore -- so while it's not quick compared to the past, the past no longer matters -- what matters is these suddenly fast rising rates (after a decade of none) are being combined with a trade war, and while either separately wouldn't make a dent, both combined are making for a potential storm. I think if they had started the rate hikes long before they did (and they should have), and spread them out over these years they slept at the wheel, not only could we be way ahead of where we are now in terms of interest rate, but it would have been a lot more seamless/painless.
  14. Y2HH

    Financial News

    It can handle it, which is why I said there is likely nothing to worry about in my original post (I use the word likely because I don't "call" markets, I'm not stupid enough to pretend to be that smart!) I still think they're going at it a bit too swiftly only due to how long it's been since they started raising rates. Gotta wean these people back into it instead of yanking off the band-aid.
  15. Y2HH

    Financial News

    I don't think they're "overreacting", I simply think they're trying to course correct in to swift a fashion. I'm not opposed to the rate hikes, as a matter of fact I think they're necessary and long overdue -- however -- I think they're coming too fast.