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  1. You mean a gold glover with power? Yes so Mad would bat 300, with average OBP and no speed and worse defense. I don’t see the issue?
  2. He had like 1/2 bad year(s). He’s a career 2 ERA pitcher. His “bad” time was the exception to the rule.
  3. This thread is like a market?! 🤣
  4. I'd also like to point out that for the few months Yermin was in the majors, he probably made more than a lot of people here will make in the next couple of years. It's not my fault he spent it all on an olympic gold medal he'd wear while striking out.
  5. I think his point was, if you apply this "nice guy" rule to Yermin, you're also applying it to anyone and everyone who ever wants a release again...thus the competitive disadvantage.
  6. But what do they get out of granting him his release? If it weren't for the White Sox nobody would even know his name. They're under no obligation to release him because he's unhappy. As part of his employment to the White Sox, it's his job to improve and adapt, not whine and cry because HE cannot fix what's wrong. It's not like they sent him down and benched him, not giving him the opportunity to work out the issue.
  7. Let's calm the hype a bit -- the burger joint was a little local place I grew up near -- it wasn't like McDonald's hopped the Yermin express and named a burger after him like they did for Jordan.
  8. Haven't posted here in eons -- but the Yermin talk interested me due to the range of opinions on TLR caused it, etc. IMO, the issue ultimately wasn't TLR, and it wasn't even that Yermin had a gaping hole in his swing when opposing pitchers figured out you don't have to throw him strikes. This is something that could be corrected in the minors. The issue is Yermin bought into his own hype. He went from a guy that stormed out of the gate having fun, to a guy having a local burger named after him in a matter of weeks, to a guy wearing what I can only describe as olympic gold medals around his neck. I absolutely believe his eye can be corrected with some practice in AAA, but until he humbles himself and realizes he was never THAT good, it isn't going to happen.
  9. Y2HH

    Market/Financial Thread

    Uh, yeah...a virus you didn't know would exist caused this on a global stage. You sure called it.
  10. Y2HH

    Market/Financial Thread

    The only way to "play" this, is to buy little bits as it falls, rather than trying to catch the falling knife all at once, and plan to hold it for the long term. The market is acting quite irrational right now, and you can see this by how everything is falling concurrently, which makes no sense. Usually, when stocks fall, things like gold and bonds rise -- but the opposite is happening, and even safe havens are falling apart. Seeing this makes me feel that fear and panic has hit the streets and the suckers are unloaded their stuff at steep losses. As a rather brilliant investor once said, when others are greedy, be fearful ... and when others are fearful, be greedy.
  11. Y2HH

    Market/Financial Thread

    While it's impossible to gauge markets, this is likely a once in a decade opportunity. A month ago people were buying Disney @ 153$, and it's currently trading @96$. If you thought it was worth 153$, it's surly worth 96$. While I'm not a Disney guy, simply because their dividend is trash, a few things I am buying as the market sinks (a bit at a time) -- BP, WFC, OXY, CCL, IBM, UAL The speculative idea here is to find industries that will be hardest hit by the oil/energy issues combined with the Corona effect, such as air/cruise lines ... while also investing in some safer stuff like Wells Fargo and IBM -- which are paying out MASSIVE dividends, and would still be paying out very nice dividends even in the event they cut them. I wouldn't recommend anything all at once (this is trying to time the market), just take little nibbles as it falls/fluctuates.
  12. Y2HH

    Nest vs Ring

    ...as a quick follow up to this... LOL https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/01/ring-doorbell-app-packed-third-party-trackers
  13. Y2HH

    Nest vs Ring

    Ring -- and basically all Amazon hardware products -- are an IOT security nightmare. Their security is either (almost) non-existent, implemented poorly, or relies too much on user knowledge in order to thwart bad actors. In addition, when security flaws are reported to them, they often let them sit far too long before patching, etc. I don't use and do not recommend the use of Amazon products in any household, and will not until Amazon begins showing they're taking a stronger security focused posture behind their products.
  14. Y2HH

    STAR WARS Everything

    Hindsight is always 20/20 in a fickle market -- take a look at Apple for reference. There have been plenty of instances where their stock takes a short term hit because they "only" sold 70 Million iPhones instead of 70.12 Million. Then a year later the stock is at an all time high on nothing more than lessened expectations... Disney easily could have plummeted because fickle traders were expecting 12 Million subscribers instead of the reported 10 Million. Give it time, you'll have plenty of more opportunities to buy it when investors decide to make predictions Disney cannot possibly meet, and then when they don't there will be a massive short-term sell off by plebs that don't understand they're being scammed by these analysts.
  15. Y2HH

    Job Thread

    My first language was Basic (Commodore 64), and later Pascal, C, C++, and last but not least, COBOL. Of course, prior to graduation I had fallen into an IT Tech Support/Jr. Infrastructure/Network job and never actually programmed a damn thing after I graduated ... but my original degree was in programming. From memory, the only way I can describe COBOL to people is like literally telling the computer, "PRETTY PLEASE MULTIPLY THIS DATA FIELD BY THIS DATA FIELD AND GIVE ME THE ANSWERS TO EACH INDIVIDUAL ROW IN A VERY NEAT METHOD." Obviously I'm exaggerating, but it was like trying to speak write programs based in pure English to a computer.