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  1. QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Dec 5, 2013 -> 03:26 PM) Until you've been raped I doubt you would know. Great comment because I clearly answered that question myself.
  2. This is just straight devil's advocate in this question, not trying to assume anything. If you got raped, would you go to a fraternity party a week later? Honest question.
  3. She changed her story 4 different times over that time.
  4. And here is where everyone will jump to cover up stories. Finebaum looked like someone just shot his dog. If FSU was in the SEC, he'd be doing cartwheels.
  5. QUOTE (SoxFan1 @ Dec 2, 2013 -> 12:16 PM) Don't ask my why, but I loved Peter Warrick and Chris Weinke, plus FSU's colors and logo and helmet and Bobby Bowden and Chief Osceola and everything else is/was just awesome. Did you end up making it down to Tally for the Maryland game?
  6. chimpy2121

    Official Recruiting Thread II

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Nov 14, 2013 -> 12:51 PM) LOL, EVERY single insider was wrong. Every single one. The 247 Bama writer, Tim Watts, had Hand going to Bama. Only one I saw.
  7. There a lot of rumors going around on Florida boards that Tyler Murphy will miss the game against South Carolina. Would love to steal Dalvin Cook and Ermon Lane who both seem to be wavering in their commitments right now.
  8. I'm just going to keep my mouth shut, not worry about any other team, and enjoy the team that Coach Fisher has put on the field. I'm beyond pumped to go to the game tomorrow. It will be my first one since the bowl game vs ND a couple years ago. Shocked I have a weekend off.
  9. chimpy2121

    2013 Video Game Thread

    It's something really small, but I enjoy golfing and playing tennis in the game.
  10. chimpy2121

    Fantasy football advice thread

    I'm debating on Stafford or Vick this week. I feel that both are high risk/high reward. Any thoughts?
  11. chimpy2121

    2013-2014 NHL thread

    Hjalmarsson just agreed to a 5 year extension. No way it stays at 3.5. Hopefully it's closer to 4 than another 5 hit.
  12. chimpy2121

    Healthy Eating Thread

    QUOTE (iamshack @ Aug 20, 2013 -> 10:46 AM) Congrats! I agree with what Y2HH said, but I think what you're doing is fine. Soon though, you'll probably want to ease up and hit a more realistic stride intended to maintain your current weight. Otherwise, odds are you'll go nuts eventually and start gorging yourself on Oreo Double Stuff's and not get off your couch My goal all along has been 185. Once I hit that I'll start to normal up and go for less than 100g a day.
  13. chimpy2121

    Healthy Eating Thread

    I'm a little late to the party, but I started doing a low carb diet in the middle of May at 240 (I am 6'1"). I am now down to 190. It gets tough maintaining the diet while traveling for work, but it's worked and I can't complain at all. I try to stick below 30g per day. I only drink alcohol once or twice every two weeks and it's nothing but water besides that. Dropped from XXL to L and from 38s to 34s.
  14. chimpy2121

    Golfing Thread

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Jun 12, 2013 -> 03:47 PM) Where'd you get the coupons? Maybe i'll check out that place first. Sounds like you had a good experience. They were the Advantage Club coupons. I was not signed up for it yet, but he had a bunch at the register. Make sure you get signed up when you purchase (if you're not already). For every 300 points you get, you receive $10 store credit. The GG I went to was in Durham, NC so I can't recommend any up in your neck of the woods, but yeah, it was an awesome experience.
  15. chimpy2121

    Golfing Thread

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Jun 12, 2013 -> 03:26 PM) Did they charge you for the eval? Or was it free so long as you bought some clubs? They did not charge me. The guy helping me was really good. He split up the purchase so I could use as many coupons as possible and threw in a free glove and like six sleeves.