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  1. GreatScott82

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    Yep. Looks like we get to see Delmonico in the lineup tomorrow too! 🤢 On a side note, Eloy still looks shaky out in LF, Reynaldo still looks like the batting practice pitcher and the Twins appear to be the way more superior ball club. Is this 2019, the extended version?
  2. GreatScott82

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Its looking more and more that there will be no 2020 season and there's also a good chance for a strike in 2022. Gosh I hope the Sox can win the World Series in 2021.
  3. GreatScott82

    Harper actually loved his meeting w/ the Sox

    That would have been a horrible approach by both teams. You can't control the other 28 teams decision making, so why attempt to make under the table deals with another team in the same market as you? I'm sure the White Sox didn't anticipate San Diego jumping in the mix last minute, but if the White Sox could have had one of Harper or Machado, they should have simply offered the most guaranteed $$. We saw their offer for Machado, was there even a reported offer for Harper? Seeing how things panned out with Moncada at 3b, a Harper deal actually makes more sense than Machado. I guess hindsight is 20-20, but the thought of having an outfield consisting of Eloy, Harper and Robert makes me gitty.
  4. GreatScott82

    Your Walk Up Song

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCLYrlI7s5c All my fellow old school wrestling fans on here would appreciate this.
  5. GreatScott82

    Betts to Dodgers

    I do think the odds of Mazara being a one year rental is pretty good as well. So I can see why fans would be a little upset since Pederson plays much better defense and has a better offensive track record.
  6. GreatScott82

    Sox in on MadBum

    I know this is the MadBum thread, but Silvy brings up a valid point. Makes no sense that were already "out" on Strasburg. So dumb.
  7. Yes. I'm not a financial expert, but I do know the White Sox have gained a very large profit over the span of this rebuild. The time is now to reinvest in the product on the field. The days of going bargain bin shopping should be over. We've suffered long enough.
  8. According to Forbes, the White Sox are right at #14 in profit value. That screams more mid market than low market to me.
  9. That is what is the frustrating part of this whole process. The White Sox have netted tremendous margins over the last 3 years during this rebuild, yet they refuse to pay top dollar for the big fish. It bothers me that they are not linked to Cole and Strasburg. I really loved the Grandal signing. And I do appreciate that they are in on Wheeler, but whatever happened to "White Sox deserve nice things too"? Go out and spend the damn money!!! Outbid these other knuckleheads. Get the best guys available!! Stop pretending to be a low market team!
  10. What other options do they have? Trade for 1 year of Joc Pederson in an attempt to get into the outragous bidding war for Mookie Betts next off season? We all know how that will end.
  11. GreatScott82

    A Realistic Offseason

    Pretty much. Although, I am curious to see what the asking price is for him given he only has one year of control left?
  12. GreatScott82

    A Realistic Offseason

    There is a 99.9% chance that the Diamondbacks won’t trade Ketel Marte but just out of curiosity, what do you think it would take to land him?
  13. We STILL deserve nice things too.
  14. GreatScott82

    For the Coop Haters

    Yeah.. I thought sniffing .500 was realistic too. Especially after the fun first half of the season. When they started losing in the 2nd half, all of a sudden I see quotes like "It takes 5 years to build a beautiful house" and "Lets wait until after the off season before we call ourselves playoff ready" IMO with next year being year 4, it should technically equate to year 5 via being all those assets Hahn was able to trade to speed this thing up. If it honestly takes 5 years to sniff the postseason given the rebuild jump start Hahn had, this thing likely has failed. Also, Hahn seems to be questioning himself when he mentions, "lets wait until after the offseason" To me, this does not sound like a confident GM. Does Uncle Jerry really have his hands tied or is Hahn and KW just bad at acquiring premium free agents? 2020 is a big season for everyone involved. This winter is extremely important. Hahn has a lot to prove, he simply can't afford to strikeout two off-seasons in a row.
  15. GreatScott82

    Lol...Stroman to Mets

    Yeah. My thoughts exactly. The system is very top heavy and that is a major problem when it comes to wanting to fill out the roster next year or in 2021. Eventually they will have to figure out how to develop these 2nd round or 3rd round picks. Hahn loves referring to critical mass of prospects. But when the upper echelon prospects experience major injuries and the 2nd tier prospects under perform, I don't think critical mass exists.