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  1. GreatScott82

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    "Given the opportunity I will always wear my number with pride, whether that number is 34 or not. Thank you @whitesox" -Michael Kopech's Instagram post
  2. Does anyone else wonder if Machado and Harper will be in communication during this free agency process? Similar to what Lebron, Wade and Bosh did back in 2010.... hmmm. What other teams can afford both guys? Phillies and Reds?
  3. Yeah.. that was the 'old mindset' at least that's how many of the whitesox reporters are spinning it. From what they are saying now, it seems as if they are ready, willing and able to go beyond their comfort zone for the likes of Harper and/or Machado. But until they finally connect on a big ticketed superstar, I have a hard time trusting that they will actually do it. The 'middle of the road' above average free agent is usually who the White Sox end up with. No offense to guys like Josh Donaldson and Andrew McCutchen, but the White Sox need a big fish, a superstar, the coup de gras of free agents. A guy who will be the face of this next generation of white sox baseball. Go get him, Rick Hahn- shock the freakin baseball world!
  4. So Heyman, Rosenthal and Morosi all say the Sox are ready to spend big. And Nightengale says that aren't ready for that yet? Hmm.
  5. GreatScott82

    Morosi: White Sox interested in "both Machado and Harper"

    Screw it! Sign both!!! They are what, 26, 27? Didn't they both play together in club ball with Delmonico?
  6. GreatScott82

    Kopech has a torn UCL, TJS recommended

    This is absolutely horrible news. I wonder how this impacts their decisions this winter? Do they even consider adding impact veterans to the mix, or is it premature? Do they wait until 2020? Outside of Eloy and possibly Cease, it doesn't look as if other prospects are ready to move up just yet. A majority of the farm is down in Winston Salem.
  7. GreatScott82

    Hahn confirmed: No Eloy in '18

    I think Hahn made the right choice. He is stressing patience and sustained success. He likely would have done the same with Moncada if Boston didn't bring him up in 2016. Looking at the 2019 schedule, it appears as if April 15th would be the most appropriate time for his call up. They will begin a series at home against KC. They can also opt to call him up against the Yankees the series before that. But that series is on the road. See you in April, Eloy!
  8. GreatScott82

    Kenny on Rick and Staff...

    KW and Hahn keep praising Renterias efforts. Listen, I get that the major league roster is trash and Renteria should not get the blame for all these losses. All practical White Sox fans know that these losses will lead to more high draft picks. This will be better for the longer term success rate for the organization. However, how do we trust KW and Hahn to make the difficult decision to pull the trigger on a managerial change when the time is right? Hahn and KW were the same guys who kept supporting Ventura after failing annually for 5 straight seasons. During these 5 seasons the white sox were supposedly going for it. Well except for maybe 2014, when Hahn labeled the season a reboot year after a 2013 diasterous campagn. If Hahn and KW did not want Ventura to leave after a failing and forgettable 5 years of managing (Remember, Ventura walked away on his own). I just can’t see KW and Hahn upgrading the managerial spot when the time is right and these prospects are coming up, free agents are getting signed and necessary trades are being made. Do you guys see them making this decision?
  9. GreatScott82

    Time for a new hitting coach?

    Can you please elaborate on this progress? I do appreciate that Steverson isn't a lifer and its always nice to get an outside perspective on hitting. But I just don't see dramatic evidence to warrant him staying here long term.
  10. GreatScott82

    Time for a new hitting coach?

    I know many fans and analysts believe that coaching doesn’t have much of an impact on a players performance. But if there was one coach who can have more of a personal impact on players performance, isn’t it a hitting coach and pitching coach? Since Stevenson took over in 2014, the white sox have produced some poor offensive numbers. And seeing that so much is invested in guys like Moncada and Anderson, after seeing them struggle, perhaps it’s time for a new voice? Granted much of the Sox struggles is due to a poorly constructed roster, but the entire organization has been on the bottom half of the league in run production and average since he took over as hitting coach. Listen, I’m not putting all the blame on him for the perennial suck of this team. And I know the hitting coach is usually the first to get axed when a team struggles. I just want to see guys like Moncada and Anderson (who are supposed to be a big part of the future) start making leaps of offensive progress. Perhaps it’s time for a new offensive voice? What are your thoughts on this?
  11. GreatScott82

    Site BackOnline

    Thanks man!
  12. GreatScott82

    Site BackOnline

    The site looks great! Well done guys! Well worth the wait. The site is rebuilt, our team is being rebuilt and I just found out my 2nd baby and future sox fan will be a boy! Life is good. Great Scott!
  13. GreatScott82

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    QUOTE (wrathofhahn @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 10:17 AM) The Yelich trade makes sense if they wanted to use the savings of not signing Cain for a SP. Signing Cain makes sense if they wanted to save their prospect capital for a SP trade. The both together make zero sense at all. Brewers spinning their wheels. I'm sure there is a method to their madness. Acquiring a veteran starter with the OF surplus is likely their next move. Perhaps they still pounce on a Darvish or Arietta as well. Watch out for the Brew Crew in '18. They should be fun to watch. In a perfect anti-Cub world, Darvish signs with the Brewers and Arietta signs with St. Louis.
  14. GreatScott82

    Cumulus Media trying to drop White Sox/Bulls from WLS

    I wouldn't mind 720AM. Since the Cubs went to 670, it would be kind of funny if the White Sox became the WGN radio team. Not to mention, I enjoy the WGN White Sox TV broadcasts.
  15. GreatScott82

    Cooper on Rodon and pitching staff...

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Jan 12, 2018 -> 11:35 AM) Not exactly an encouraging report: He's on the dreaded "there's no timetable for his return" it appears. Sox do not expect him to be ready by April. Realistically he will likely be ready by June the earliest. I wouldn't be surprised if they wait as long as August to get him going. There is no reason to rush him back in a developmental season in which the 2018 campaign will most definitely be. Hopefully Fulmer can take advantage of this opportunity and turn some heads this year. This is a very important year for him .