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  1. GreatScott82

    Roster Crunch: Burger, Sheets, Mendick, Harrison, Garcia

    Wow! Didn’t realize the injury to segura was that bad. Thanks for the update. Brandon Drury is another name t at makes sense too. 👍
  2. GreatScott82

    Roster Crunch: Burger, Sheets, Mendick, Harrison, Garcia

    I think the TA injury indirectly saved Harrison from being DFA’d at the time Dallas was DFA’d. Once Timmy comes back at the end of June, and Mendick is still out-producing Harrison, I just can’t see the point of keeping him around. Sure he has his spurts of offense and his glove is sound, but it’s clear that he is one of the worse bats in the lineup in a year that many of the normal producers are having down years and/or are hurt. As much as I appreciate Mendick for depth purposes and I prefer him at 2B to Harrison, I think a true veteran upgrade is in order at 2B at the trade deadline. The two guys I’ve been looking at are: Adam Frazier and Jean Segura. Frazier will for sure be on the block with Seattle’s current situation and will come cheaper since his numbers are down at the moment. (Granted much better than Harrison) And he’s in the final year before free agency. Segura is having another solid year for Philly and does have a club option for 2023 so he brings in more value not only this year but as an option for next season as well. The issue here is that it appears Philly found some new life-post Girardi and Dombrowski was brought in to win and add to the roster, not be apart of a “retool” or tear down. Should be interesting to see it all unfold. It would be nice to see Hahn finally get creative with the roster “augmention” at the deadline.
  3. GreatScott82

    Who Would Buy The White Sox?

    Jerry did tell his family to sell the White Sox and keep the Bulls after he passes. This article was from 2013, so perhaps there maybe a change of heart? It does sound like he intends to keep the franchise until the very end of his life. After he passes, it sounds like there will be quite a few interested in purchasing the organization from the Reinsdorf family and it's investors. Now although more Reinsdorf family members are getting in on the more stakes in the team, I find it hard to believe they won't listen to Jerry's wishes. https://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/big-league-stew/jerry-reinsdorf-tells-family-sell-white-sox-keep-161248308.html
  4. GreatScott82

    Trade Talk With Rick Hahn/Merkin

    There were a plethora of talented free agents available in the winter and now because Hahn wasn't creative enough and/or JR refused to open up his wallet, the attention goes to the trade deadline. This team is super flawed and it is Hahn's fault for ignoring the glaring needs during the winter. I've seen enough of the Josh Harrison/ Leury combo platter at 2B. I've seen enough of the revolving door in RF. Hahn deserves to be fired. Sadly, that won't happen. The front office, Steve Stone and TLR will continue to call out Sox fans for being frustrated at the current product and performance. How dare us!!
  5. GreatScott82

    Manaea to Padres, Sox were in on him

    If the White Sox want him, the Padres will get him. This is starting to get silly. Unrelated but the Tatis Jr deal set the tone as these rebuilds were pretty parallel with one another. After that, the Sox were linked to these players before SD got them. 1) Machado 2) Snell 3) Adam Frazier at the trade deadline last summer. 4) Now Sean Manaea.
  6. GreatScott82

    OF Help at last!! White Sox acquire Haseley from Phils

    Another underwhelming Hahn move. How I feel about this offseason in 1 meme.
  7. GreatScott82

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Agreed. If you do the math and add up the team payrolls, the Sox were also close to $120 million below league average from 2017-2019 (About $40 million below league average per season). I'm not buying all the hype that the Sox are "Maxed" out on spending money. And that they are in the top 5 in team payrolls right now, so fans should be happy" When you have glaring needs and can easily spend $20-25 million more to address those needs but simply decide not to, fans have every right to be pissed off. This was a very deep free agent market and Hahn and co were not involved at all. Inexcusable. The defense in the corners of the OF will be brutal. The catching defense will be bad and this team STILL needs that starting pitcher. Something Hahn mentioned they were going to address before the lockout. 😠
  8. GreatScott82

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    I think it’s time for an “Offseason part 4” thread. Because part 3 sucks just as bad as part 2.
  9. GreatScott82

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    It’s March 19th, the season is a few weeks away and there is still a huge hole in RF and the starting pitching depth is a huge concern. Outside of re-signing Leury, signing an aging cheap 2B with diminishing skills, 2 relief pitchers (liked the signings), and a cheap starter with an ERA above 6, I’m having a hard time believing this team is better than the 2021 squad. I know the off-season isn’t over yet, but I can’t believe there were that many talented free agents available and the Sox refused to get “uncomfortable” financially to address the remaining roster concerns. It’s not like these issues can be addressed with farm depth either, we all know the Sox are dead last in a lot of farm system rankings. If they platoon Leury/Engel/Sheets/Vaughn in RF, they are pathetic. It’s the same formula as 2021. It didn’t work. Both Vaughn and Sheets aren’t natural outfielders, Engel is coming off major injuries and Leury’s best role is back up infielder. Sox are close… but could be much closer. And yet, profit margins still seem to be the priority on 35th and Shields. Sad.
  10. GreatScott82

    Offseason Part 2 - Lets the Rumors & Action Begin

    I know it’s premature and it still sounds like there is hope for the Sox to add to the rotation and maybe more, but let me complain about the RF situation for a second. Last winter Hahn brought in Eaton when Brantley was available, in 2020, he brought in Mazara when Castellanos was available. In 2019, they could have spent the big bucks and signed Bryce Harper, but opted to give Palka and Leury a majority of playing time. In 2018 it was Nicky Delmonico and the list continues… Hahn also says every winter that they will always look to add at the trade deadline if needed. Well it will always be “needed” because the Sox constantly go bargain bin shopping for right fielders, the one constant hole on this team since Jermaine Dye. For ONCE spend some $$ and fill the damn hole. At this point I don’t give a damn if it’s Conforto or Castellanos, but it’s safe to say, a premium RF addition is LONG OVERDUE!!!
  11. GreatScott82

    Offseason Thread

    Remember when Hahn signed Eaton when Brantley was still available for the taking? That move stings. I thought it was too obvious at the time.
  12. GreatScott82

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mlb.com/amp/news/0-2-comebacks-in-mlb-division-series-c297255794.html it has been done and still can be done!! Let’s join that 12% party!
  13. GreatScott82

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Would much rather face the Astros. The Rays are scarier, IMO. Also, it would give me great pleasure knowing we knocked out the team that put a horrible black eye on Major League Baseball. Also, LaRussa vs Dusty? Like the old Cardinal-Cubs rivalry days? How can you not like that drama? Bring on the 'Stros!
  14. GreatScott82

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    I really want that homefield! Just can't trust Houston in their stadium. (#BangBang)
  15. GreatScott82

    Madrigal Appreciation Thread

    Madrigals presence brought balance to this lineup. Speed- high OBP and solid defense. Let’s not forget he was on 🔥 prior to getting hurt and essentially was one of the catalysts of the lineup. I can definitely see him winning a batting title in the future. On a positive note, Sox currently have the reigning gold glover at second base. And if things don’t work out with him, the middle infield free agent market is loaded this winter. Oh and we also got Kimbrel for two years. Looking forward to October!