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  1. GreatScott82

    Site BackOnline

    Thanks man!
  2. GreatScott82

    Site BackOnline

    The site looks great! Well done guys! Well worth the wait. The site is rebuilt, our team is being rebuilt and I just found out my 2nd baby and future sox fan will be a boy! Life is good. Great Scott!
  3. GreatScott82

    Yu Darvish to Cubs

    QUOTE (wrathofhahn @ Feb 10, 2018 -> 10:14 PM) Problem isn't the money it's the length it will eat past the arb years of their top guys. Basically in Bryant is a FA in 22. Rizzo 22. Schwarber 22. Russell 22. Basically they have two guys now in Heyward and Darvish locked in past that date for over 50 million both likely at that time in their significant decline phase. Hell Heyward is already there. Also remember Q becomes free agent in 22 as well. Quintana’s deal expires after the 2020 season. But you are right about the other guys all having contracts that expire after the 2021 season. And with Lester and Darvish on the wrong side of 30 then and Heyward being himself, the Cubs likely have 3 years left in this current window. The funny thing is, that’s when most people expect our White Sox to be contenders with the window just opening up.
  4. GreatScott82

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    QUOTE (wrathofhahn @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 10:17 AM) The Yelich trade makes sense if they wanted to use the savings of not signing Cain for a SP. Signing Cain makes sense if they wanted to save their prospect capital for a SP trade. The both together make zero sense at all. Brewers spinning their wheels. I'm sure there is a method to their madness. Acquiring a veteran starter with the OF surplus is likely their next move. Perhaps they still pounce on a Darvish or Arietta as well. Watch out for the Brew Crew in '18. They should be fun to watch. In a perfect anti-Cub world, Darvish signs with the Brewers and Arietta signs with St. Louis.
  5. GreatScott82

    Cumulus Media trying to drop White Sox/Bulls from WLS

    I wouldn't mind 720AM. Since the Cubs went to 670, it would be kind of funny if the White Sox became the WGN radio team. Not to mention, I enjoy the WGN White Sox TV broadcasts.
  6. GreatScott82

    Cooper on Rodon and pitching staff...

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Jan 12, 2018 -> 11:35 AM) Not exactly an encouraging report: He's on the dreaded "there's no timetable for his return" it appears. Sox do not expect him to be ready by April. Realistically he will likely be ready by June the earliest. I wouldn't be surprised if they wait as long as August to get him going. There is no reason to rush him back in a developmental season in which the 2018 campaign will most definitely be. Hopefully Fulmer can take advantage of this opportunity and turn some heads this year. This is a very important year for him .
  7. GreatScott82

    40 Man at 39, what do you do with the last spot?

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 10:39 PM) I find it humorous that every trade or potential free agent signing has now become a “flip” scenario I don't think its humorous. I think it's smart. At least in 2018. If that is still going on in 2019, than it's safe to say they are behind schedule on this rebuild.
  8. GreatScott82

    40 Man at 39, what do you do with the last spot?

    Starting pitcher for sure. With Rodon on the shelf until June (most likely), having another veteran available to eat innings is essential in this year of growth. Guys who come to mind are: Clay Bucholtz, Miguel Gonzalez, Jaime Garcia and Big Sexy Bartolo Colon. Yes i said it. I want the big fat dude back for a third time.
  9. GreatScott82

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    Dombrowski has to be feeling the pressure in Boston. Any deal for Machado would completely gut the remains of their thinning farm system.
  10. GreatScott82

    White Sox have asked about Cole

    QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Dec 24, 2017 -> 02:40 AM) Careful. You'll have an angry mob of cubs fans at your doorstep for talking about their pitcher like that. I read somewhere that the TB Rays owner will not trade with the Cubs. He is still pretty upset the way Joe Madden up and left for them. I can see a team like St. Louis trading for Archer. Can you imagine? Cub fans would go nuts. In regards to Hahn, I’m happy he is kicking tires on everyone. The market is pretty stagnant, if you can get a really good player for pennies on the dollar— go for it! The goal is still 2020. If he can land younger veterans that fit into that timeline but doesn’t cost premium prospects, it’s a win-win.
  11. GreatScott82

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (Scoots @ Dec 18, 2017 -> 05:31 AM) Same. All overvalued speculation for a slow ass off-season and posturing... nothing else. I’m thinking Baltimore holds onto him until the trade deadline. Playoff contenders tend to give up better value at that time since they are competing with the other contenders. Look at what the Cubs gave up for a few months of Chapman? Not to mention, if a contending teams 3b goes down to injury, it would force them to overpay for renting Machado. I just don’t see the importance of Baltimore dealing him during the winter? Unless the White Sox or Diamondbacks truly have ‘the best packages out there’? Which I don’t understand since apparently they are holding onto their top prospects? Anway, time to move on from this rumor....
  12. GreatScott82

    Winter Meetings 2017

    QUOTE (oneofthemikes @ Dec 11, 2017 -> 10:32 AM) Pretty sure the Sale deal happened at like lunch time on Monday last year. Yes. It was around noon when my phone blew up.
  13. GreatScott82

    Winter Meetings 2017

    Sounds like the Red Sox want to replace JBJ with a power hitting run produer in the corner spot. I'm thinking they will sign JD Martinez, put him in LF and shift Benintendi to CF. It will be interesting to see how the market lines up for Abreu. Bruce Levine said the teams who missed out on Stanton-- SF and STL can come calling for Abreu. (No surprise there) Hahn would be selling really high on Abreu and i'm assuming he would have to be extremely overwhelmed to deal him. What does the market look like for Avi?? I feel he is the biggest wildcard going into these meetings. I say there is a 70% chance he gets traded and a 20% chance Abreu does.
  14. GreatScott82

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Nov 29, 2017 -> 02:57 PM) I'd rather use our last great veteran trade piece to improve on our next core of players, not a guy who is going to be an impending FA next time we're good. I kind of agree with this. He is coming off an amazing 2017 season. There are no guarantees that he will be as good in 2018 either... Selling high on a veteran player albeit tough, is necessary when you are in the middle of a rebuild process. And from what I read, Hahn won't budge unless he is completely blown away by an offer. I'm not too worried by these rumors.
  15. GreatScott82

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    Another component to keep an eye on is Baltimore's short term plan with Machado. I'm sure they know there is real good chance of losing him for nothing. What if suddenly they put him on the market? Not that it is necessarily related to this Abreu-Red Sox thing, but crazy three-team deals can occur during winter meetings..... Something to ponder.