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  1. GoodAsGould

    2018 Video Game thread

    PC or bust man
  2. GoodAsGould

    2017-2018 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Oct 29, 2017 -> 01:20 PM) 6 quarters without an offensive touchdown. So many stalls at that exact spot of field. I don't know why Conor Barth is on this team.... he is clearly a terrible kicker and offers 0 upside. I also think less of Loggains each week as an O-Coordinator unless its Fox that is restricting him.
  3. GoodAsGould

    Do the Sox own any of their minor league affiliates?

    QUOTE (mac9001 @ Oct 13, 2017 -> 08:44 PM) There's a new independent minor league ballpark coming to Rosemont. If there was ever an opportunity to buy a team and keep it close to home that might a a decent start. It'd be pretty awesome if we had a team in Rosemont and/or Schaumburg
  4. GoodAsGould

    2017-2018 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Sep 10, 2017 -> 12:46 PM) Everything they are running for Glennon is safe. Bubble, tunnel screens and extra protection on passes I was just going to say, it would be nice if Glennon attempts a pass downfield
  5. GoodAsGould

    2017 Tennis Thread

    How is it for the last 10 or more years the only names in Men's tennis that matter is Federer/Nadal/Djokovic/Murray, it should be a young mans sport
  6. GoodAsGould

    2017 Tennis Thread

    It's cool that we have Nadal vs Federer again but when will the next group of players take over already. Tennis has been about 4 guys for so long and I'm including Murray before he even won his first major.
  7. GoodAsGould

    Eaton to Nats/Giolito, Lopez, Dunning to Sox

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Dec 7, 2016 -> 04:36 PM) We HAD to get position players. That is what got us into this mess in the first place. We have position players. Moncada/Anderson/Basabe/Collins/Engel/Michaelowszki (sp?) We also have two significant pieces in Abreu and Quintana to trade and given the young team probably a couple of very high draft picks coming. The main point is getting premium players and that's what Hahn had done.
  8. GoodAsGould

    Rodon had most strikes called balls in MLB

    Is their a coach specifically assigned to catchers. I hope whoever it was last season was fired yesterday.
  9. GoodAsGould

    2016-2017 NFL Thread

    I might be a big ten Homer but I think peppers would be a great pick for the bears. Give them the play maker on defense that has been missing. I'd rather take good players over a QB that isn't worth a top pick.
  10. GoodAsGould

    2016-2017 NFL Thread

  11. GoodAsGould

    2016 Cubs catch-all thread

    QUOTE (Middle Buffalo @ Aug 31, 2016 -> 09:44 PM) Go to a Sox game when they have a winning record and a full house - same experience. I go to sox games every season, granted no playoff games but again that's not what I was at yesterday.
  12. GoodAsGould

    2016 Cubs catch-all thread

    Went to my first Cubs game in probably 15 years if not more(it's been so long I wasn't aware they had no stadium parking until we got there), have to say the atmosphere at the game was so much cooler than anything I've experienced at a sox game. I know they are a great team this season which helps but it was also just a regular season game against an opponent they had crushed all season long.
  13. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 11, 2016 -> 08:01 PM) Except there is worse, as one fired a GM to keep his manager happy. Sometimes the manager is better than the gm and if they can't coexist just being in a higher position shouldn't keep you from being fired.
  14. GoodAsGould

    Bachelor party disappointment

    That is pretty lame for a bachelor party and that'd be so even without the last minute cancellations. I has mine a few months ago and we did the strip club thing, wasn't the main focus of the night but was fun. I mean if you still have time before your wedding why not get a couple friends together and hit up a gentlemen's club?
  15. GoodAsGould

    2016 Tennis Thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jun 6, 2016 -> 10:26 AM) Honestly it kind of annoyed me how as soon as Murray won the US Open originally he was suddenly a part of the "Big 4" label. Obviously he won wimbledon shortly after, but nobody named Wawrinka part of the big 5 when he won the australian open and french. Like someone else said, Murray was included in the Big 4 before he won his first open. He definitely was a step below Federer/Nadal/Djokovic but he also was clearly better than the rest of the field as well. I'm really hoping someone emerges soon in the tennis world as Federer/Nadal are pretty much done or near it.