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  1. MEANS

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    Close enough
  2. MEANS

    GT 6/20: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    Lol whut?
  3. Yeah Burger and Jackson never get/got injured…
  4. Yeah how’s that working out? I stand by my statement….this team is toast.
  5. I know you’ve been watching but seriously have you been watching? This team is toast.
  6. MEANS

    Trade Talk With Rick Hahn/Merkin

    and you just know that's what will happen.
  7. sinker or slider and were done
  8. fouled off a more inside pitch then watch the next one...
  9. just knew he had to swing on the first pitch no matter what.....so dumb.
  10. and here we go with them loaded again....
  11. give it right back....another thing that hasn't really changed in the past 20 years or so...
  12. yeah having him back is great.....