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  1. Yeah not bad, would still want him for a shorter time frame
  2. For five years....pass
  3. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    Yes that was Favreau (voice only) The 4th episode was ok, not the best of the bunch. Gina is just not a good actress, she always looks like she's breaking the fourth wall. It was cool to see Klatoonians and a AT-ST during the night.
  4. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    The 2nd episode moved the story forward b/c now he knows of the Baby Yoda species force abilities. Will he now bring his bounty back and turn him over or will he demand more bounty or will he decide the bounty is so valuable that he keeps it and looks for another buyer with more money. The set up is there for a number of directions that this series can now go. I have spoken™
  5. MEANS

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

  6. MEANS

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    "I heard some woman down at work got you pussy whipped....ya gotta flip that and whip that PUSSY!"
  7. MEANS

    Will Strasburg opt out? thread

    The "Orchid" will go to SD where it's always sunny and 70º
  8. MEANS

    The Anti-MLM Thread

    Never got involved with these but my parents still have the Cutco knives a friend of mine sold to them 25 years ago and they still work great.
  9. MEANS

    Getting robbed/what has come of society, etc?

    College, living in North Philly. (to be expected) I went for a ride on my BMX (I raced professionally) like I did most days. When I came back I left my bike under the stairs inside the front door with my room mates ten speed. Sometimes since my bike was pretty valuable I would bring it upstairs to my room, this day I didn't. (Dummy) I took a shower, room mates all came home and later that night I realized my bike wasn't in my room. I went downstairs and my bike, my room mates ten speed and my other room mates watch were all gone. I think somebody followed me back to the house and while I was showering they came in through a window and left with those 3 items. I actually found the ten speed but not my bike. I was fully sponsored and was covered under my parents insurance. I got fully reimbursed for the bike plus it was free from my sponsor so I basically got paid to have my bike stolen. Having raced BMX for quite some time I've had over 30 bikes....this was the only one that got stolen. Greg, yeah pretty dumb for letting your "puter" out of your site....but as you can see we've all been there, better to be safe than sorry.
  10. MEANS

    White Sox worst AL team in the last decade

    nope....4th place overall in the 90's, 9th overall in the 2000's
  11. MEANS

    **Official BIG BROTHER thread**

    pretty good opening episode, like the house, glad it was only an hour. Funny that those two people know each other...I'm sure BB set that up.
  12. MEANS

    The Tampa Bay/Montreal Rays

    yes, just move them here to PDX.
  13. MEANS


    The instructions to eat a bowl remain.
  14. MEANS


    My father was a librarian, eat a bowl dude.
  15. MEANS

    Game of Thrones

    halfway down the page, screenshot via tweet.