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  1. MEANS

    2020 Election Thoughts

    They are bringing their own food, my point is more that I never agreed to this and they are just coming. This is the worst time for this and they've just decided to not listen.
  2. MEANS

    2020 Election Thoughts

    From someone who lives here please stop spreading this idea that Portland is in anarchy. Besides our increasing Covid rates and a lockdown, they other major news around here is moving some homeless camps.
  3. MEANS

    2020 Election Thoughts

    My in-laws are about to drive from Phoenix to Portland and stop only one night in a hotel (both around 75 years old) and come directly to our house to stay with us, which I didn't agree with and I am currently losing my mind over it. No quaratine, no test...they'll "be extra careful". The CDC is saying not to travel for Thanksgiving, our cases are record breaking everyday here in the OR and our county is on a four week shut down...."But my five year and I will be fine"- says my wife....
  4. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    Yeah Bo seemed to almost spill the beans as to what might occur this season, Din ends up with the Dark Saber and unites the clans. Like she said “they are stronger together “ on second watch Frog dad really did Din dirty and then he just brings the Child back for them to babysit? He points to the Mon Cal and then the Mon Cal directs him to Quarren who try to take his Beskar...
  5. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    Bo knows...This is the way. Such a great episode!
  6. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    Right there with you, I want an Old Republic story line or just something away from the Skywalker saga.
  7. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    Yes, I recall that line and it never sat well with me. People would still remember the Jedi. In the OT almost everyone had "heard" of the Jedi and that's post Order 66/Jedi Purge when then Empire did their best to erase the memory of "Over a Thousand Generations..."
  8. Well it had been about a month since they last embarrassed the fan base so....here we are again.
  9. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    @Kyyle23 I’m talking about the lack of knowledge about the Jedi, not the Mandos. I’ve seen CW and Rebels but both of those are pre ROTJ, and this is post ROTJ and some could argue Luke should be training new Jedi etc. Yes I agree the Empire did their best to get rid of the Jedi, culture..etc but a Jedi blew up the first Death Star and helped lead the rebellion to destroy the second one, people would know about them...
  10. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    Season 2 - digging it so far, hoping next chapter is the Boat chapter we saw in the trailer. One question that has been bugging me, everyone seems to know of Mandalorians, keeping their word, what they look like, helmets remaining on...etc. but Luke Skywalker is alive and this is post ROTJ so the Jedi were not defeated (ala Order 66/ROTS) so why does nobody seem to have heard of them?
  11. ok, thanks, I thought I just missed him confirming it.
  12. I saw someone post about Mazara having COVID? Did I just miss that or were they mistaken and meant Moncada?
  13. I think we all knew when he was hired that this situation might come to fruition, I take it as a good thing. The team is ready to make the next step, it's an attractive job and plenty of good/great managers should be interested.
  14. MEANS

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Pitching like they are scared
  15. MEANS

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    He’s listed as available