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  1. MEANS

    Big Brother

    ugh....don't know why they voted Sam out instead of JC and then he turns around and wins HOH. Level 6 had a better chance of winning HOH vs Sam. I think that was dumb move on Tyler's part. Then Jaycee turns around votes Angela out!? She wouldn't have a problem beating Angela and I'm pretty sure she would beat JC too, but Tyler? I'm not sure she can beat him. He may have more blood on his hands but I think the jury (at least Haleigh) views his game play as being worthy of winning the whole game.
  2. MEANS

    Big Brother

    well it's time for level 6 to start turning on each other, good move to get Brett out, JC should be next. I think Kaycee can beat Tyler but that's about it. It's all his to lose at this point.
  3. MEANS

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    I'm kinda the same way but had heard of him. I never really listened to him before but heard a few songs recently and was impressed with the flow/production that to me sounded more '90's like than today's auto-tuned mumble crap.
  4. MEANS

    Cell Phone Question

    We moved from IN to PDX over the winter (sold/bought a house)...etc. Ever since then I've been receiving these calls too. 75% are IN numbers with the same 3 digit combo that I have. Most are health insurance, car warranty, or even Windows computers calls. (I always laugh at those b/c i've never owned a PC in my life, Apple's since '87). I usually don't answer but sometimes I do. I always block that callers number after they call but that doesn't seem to stop them from trying different numbers.
  5. MEANS

    Big Brother

    didn't catch last night's ep yet, but been looking forward to a double eviction all season!
  6. MEANS

    The HR Chain

    yeah I'm not surprised you would say that.
  7. MEANS

    The HR Chain

    The current logo would be just fine at that size as far as bling goes, and beside it's our freaking CURRENT logo.....
  8. MEANS

    The HR Chain

    too bad they used that horrible old logo for this chain....
  9. MEANS

    Kopech called up

    dam what's up with that burner behind him?
  10. MEANS

    Big Brother

    man I thought he wasn't too bright but dam!
  11. MEANS

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    First album I bought was KISS - Double Platinum First concert was Agnostic Front at Oliver J's in Allentown PA 1988.
  12. MEANS

    Rick Hahn

    Buy? JR makes SOOOOOOO much money he would just give it to us. Then we could sign all the FA's and compete, it's that simple.
  13. MEANS

    The White Sox Aesthetic

    It also drives me nuts because the logo from that ‘83 set is used on most vintage apparel as well. What did they wear that set for, like 5 seasons? I get that it’s the biggest deviation from the gothic SOX which has been used in various forms throughout the team’s identity but it’s just a horrible mark, like a pedestrian sign. I also love the SOX logo with the O and X tucked above and below the middle of the S. I’ve been working on an improved version of that for a little while.
  14. MEANS

    The White Sox Aesthetic

    I also hate the '83 alts. Other than the team not wearing white socks, I feel the home/road and blk alts are all very solid. They could be improved with a few tweaks here and there: bring the diamond logo back, plus the black piping on the grey pants...
  15. MEANS

    STAR WARS Everything

    Episode 3 -released in 2005, episode 7-released in 2015, =10 years People said Episode 7 was basically a re-make of episode 4 (A New Hope) Episode 1 is The Phantom Menace.