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  1. whitesox247

    "Red Carpet" DVD premier at Arie Crown

    Was it better than the other WS DVD?
  2. whitesox247

    review of the MLB playoffs/WS dvd

    LOL. It was too bad that they couldn't take a hint about what the DVD would be like just by looking at the cover. But I'm positive they'll have their own season DVD coming out so no need for them to complain.
  3. whitesox247

    ARow Appreciation Thread

    To Aarow: Thanx for all the memories, for all the crashes, and for being the embodiment of Sox Grinder baseball. You impressed me with your style of play from the 1st time I saw you in 2000, and you will always be my hero. Best of luck in Philly, even though we know that their uniform won't look quite as nice on you as the Sox ones did.
  4. whitesox247

    Hi There Sox Fans!

    That's not far from where I live.
  5. whitesox247

    Cheap Sox championship swag n gear

    Crap, my order for the MLB WS DVD is delayed according to Amazon. The delay better be worth it, I can't believe they won't even put full games on it cause I'm pretty sure MLB said it would be full games on its description before I ordered it.
  6. whitesox247

    World Series DVD

    QUOTE(rventura23 @ Oct 27, 2005 -> 10:01 PM) The red sox DVD was 12 DVDs covering every game in full, I hope they do that for sox but im not sure. I downloaded all the games from mlb.com (they are not great quality but I was very anxious to rewatch them) and preordered the documentary I think the world series DVD just focuses on the world series whereas the documentary focuses on the sox year (although its only 1hr- seems like theres more highlights than that) What do you mean they're not good quality? Is it just how it plays or the actual file? Would it be better quality if you burned it on a DVD? MLB.com shop its called "Quest for Respect." I think its just a download instead of mailing but I'm not positive.
  7. whitesox247

    World Series DVD

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ Oct 27, 2005 -> 08:18 PM) I'm pretty sure it's impossible to fit 4 full baseball games on 1 DVD. lol good point, and i thought i was gonna fit all ALCS and ALDS games on it too.
  8. whitesox247

    World Series DVD

    Has anyone ordered either the 2005 World Series DVD or "A Quest for Respect" yet?? I've recorded all the games on tape but I'm definately gonna get it all on one DVD. But from MLB.com says, the World Series DVD is only for highlights, so should I download all the games from DDS (are those full game replays??) Or is there gonna be a full DVD with all the playoff games, all season highlights, plus more yummy bonus features coming out later?
  9. whitesox247


  10. whitesox247

    Catch-All Anything Thread

    Arrested Development kicks ass. I think someone should make a sox wallpaper for each month.
  11. whitesox247

    Should you get a car on your 16th birthday?

    I got both my license and car at 16 cause my parents were sick of driving me everywhere. I guess it pays to have lazy parents.
  12. whitesox247

    Catch-All Anything Thread

    Anyone got a cure for peeling skin? (yes from sunburn)
  13. whitesox247

    "Official Double Dip Thread" 8/30/05

  14. whitesox247

    Where I am going on my next vacation

    And I thought Phucket, Thailand was bad enough.
  15. whitesox247

    "Official Double Dip Thread" 8/30/05

    QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Aug 30, 2005 -> 02:49 PM) Why is it, Buerhle and Garland, supposedly our #1 and #2 pitchers, and supposedly Cy Young candidates, can't ever pitch over an error? It's the lights.