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  1. iWiN4PreP

    La Stella to the Giants

    rumor has it that he wanted the guranteed playing time with the Giants as opposed to some team like CWS which would have him as more utility. Good on him. Hopefully it works out.
  2. Cruz....Ozuna.... both really don't do much for us. Give me Bauer or give me death
  3. iWiN4PreP

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Honestly, Twins don't scare me at all even with Nelson Cruz. Their SP staff low-key blows. Maeda ain't holding up over a full season, Berrios is nice, but he's no #1, and the rest is hot garbage. Their RP core got weaker with losing May. Their offense is only a shell of what it was compared to how it entered the 2020 season. People thought their offense would be insane, and it turned out to be mediocre at best. Their older guys (donaldson/cruz) will be older, they lost Eddie Rosario. Doesn't scare me at all.
  4. iWiN4PreP

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Wow, market making moves today. Nice to see. It was all but guranteed that the Twins were going to get some upgrades. I can live with them getting Simmons.
  5. iWiN4PreP

    The Wainwright Thread

    There's lots of love out there for Eovaldi... but he can't stay healthy, so hard pass on it.
  6. iWiN4PreP

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    So Josh Hader is legitimately on the trade block as usual... and the asking price appears to be insane as usual.
  7. iWiN4PreP

    Marcus Semien to the Jays 1YR/18M

    I believe in their offense 100%. It can go with any of NYY, CWS, any of the top dogs. But their SP is absolute garbage and their pen isn't all that good either. Definitely screams mediocre team to me.
  8. iWiN4PreP

    Marcus Semien to the Jays 1YR/18M

    Gotta respect what the blue jays are doing this offseason, but their moves are really 🤢 to me. Kirby Yates coming off injury, Semien coming off a horrid year, overpaying Springer. Is their team even that good? Without SP I think they likely finish 3rd in their division still. They desperately need quality SP, otherwise I just see massive overpays for mediocrity.
  9. iWiN4PreP

    Marcus Semien to the Jays 1YR/18M

    That's very expensive and a very weird move for the Jays. I guess their stacking depth.
  10. iWiN4PreP

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    I don't feel like we will see much more starting pitcher movement outside of the very off chance kyle hendricks is attached to kris bryant.
  11. iWiN4PreP

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    1) From the forums I've been on that have reacts, no one ever questions others in an insulting way if they like someone's post... I guess theoretically it could happen. What I get out of knowing who is reacting is a more personal dialogue and characterization. As it stands now, the like system is mostly meaningless to me with a slight chance that it negatively effects me due to the laughing emoji being used on serious posts. I don't care if my post gets +2 likes or +3 or 0. However, if I am discussing something with someone and that particular person ends up liking my post when we are debating, it helps me find common ground. For instance, I would have liked your post in the quote because you, as an admin, are making an effort to discuss things with me, as a lowly member. Even if I disagree, I respect you for doing that, thus +1 from iWin4Prep and you would know that I am not coming at you with anger. With anonymous likes, that's not possible. 2) "Like" encompasses all other reacts that are positive. As I've said before in the thread, having a laugh react only serves one purpose: to make fun of someone's serious post. Occasionally, the laugh react works as it should, but in all of those cases, a like react would work perfectly fine as well.
  12. iWiN4PreP

    A/AA season start to be delayed

    As a side note: Anyone have any good books to read on the topic of MLB Owners vs. Players Union? I haven't been able to find any recent books, but it seems like a study topic ripe for some good reads.
  13. So that leaves Bauer, Ozuna, Cruz as the last big dogs of free agency And Didi/Semien/J-Turner/LaStella/Andrelton as the next tier https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/free-agent-tracker
  14. Good deal, good for baseball, good for phillies, NL East to be a bloodbath
  15. iWiN4PreP

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    REPUTATION SYSTEM: -IDC about. I guess it makes it purpose since if we are going to have likes, might as well have them count for something. EMOJI SYSTEM: - I like the idea of it and agree it adds flavor to the forum. -I dislike it being anonymous -I dislike having multiple values like laugh/fire/etc. for reasons dictated in this thread already. I'd advise changing the like system to just likes as that will result in less problems. I'd suggest taking away the anonymous part as it holds others accountable and it makes it easier to dialogue with people. None of these suggestions are personal.