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  1. iWiN4PreP

    2018 World Series - Red Sox v. Dodgers

    Yup - couldn't care less who wins this round, however both teams are pretty stacked. BOS has been the best team all year so kudos to them, they deserve to be here, and the Dodgers went out and made every move possible to be here (with the big win of Machado at the trade deadline). So, while I'm not a fan of either -- they both deserve to be here without a doubt.
  2. Great post and you won me over. Machado's attitude has been questionable to me for a while now. I don't want ANY part of it now. Give me Harper all day.
  3. iWiN4PreP

    Analytics has drained baseball of emotion/stars

    Perhaps it could be looked at via rules, but I'd have to hear some proposals before I get behind it. I don't mind the bullpen switches... every team has only 25 pieces and if they end up using "x" amount of them during a game due to bullpen switches, theoretically that'll hurt them in a later game OR it just shows how they are using all 25 pieces to win their games. Kudos to them, I say.
  4. iWiN4PreP

    Analytics has drained baseball of emotion/stars

    Kind of ironic since it's a statistic that is supposed to be the tell all when evaluating players. Would you prefer to talk only in terms of HR/RBI/R stats which are team dependent and luck-dependent?
  5. iWiN4PreP

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    It's happening more now than it has in the past for sure... But I mean, 2 years ago we saw a strong Toronto team go up against an Indians team for the ALCS. We had the Cubs first world series that year. In 2015 we had KC vs. NYM as the world series, with the pirates, rangers, cubs all playing a role in the playoffs. In 2014 we had SF win, with Baltimore, OAK, PITTS, Detroit all in the playoffs. In baseball, anything can happen and that's the fun of it. You hope for the best as a fan. You just can't do that in the NBA... sure more teams make the playoffs but hte first round of NBA playoffs is often a joke. You are right tho -- more teams are going all in on tanking these days in MLB which I am very much aware of :(.
  6. iWiN4PreP

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I guess what I mean is... Every year the MLB season starts and you feel as tho every single team (sans Baltimore :p) has a legit chance. I mean, sure there are a handful of bottom feeders, this year we had teams like KC/DET/CHW/BAL that were pretty awful. I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple NL teams maybe, but beyond that -- every single team starts the year out looking to put a playoff contender on the field and spark fire and win the series. That's friggin' cool. There's teams like NYY/BOS/HOU/LAD/CHC/CLE that have been consistent, but there's so much talent in teams like PHI/ATL/LAA/OAK/TBR etc. that every team has a chance. I even was thinking playoffs after the White Sox first 5 or so games this year (haha) and I'm already thinking of ways they can make the playoffs in 2019. In the NBA this doesn't exist and it makes it miserable to watch knowing that there is no hope. There is GSW/HOU/BOS/PHI as the main culprits who actually have a chance and PHI only because the east is so weak. Guess you could add TOR for that very reason as well. DEN/UTAH are cool teams and may be my favorite teams to observe this year and follow since they have such fun and complete squads, but when it comes down to it - do they really have a chance? As history has shown, no. I'm not sure how that problem is solved, but it sure makes NBA feel like a "toy" league in comparison to the MLB where competitive spirit lives on strongly. I love fantasy basketball, but the actual NBA I can do without... I adore++++ fantasy baseball and I actually really like the game that is MLB. I'll be an MLB fan until the day I die (most likely), but I've already grown out of the NBA (which used to be my number one sport by far).
  7. iWiN4PreP

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Today I began by looking at the NBA schedule seeing if I could get into some NBA... So we have these games available at the 7pm EST start: Heat @ Magic Brooklyn @ DET Memphis @ pacers Milwaukee @ Charlotte And I sit here and say, wow, this kinda sucks. The NBA has only two teams that are capable.. HOU and GSW. Every other team starts the year out with no hope. Lol. It's just a joke, really. In the east, there's Boston and Philly. Boston has a reasonable chance at being team number 3, but I'll have to see it first.
  8. Ah, this thread has never been better.
  9. More shittyness for WWE followers... First, the product sucks right now, but I'm not here to tell you what you already know. Second, the whole shabang with Saudi and WWE is blowing up in their faces and it's downright hilarious. They decide to do business for the money and now are getting hit hard, haha. Third, all these house-style PPVs internationally are just burying any credibility and history WWE had. "Greatest Royal Rumble Ever", "Crown Jewel tournament", etc. these super cards are just awful for tradition/history's sake. Sigh. More piss on the grave that is WWE history.
  10. iWiN4PreP

    NLDS thread, Rockies vs Brewers

    Rockies should have made a trade with the W'Sox for Avi Garcia and Jose Abreu.
  11. I think that's a very poor argument. If they can't do it properly/convincingly, then they shouldn't be doing it in the first place. We've seen many guys over the years take much more challenging bumps much more convincingly. The bump that they did ruined a part of the match. It was laughable. And then you ask why and what purpose was the bump for? I'm struggling to find an answer other than "The fans came for a HIAC match style bump, so we need to give it to them with 2 people that aren't in the match." Oh, and I could probably take a bigger bump than that and make it look much better, and I'm not even trained properly, but it'd cost WWE some big time $$$$ :D.
  12. Just to expand on just how BAD that ending was... Dolph and Rollins had maybe the worst 'bump' I've seen in years as they continuously looked back to the tables and both randomly fell through the tables in the least convincing way possible. Dull. Ambrose and McCintyre (sp) sat on top of the HIAC cage for no reason for such an extended time. The match ended in a no contest, WWE apparently forgot their own rules of a no DQ match. Lmfao.
  13. per usual another shit show with a non-ending in braun vs roman and a controversial ending to aj vs samoa. on a side note: I don't think WWE will be bearable until M. Cole is eliminated from announcing/commentating/advertising anything. Guy is horrid.
  14. Is there anything more disappointing going on in wrestling over the past year than how AJ Styles matches have gone? He entered the WWE and after a little while was putting on 5* matches, most notably with John Cena, but pretty much every match he had was amazing (I recall the shane o mac one as well). Now, he's had 2 dream feuds... one with Nakamura and the other with Samoa Joe. Nakamaru's feud was a disgrace due to booking namely, but the matches were meh. So far, the Samoa Joe feud seems to be going the same way. What a shame.
  15. Yup, that is almost as depresssing as Kopech going under TJS. IT seems Gio is back to being useless after looking like a stud.