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  1. For the first time in a couple months here I will likely end up watching WWE programming... have an off day this Sunday for Summerslam. I'll go through my predictions/analysis maybe Friday... but WWE programming has been absolute dog shit for the entire summer (since post WM really). I'm kinda excited for AJ vs. Samoa. Somewhat intrigued by Owens vs. Strow for the case. Highly expecting Strow (or owens) to cash in the case during Les vs. Reigns. Somewhat excited for Rouseys title win. Match im most looking forward to has to be my gals Charlotte and Becky... love that Becky is getting a spot light, hopefully she walks away winner. Nothing else on the card is interesting to me, but i'll check it all out.
  2. iWiN4PreP


    Great analysis @The Sir, agree with it pretty much spot on. Also in agreeance about the blown calls argument. Results matter.
  3. iWiN4PreP

    A Fake GM's Rebuild To-Do List

    Yup, that's a good measure. For that contract, I unfortunately do not want Pollock here on the White Sox. As great as he is, there is injury risk to the maximum and age downside associated with that.
  4. I agree with this line of thinking. I used to think Anderson could turn it around and be a huge piece for us, especially given his amazing start to the season and high counting stats (HR/SB), but now with his months long struggles we are seeing the real Timmy again. An OBP below .290 is just god awful. Cool player with lots of spirit, but we will likely need to find a better SS and he's not part of the core here. Super sub? Ok, that works well.
  5. iWiN4PreP

    Sox @ Tigers 8/14 6:10 PM CT WGN

    We need a PTC thread, too :p. Let's go Eloy-less White Sox for a loss but a good game from Gio, Moncada, Abreu, Avi!
  6. iWiN4PreP

    KW on Jimenez/Kopech

    Yup. If they were going to call them up, they should have done it at the latest a week or so ago. Now we're not getting the risk/reward ratio properly here.
  7. iWiN4PreP

    Moncada dropped to 8th in line up

    Good, as much as i think it’s important to get him as many at bats as possible... it’s clearly not working right now.
  8. iWiN4PreP

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I think it's pretty interesting and spot on that are 'social equity' is our highest ranking at 18 which symbolizes our potential fan base here however our current fan equity is very low at 28 which symbolizes how bad we are right now (and probably how the Cubbies are doing so well and stealing the current chicago baseball fan). Just shows that if we can turn this team around and start winning and making noise that we have the potential here to rise.
  9. iWiN4PreP

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Pretty interesting article on Team marketability : https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/esma/2018/03/16/mlb-fan-marketing-report-2018/ From March 2018. Has the W'Sox in the very bottom 3.
  10. iWiN4PreP

    Coming to Chicago-advice on travel from Waukegan

    I want to also add that Friday's game is Fireworks night. That's a fantastic way to end the game as the W'Sox fireworks display is pretty awesome.