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    Offseason Thread

    No, there will be no room left in the budget for your pony after we sign Jose Ramirez to a long term contract extension.
  2. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    Sign corey seager to play 2b trade for jose ramirez to play rf sign rodon
  3. iWiN4PreP

    Nitengale: La Russa "definitely" returning to the Sox

    Tlr was the wrong choice and still is the wrong choice. Hes done better than I expected, but also hasn’t been the great savior promised. im so over it and every single day since his signing it has been a little constant torture, today no different
  4. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    Yes. Rodon might come cheaper due to injury issues. Main point is to shore up staff
  5. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    It's time for the shitty transactions to stop,. Go get LHB Corey Seager to play 2b/SS. Go get Conforto or Marte for RF. Sign a SP like Rodon/Max and i'll be happy.
  6. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    Just sadness. Past three years I’ve hated the moves this organization has made. It was so obvious in our series against HOU. I’m just sad ok.
  7. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    1) Increase payroll 2) Change manager/organizational strategy That's what I want to see this offseason.
  8. iWiN4PreP

    For those who must…

    This is rightfully the story. The CWS are so miserable because the very few times we do make it.. we shit the bed.
  9. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    This is a good point. Teams with the nerd organization reputation like rays, red sox, dodgers, giants, cards, astros get so much out of their players. The game has changed and it feels like the cws are playing in quick sand.
  10. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    Keuchel signing eaton signing madrigal trade Tony la russa signing Cesar trade all obvious terrible moves at the time that have been evident
  11. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason Thread

    Actually pay for legitimate good superstars and not trade away youbg talent.open the pocketbook. Get rid of tony
  12. iWiN4PreP

    ALDS- Red Sox/Rays

    No, because they lost to an AL East team. That's not how it works mate.
  13. iWiN4PreP

    Tepera said out loud what everybody is thinking

    In regards to Baker's comments... ...Thing is, the Astros pulled off one of the biggest cheating scams in all of baseball history and were proven to be doing it and it led them to a fradulent world series win. Have our White sox been proven to cheat? No. So, when people and he start talking about our home/away splits they really need to STFU and take it or highlight significant proof, not just that we hit better at home.
  14. iWiN4PreP

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    If HOU throws McCullers game 4, that is a big mistake for them IMO. Lance McCullers game 5 well rested in HOU scares the shit out of me. Lance McCullers game 4 at CHI will be tough, but if we overcome that, we can win vs anyone else they have in game 5. Also, the fact Lance has once less day of rest pitching game 4 could be somewhat detrimental to him. I really hope they go through with it and pitch lance game 4.
  15. iWiN4PreP

    ALDS Game 4 - HOU @ CWS - 1:07 pm CDT

    it would be great to delay this game a few hours allowing me to get home from work to enjoy the game live and not have to record it :).
  16. iWiN4PreP

    Tepera said out loud what everybody is thinking

    This. I find it very hard to believe that HOU is cheating again. They would be beyond stupid to do that and they have way too much talent to need to do that. If Tepera/White Sox members are making strong comments here, I hope they have enough proof because otherwise that's some BS to do.
  17. iWiN4PreP

    Game 4 pitching management thread

    Guys, last night was crazy. We just need our SP to step up. We are in a bad spot with Rodon and his injury, but if he can pull a miracle game and go 5/6 innings of 0-1 run we can send this to game 5. Obviously, need to be ready for anything here. I'm starting to get worried about our bullpen being overused (?). We just need a SP to not destroy us tonight. If we can get that, we can win this game against whomever houston is throwing.
  18. iWiN4PreP

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    Haven't really posted in a number of months as i've moved back to Florida, got new job(s) and I am eagerly anticipating my first child, but wanted to chime in that I still haven't lost hope. We get the two here and then maybe the ball bounces our way for Game 5. We can take the Red Sox or Rays if we can get past the Astros! While I've hated a TON of moves (kimbrel trade, cesar trade, TLR signing, Keuchel signing), I've had a ton of fun following the team this year again. I hope tonights not the last, but if it is, cheers to them and all the fellow soxtalkers. OK have a good game thread.
  19. I want our offense to destroyyyyyyy
  20. In the honor of our tradition to make a new thread every Wrestlemania, here we are. My feelings: Reigns vs. Lesnar Build: B- My excitement level for the match: D+ The build has been pretty good so far... up until tonight's Raw. We saw Reigns 'superman punch' Lesnar some 5-6 times. That move may be the worst move in all of wrestling. This build actually had me rooting for Reigns for a moment... Lesnar may be the only guy in WWE that I hate more than Reigns... however, when Reigns finally got the momentum going and then landed the weakest move in wrestling (superman punch) I just lost my s***. Build has been good, but when you have the two worst players in WWE squaring off, you can't overcome that. This is a match that we all saw coming since last year and the entire year has been built around it. Therefore my excitement level is a D+. BAD. AJ Styles vs. Nakamura Build: C- Excitement: A This build has been sub-par for what should have been a masterful build between two fan-loved babyfaces. They put Nakamura on the mic way too often and make him speak english. Why not have him cut pre-recorded japanese promos with captions? That'd make him sound like a legit badass. Overall the play between AJ and Naka has been fine, but this could have been done much better. Match excitement is still a dream level match and I have high expectations. Charlotte vs. Asuka Build: C+ Excitement: A Again, another Japanese wrestler throwing English down our throats. Problem with Asuka is the undefeated streak is causing fans to lose interest. Build has been OK as we are getting a match between what I think is the two best woman's wrestlers on the roster. Excitement level is extremely high for what could be the best woman's match in the history of WWE. Nia vs. Alexa Build: B+ Excitement: C This has been a story made throughout the past year. The build has been surprisingly good for this one as it has made me really want to root for Nia. I'm happy that Nia, the monster, get's her shot, but it should have been done at a sub PPV. The true dream talent on Raw really is Banks/Bayley and perhaps Bliss. A better match here would have been a great build between heel banks and face bayley, but we all know they ruined that. Excitement level is very low since Bliss can't wrestle all too well and this match should be a 5 minute or so match up. Great build tho. Braun + ??? vs. Cesaro + Sheamus Build: B- Excitement: B- Build has been fine for what we expect in a Raw tag title match at WM. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering who will be Braun's partner and it's good they haven't given it away yet meaning we get a surprise at WM. Fully expect Braun to win so that hurts the excitement a bit, but overall, a decent bout. McMahon + HHH vs. Rousey + Angle Build: D Excitement: C+ Build has been horrid. From Rousey's cringeworthy everything to McMahon's ego being shoved down our throats. Everything about this stinks of just a publicity stunt and that's not good for any wrestling fan. I'm excited because it's Rousey, but she hasn't shown anything natural in the ring so that hurts it. It hurts my soul that Stephanie McMahon will be in a headline match here just to get her name out to the public. Finn Balor vs. Miz vs. Rollins Build: A Excitement: A The best formed match on the card. The build has been phenomenal with all three getting at each other on the mic and in the ring. The three entities are represented perfectly and the match should be one hell of a match. This is how it's done. Rusev vs. Roode vs. Orton vs. Jinder Build: C Excitement: C+ I'm a sucker for good mid-card feuds, unfortunately this one is hurt badly by the dynamics of face/heel. Rusev is playing a heel that the fans treat as a Face, Roose is playing an awkward face when he should be a classic heel, orton is playing a face when he is 100x better as a heel. Jinder is, well, Jinder. The build has been OK for what it is, but unlike the triple threat build that came almost naturally, this one feels more like we need to get these stars on the card some how so throw them together here. Therefore we get a Meh average grade from me, but I'm still excited for Roode's first WM match and a possible stronger push for Rusev. Bryan + McMahon (shane) vs. Owens + Zayn Build: B Exciement: B Once again, a McMahon is put on Wrestlemania likely out of ego, but at least this McMahon can wrestle. The build has been very long and that has hurt it a bit, but it has been overall good. The length of the build and repetitiveness has made it sluggish, but there has been great moments littered throughout. The return of Bryan makes this match very worth while. Cena vs. Taker Build: C- Excitement: D- I don't want to see Taker wrestle again, he's old. The build has been all Cena, but without Taker showing up there's not much that you can do. This definitely does not feel like a Taker Mania match. So that's why it's a bad build. I can't fathom seeing old taker go through the motions therefore a D- in excitement level. New Day vs. Usos vs. Bludgeon Brothers Build: C+ Excitement: C+ The good? New Day and Usos have amazing chemistry and great matches. The bad? This s*** has been going on forever now between them. Now we get the Bludgeon brothers added, which is good, but this feels again like your typical "need to get them on the card" bout. It's not bad, it's not great, it's average from a division built around just two teams for over a year. Hopefully they make it a ladder match. The battle royals are whatever and the Cruiserweight I have no idea about.
  21. AEW kicked ass last night. Best, most exciting *main* wrestling show I've seen in over a decade. (NXT had some really good takeover ppvs that rival it, but NXT is like minor leagues so tough to gain that same feel) It was really refreshing.
  22. What was good about it? Ok, Edge vs. Rollins was good. WWE had Brock/Becky return which Brock and Reigns can have a really nice storyline, but Becky's return was *awful* as much as I love her, it was rushed due to Sasha not being available + probably CM punk causing waves forcing WWE's hand. She clearly wasn't ready to wrestle as they decided to bury Belair. Goldberg is horrible -- the match vs. Lashley was nowhere near as bad as some of his other recent matches, but the bar isn't goldberg matches, the bar is quality wrestling/show. That match still sucked. All the other matches on the card that I haven't named were really, really bad. Some decent wrestling mixed in, but just bland, no storyline, and awful. Big fan of Charlotte and her work, but that match sucked (glad shes the champ tho). Alexa's match was so god awful, I really want to pop like crazy for Bliss and see her succeed, but that match made me feel the opposite. Is it just me or is Shemeaus one of the most boring wrestlers on the planet? Damian priest could win me over, but i'm not enjoying him so far. The tag match with Mysterios was boring. I like Riddle and Randy, and I'm happy that they have the belts, but that match was also pretty boring. First PPV I watched in well over a year, and anyone who was watching it with me decided to sleep/do other things... and I couldn't blame them. On a personal side, having your three main events with Cena (leaving to movies), Goldberg (always terrible, old, going away), and Edge (definitely still capable, but old and question how long he will be working) is a recipe for failure. A) it's too predictable b) their old and slower and c) I can't get behind anyone in the matches as a fan because the storyline is dead.
  23. Summerslam was worst of all time show type quality
  24. Some Facts: - Both sides are trying to win, but there's a good side (the players) and a bad side (the owners). Get with the good side. -Minor leaguers are the most criminally abused workers. Any sort of discussion needs to start with revamping the minor league system. -I would think a Salary floor is a big DUH with what we've seen. Teams tanking so hard and putting sub 50 mil payrolls out there. Even a team like the Rays who succeed and have a payroll at 44 mil need to be better. Their fans deserve better, even if their organization is run well. They don't deserve to keep losing their stars and home grown talent. Pony up the money, losers! -Salary cap? I'd imagine this is the owners way of forcing top salaries down. IDK if a cap is really needed. But 180 is way too low. Go for 220.
  25. iWiN4PreP

    GT 8/11: SOX @ MIN, 12:10

    If lopez comes out electric the hype train on him will officially be back on….. watch