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    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Wish we traded for David Price! He gave the LAD Minors some nice cash! Way to go king!
  2. Seems like the Mariners are trying to Trade Omar Narvaez. It'll be interesting to see what they can essentially turn Alex Colome into.
  3. iWiN4PreP

    2019 Video Game Thread

    Anyone playing The Show?? This years gameplay has been hugely disapointing. It's in a pretty terrible state. But I made World Series this year and the content has been pretty good. White Sox have diamond versions of Luis Robert, Nick Madrigal, Kopech (throws 102 mph even with 100+ pitches lol), Dane Dunning, Andrew Vaughn, Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada.
  4. iWiN4PreP

    Will There Be a 2020 Season?

    Yeah, any news you guys get compile here please! I come looking for some information. It is my belief (outside looking in) that the season won't start, that there will be a nasty strike, and things aren't looking good at all for baseball. Seems like the time table here for July baseball would be insane given what is said above. Anyone have opinions?
  5. iWiN4PreP

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Your posts are garbage here. First, your assumption (in other post) that the vast majority of us are going to get it may be true, but it's not about that. It's about stretching that timeline out so hospitals can compensate with it. We know we are likely going to get it, but if we do get it, we want proper health to back it up. We won't get that if it all commences instantly like it did in Italy and the hospitals can't help. Now you are suggesting us to shrug our shoulders with death. Like, ah, who cares if some old people die, it's nature. We've been fighting off 'nature' our whole life, no reason to get pessimistic and downright hateful now. Some of those you speak about are our friends, family members, and others who simply aren't ready to die yet to a virus because the infrastructure wasn't in place to protect them.
  6. iWiN4PreP

    Who will be our closer by mid-season

    Colome is toast. In fantasy drafts, I don't spend $2 on this guy. This will become a big story in the first few months of the season and the bullpen will become a key piece of the managers duties. From Pitcherlist: No. 20: Alex Colome (Chicago White Sox) How does someone with 30 saves, a 2.80 ERA and 1.07 WHIP a year ago end up this low? Well for starters, Alex Colome grades out among the bottom third or worse among closers in every single metric used for these rankings. There’s literally no underlying stat to get excited about with him. As his paltry 22% K rate shows, he lacks any K upside. His .215 BABIP was .64 points lower than his career average and the second-lowest among these closers. Colome does possess a pretty good cutter (10.9 pVAL) and with the usage at 71% last year (a 16% increase from 2018), it has really become his go-to offering. Colome always seems to outperform his underlying numbers each year and with the White Sox much-improved, Colome might actually stick around past the trade deadline. There’s certain to be some negative regression but if you’re just looking for some cheap, durable saves late in the draft, Colome could be your guy.
  7. iWiN4PreP

    McCann Trade Speculation

    We absolutely SHOULD trade McCann if we get some reasonable piece(s) back. This is a guy that prior to last year was terrible. Last year was a clear career year for him and will forever be marked as such. If we can trade his value based on that career year, especially with him only having one year left on his contract, we should 100%. It's a matter of whether any other team is desperate at catcher enough to give us a worthy prospect or piece back. I'm all for it tho. We can't sit here and assume Grandal is going to get injured. We can play that all day. What if Moncada gets injured. what if Eloy goes down. Why don't we have back ups to the back ups? Just trade him and get a good piece back that'll be here 5+ years.
  8. iWiN4PreP

    MLB cheating scandal

    Just throwing out a hypothetical for those that want to answer it: If the White Sox cheated in a similiar way as the Astros, what would you do with your fandom? Would you remain a White Sox Loyal fan? Switch teams? etc.
  9. iWiN4PreP

    2019 Video Game Thread

    Can't wait for March 13 access to the new MLB The Show 2020. I don't play much franchise these days, but might have to start one up with the White sox. I figure i'll sim the first year and then land Mookie Betts in FA, maybe make a run at Joc Pederson and Trevor Bauer. Possibly look towards trading the farm for either Snell or Ketel Marte (just a personal favorite in the game). Could go something like OF: Eloy, Roberts, Betts IN: Moncada, Anderson, Madrigal, Abreu, Grandal DH: Either A. Vaughn if I don't add another offensive piece (this is dependent on how good his stats are in the game) or go with Ketel Marte (in which case I'd probably DH Eloy and have Ketel in the OF) or some form of Edwin/Joc Pederson. SP: Gio, Kopech, Cease, Keuchel and then a signing/trade (Bauer preferred or Snell if I get greedy) Throw Reynaldo lopez in the bullpen, give Bummer the closers role, maybe sign Britton if he ends up on free agency. Feeling goooood man! Semi-realistic and not too video gamish. Play on high levels of difficulty and rock it out.
  10. Hi SoxTalk friends, Last year I tried gauging interest in setting up a fantasy baseball league, but there wasn't much interest. Figured I'd try to give it a go again here. We can talk about the details of a potential league once we have enough managers. What I am looking for is at worst 8 managers (in which case we'd likely do an AL only league) or at best 14 managers. I don't want anything larger nor anything smaller. This would potentially be a dynasty league meaning it would be something we keep going on the site for years to come. I am aware of a large 30 team fantasy league that also goes on in this site, however, I'm looking for a smaller more intimate league that's more based here on SoxTalk. Let me know if there's any interest and then we can talk about the nitty gritty. Cheers.
  11. In the honor of our tradition to make a new thread every Wrestlemania, here we are. My feelings: Reigns vs. Lesnar Build: B- My excitement level for the match: D+ The build has been pretty good so far... up until tonight's Raw. We saw Reigns 'superman punch' Lesnar some 5-6 times. That move may be the worst move in all of wrestling. This build actually had me rooting for Reigns for a moment... Lesnar may be the only guy in WWE that I hate more than Reigns... however, when Reigns finally got the momentum going and then landed the weakest move in wrestling (superman punch) I just lost my s***. Build has been good, but when you have the two worst players in WWE squaring off, you can't overcome that. This is a match that we all saw coming since last year and the entire year has been built around it. Therefore my excitement level is a D+. BAD. AJ Styles vs. Nakamura Build: C- Excitement: A This build has been sub-par for what should have been a masterful build between two fan-loved babyfaces. They put Nakamura on the mic way too often and make him speak english. Why not have him cut pre-recorded japanese promos with captions? That'd make him sound like a legit badass. Overall the play between AJ and Naka has been fine, but this could have been done much better. Match excitement is still a dream level match and I have high expectations. Charlotte vs. Asuka Build: C+ Excitement: A Again, another Japanese wrestler throwing English down our throats. Problem with Asuka is the undefeated streak is causing fans to lose interest. Build has been OK as we are getting a match between what I think is the two best woman's wrestlers on the roster. Excitement level is extremely high for what could be the best woman's match in the history of WWE. Nia vs. Alexa Build: B+ Excitement: C This has been a story made throughout the past year. The build has been surprisingly good for this one as it has made me really want to root for Nia. I'm happy that Nia, the monster, get's her shot, but it should have been done at a sub PPV. The true dream talent on Raw really is Banks/Bayley and perhaps Bliss. A better match here would have been a great build between heel banks and face bayley, but we all know they ruined that. Excitement level is very low since Bliss can't wrestle all too well and this match should be a 5 minute or so match up. Great build tho. Braun + ??? vs. Cesaro + Sheamus Build: B- Excitement: B- Build has been fine for what we expect in a Raw tag title match at WM. I'm on the edge of my seat wondering who will be Braun's partner and it's good they haven't given it away yet meaning we get a surprise at WM. Fully expect Braun to win so that hurts the excitement a bit, but overall, a decent bout. McMahon + HHH vs. Rousey + Angle Build: D Excitement: C+ Build has been horrid. From Rousey's cringeworthy everything to McMahon's ego being shoved down our throats. Everything about this stinks of just a publicity stunt and that's not good for any wrestling fan. I'm excited because it's Rousey, but she hasn't shown anything natural in the ring so that hurts it. It hurts my soul that Stephanie McMahon will be in a headline match here just to get her name out to the public. Finn Balor vs. Miz vs. Rollins Build: A Excitement: A The best formed match on the card. The build has been phenomenal with all three getting at each other on the mic and in the ring. The three entities are represented perfectly and the match should be one hell of a match. This is how it's done. Rusev vs. Roode vs. Orton vs. Jinder Build: C Excitement: C+ I'm a sucker for good mid-card feuds, unfortunately this one is hurt badly by the dynamics of face/heel. Rusev is playing a heel that the fans treat as a Face, Roose is playing an awkward face when he should be a classic heel, orton is playing a face when he is 100x better as a heel. Jinder is, well, Jinder. The build has been OK for what it is, but unlike the triple threat build that came almost naturally, this one feels more like we need to get these stars on the card some how so throw them together here. Therefore we get a Meh average grade from me, but I'm still excited for Roode's first WM match and a possible stronger push for Rusev. Bryan + McMahon (shane) vs. Owens + Zayn Build: B Exciement: B Once again, a McMahon is put on Wrestlemania likely out of ego, but at least this McMahon can wrestle. The build has been very long and that has hurt it a bit, but it has been overall good. The length of the build and repetitiveness has made it sluggish, but there has been great moments littered throughout. The return of Bryan makes this match very worth while. Cena vs. Taker Build: C- Excitement: D- I don't want to see Taker wrestle again, he's old. The build has been all Cena, but without Taker showing up there's not much that you can do. This definitely does not feel like a Taker Mania match. So that's why it's a bad build. I can't fathom seeing old taker go through the motions therefore a D- in excitement level. New Day vs. Usos vs. Bludgeon Brothers Build: C+ Excitement: C+ The good? New Day and Usos have amazing chemistry and great matches. The bad? This s*** has been going on forever now between them. Now we get the Bludgeon brothers added, which is good, but this feels again like your typical "need to get them on the card" bout. It's not bad, it's not great, it's average from a division built around just two teams for over a year. Hopefully they make it a ladder match. The battle royals are whatever and the Cruiserweight I have no idea about.
  12. I'm going to Wrestlemania, Y'all! The tickers were gifted to me and it's a fairly nice seat in the stadium, I'm super stoked. Card is looking so-so, but every year I watch WM and enjoy it so i'm super thrilled to get this once in a lifetime opportunity for WM. So far: I'm definitely looking forward to The Fiend vs. Cena -- Even tho the WWE makes boneheaded decisions with giving up the title to Goldberg in a squash, I loved the Fiends work the past 6 months. Having him vs. Cena is a big win for me. Outside of that I can't honestly say I'm looking super forward to any other match ups, but at the same time, I can't say that I hate too much. I only "hate" Reigns vs. Goldberg and even that is OK 'cause I know it'll be quick and action packed. Might as well put two of the guys I don't want to see in a match like this. Best case scenario. Drew vs. Brock I'm cool with. I like Drew. All the woman's matches are decent, but I wish they were built up better. Rhea/Shayna have a lot of work to do this upcoming month to win me over. My favorite Bayley needs a good opponent.
  13. iWiN4PreP

    MLB cheating scandal

    "Astros outfielder Josh Reddick just told reporters he has received death threats via social media — and that in one case someone wished cancer upon his children. Reddick said he’s not the only one in the Astros’ clubhouse who had received death threats, either." I don't know the full story here, but apparently Reddick/etc. where trolling people on twitter before and now this has all transpired. IMO This is really on Manfred's head... he's the one who said the punishment these players will get will be enough. He's almost begging fans to punish these guys.
  14. iWiN4PreP

    KW says "no Puig"

    I 100% don't trust Nomar M. I hated the move when it was made and still hate it today. We had so much ability to go after Nick C, Y. Puig, M. Ozuna (super cheap deal), or make a trade, yet we are OK with a lousy below average Nomar Mazaraa. The one major move of the offseason that I've hated, otherwise I feel pretty good with how the W'Sox handled it. The reason why I've hated the move is not because of what we gave up... it's because the White Sox feel 100% fine with handing him the starting RF and foregoing the other options. Imagine getting Ozuna on his current contract.. that woulda been awesome. The Rockie are regularly known for blocking their youngsters. They might be the single worst team in the majors at young player development. The white Sox on the other hand give their prospects long term contracts to get them up to the league as fast as possible. Puig to the Rockies means Hilliard/Hampson/McMahon/Tapia all have more issues getting playing time.
  15. iWiN4PreP

    KW says "no Puig"

    This is such a dumbass typical Colorado Rockies move... they have all the young talent, all spots covered, yet they'll happily sign a mediocre veteran to block their rookies.... Wish the Sox had the mojo to get this done, Puig helps us out nicely since we only have 2 real OFrs.
  16. AL EAST 1. YANKS 2. RAYS (WC) 3. BLUE JAYS 4. RED SOX 5. RAYS AL CENTRAL 1. TWINS 2. WHITE SOX 3. INDIANS 4. ROYALS 5. TIGERS AL WEST 1. ASTROS 2. ANGELS (WC) 3. OAKLAND 4. RANGERS 5. MARINERS NL EAST 1. BRAVES 2. METS (WC) 3. NATIONALS 4. PHILLIES 5. MARLINS NL CENTRAL 1. REDS 2. CUBS 3. CARDINALS 4. BREWERS 5. PIRATES NL WEST 1. DODGERS 2. DIAMONDBACKS (WC) 3. PADRES 4. ROCKIES 5. GIANTS Yankees over Dodgers in WS. Some really good divisions out there: NL East and NL Central kick ass (only marlins/pirates suck). NL West has 3 excellent teams, although the Dodgers should run away with it. AL East and AL West are pretty nice divisions, but not as good as NL E and C. AL C is kinda up for grabs between the top three teams. You can also use this thread to post BOLD MLB predictions, i.e. who you think will have a surprising year and their stats.
  17. iWiN4PreP

    Cubs 2020

    Let's go cubs, I hope our Chicago faithful do well on both sides of town!
  18. iWiN4PreP

    Last week without any baseball

    Fuck the astros
  19. iWiN4PreP

    Michael Kopech

    I don't think we can pencil him in for anything at this point. We gotta see how he pitches first. Spring training will be a welcomed sight (assuming hes pitching then). I think we will get a lot of our information from that.
  20. Sorry guys, really appreciate the set up but 350 prices me out currently and im pretty set now with my 8 leagues. Cheers and good luck
  21. iWiN4PreP

    ******Regarding Puig......A Heartwarming Story

    Yasiel Puig is a CLASS ACT and should be regarded as such from here on out on these premises. k?thanks.
  22. iWiN4PreP

    Huge Blow for Indians: Clevinger Out

    Meh, its likely going to be 7 weeks or so, so i would image back very early. Wouldn't say a huge blow IMO, but yeah, never a good thing.
  23. iWiN4PreP

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    I think that's a solid list IMO. I'm very happy with 18 going into the season, we have so many young guys and our SP's have very little track record so we are going to have to prove it to move up the list. Being ranked about Trout+rendon's Angels and the Padres is actually pretty surprising TBh.
  24. iWiN4PreP

    Mlb might be changing playoff format

    Exactly what BrianAnderson said. It won't *stop* tanking, but the problem with tanking is the middle-level teams deciding to tank and not compete, not the bottom feeders. Bottom feeders need to tank and not much will stop them from doing so unless you attack the incentives to be the biggest loser, which is a dangerous game. But the middle level teams that often sell off their assets will now have more hope.
  25. iWiN4PreP

    Mlb might be changing playoff format

    Trying to form my opinion on the playoff chatter, both sides have strong points. The idea to add more teams would increase revenue and help stop the massive tanking that is going on through 60% or so of the league. However, adding more teams absolutely dilutes the regular season and doesn't feel right to me. Still not sure what side of the fence I'm on, but I tend to be more on the don't change it side. I'd hate the idea of making the regular 162 game season feel more trivial.