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    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    QUOTE (DBAHO @ May 21, 2009 -> 01:07 PM) Sick of hearing that argument, there are plenty of pitchers who have changed leagues there and done just fine. If anything it would be going from PETCO to the Cell that would inflate Peavy's numbers, not changing leagues. Pet Co. to the cell is a major difference. Not to mention the fact that the guy has been having arm trouble and is owed more money than I can imagine the White Sox wanting to spend. You know they lost money last year and the chairman is none to happy. If the Sox get Peavy, I'll leave the boards forever. I'm so confident in this move not happenoing that I'll bow out gracefully and never log in again. I said. I'm all in!

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ May 21, 2009 -> 12:48 PM) I wish my really bad year consisted of a 3.82 ERA while leading the NL in strikeouts. Bring that over to the AL and see how it pans out. The AL is far superior... Let's just hope they don't give up too much for a guy that can't save a season all by himself.

    Peavy Rejects Sox Offer; Deal Now Dead

    The guy has had arm trouble and is owed a s*** ton of money and is having a really bad year. Pitching in a launching pad like the cell as opposed to the giannt crater that is Pet Co would make his numbers even worse. The guy would be smacked around in the AL. They aren't getting 06 Peavy. Horrible move if they make it.

    5/20 Game Thread: MIN @ CWS, 7:11pm WCIU

    I had tickets for tonight, but unfortunately had to drop out due to a sink problem that the Mrs. won't get off my back about... And by sink I mean toilet and by problem, I mean it shattered over the weekend and the landlord is just now showing up with a replacement, but hey, that's Bridgeport politics for ya. Anyways, I can definetly see Danks rolling on all cylinders tonight, the kid is a great talent and he is gonig to be helping this team for year's to come. I'm expecting a laugher, I say Danks hold them under 5 hits. Prediction: Sox - 9 Twins - 0 With the weather this warm, the Twins should be happy to just hold our boys under double digits. That is a whole team of guys that just can't wait to get out of town. I mean, there's nothing left for them to do in the city except get their brains beat in.

    Looking for a lil help...

    I just went and found that after posting this, but they had no info there either. The specific forum for ticket master/stub hub codes hasn't been posted to since November. I'm just hoping for some wednesday morning good humanitarian to be able to help me out. First night game of the year! I'm looking forward to the walk over.

    Looking for a lil help...

    Looking to head to the game tonight and was looking for tickets online and noticed they had a spot to enter promo codes. So, I've been searching the net for about a half hour now and can't find anything about White Sox promo codes through ticket master. Just lots of links to 50% promo codes for Disney on Ice. I know that thursday is Score night and I think the code is The Score for 10 bucks off your ticket, but does anyone have any idea on what todays code is? I hope I'm not asking this in the wrong forum and if there is already a thread for this, apologize. Just looking for a lil help in trying to see a game for a few bucks cheaper. Thanks alot.

    Worst. Promotion. Ever.

    QUOTE (SouthsideDon48 @ Apr 1, 2009 -> 11:16 PM) How about a Lamarr Hoyt Appreciation Night? First 5,000 fans get a little baggy filled with a mystery white substance. I actually had Lamarr Hoyt sign my crack pipe at the Sox convention back in 04. I also got my picture taking with MR. Zero. Great times!

    2009 Sox Predictions Merged Threads

    I'm actually liking the Sox chances alot this year. I think it's a solid team and don't understand the naysayers at all. No one in this division got better in the offseason. No one. If anything the Sox changing core dynamics by becoming a younger sleeker team will make them able to stand up to the rest of the midgets and prevail... As the tallest midget. In a playoff series, I love being able to throw Buehrle, Floyd, Danks. I think everything is gonna be ok White Sox 89-73 Twins 84-78 Indians 76- 86 Royals 76-86 Tigers 5-157

    Carlos Quentin

    QUOTE(hi8is @ Dec 22, 2007 -> 07:49 AM) and if im wrong, i will place any sig in my profile you chose. =D I'll start thinking of something witty now.

    Carlos Quentin

    Quentin is a huge pick up. The guy will single handedly change the offense last year. Kenny made a huge move here and is getting no credit whatsoever. I feel kinda glad going into this year seeing how big of sleepers the Sox are. I feel really good about this team being a 90-95 win team and they are jsut not getting any respect.

    Josh Fields and team's lack of clutch hits

    He has big time strike out potential in my opinion. The guy looks lost out there. I'd rather have a man at 3rd than some child who looks like a fool against major league pitching more than half the time.

    I'm still not giving up hope...

    It just keeps getting harder.

    White Sox vs. Cubs, 6/24/07 (L)

    That last inning was one of the hardest I've ever had to watch as a Sox fan. It hurt so bad to listen to the Hawk breakdown like that. I've never had so much respect for one broadcaster as I have right now for the Hawk. That man bleeds Black and White.

    White Sox vs. Cubs, 6/24/07 (L)

    Plays like that show exactly why Gonzalez is on this team. Great range. Alot of heart. I hope they keep this kid around for years to come.

    White Sox vs. Cubs, 6/24/07 (L)

    Contreras looks amazing out there. This is exactly the sort of lazy big game the Sox need. They can ride the wave from this win straight through TB and KC and then see what they can do to make this team better at the All Star break. I have a whole lot of faith in Ozzie and Kenny.