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  1. vandy125

    Chicago's Other Ace

    I opened this thread expecting to see an article about Quintana...
  2. vandy125

    Playoff odds

    QUOTE (bmags @ May 10, 2016 -> 01:48 PM) I remember differently. I remember after the late AJ and Iguchi signings, people really feeling positive about how complete the team was. I don't think anyone thought world series, but I felt good about playoffs, as good as I had during 01-04. This is what I remember as well. There was a lot of talk on the board specifically about Iguchi and excitement when he signed.
  3. vandy125

    Early Trade Speculation

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Apr 28, 2016 -> 01:22 AM) While that's logical enough for the White Sox, what's the incentive for the Cubs to help the Sox? And there's still the question of what prospects we could package outside of the Top 3 that would attract not only the Cubs but other teams around MLB? http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=m...itting/2016/ALL He's essentially a lesser version of Kyle Schwarber, but those minor league numbers are impressive. If I'm the Cubs, I might be tempted to get the most that I can for Schwarber next year (via trade, after proving he's recovered) and then plug Vogelbach into LF instead. Granted, they are going to have to figure out where they want to play Bryant, Baez, Almora, McKinney, Soler...at least three of those players SHOULD be traded to shore up other areas of weakness. I'd agree that your option is much more palatable than Shuck, Fields, Davidson, Ishikawa, etc. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=m...itting/2016/ALL There's also a chance for an unknown like Coats or even Nicky Delmonico in BIRM. He's been on an absolute tear recently. Just saw him put one over the scoreboard a couple of days ago. That being said, I can't imagine him trying to roam LF. That would seem like a disaster.
  4. vandy125

    Technology catch-all thread

    QUOTE (ChrisLikesBaseball @ Apr 19, 2016 -> 10:55 AM) As others said, self-install was free. There are a lot of channels that I can stream out of home. Unfortunately it looks like regional networks and premium sports networks aren't available. Have you looked into a SlingBox? I use it a lot to watch anything that would come through my satellite (DirecTV). http://www.slingbox.com/Products/Slingplayerapps.aspx
  5. vandy125


    QUOTE (Lip Man 1 @ Apr 14, 2016 -> 03:58 PM) Just caught the post game show and watched the highlights from today. Have to say it's pretty hard to find fault with the way things have started. Hitting is still iffy but I think that's still because the weather hasn't been great temperature wise. Pitching has been superb but to me the biggest improvement has been defensively. They just haven't been making stupid plays on batted balls, they are catching what they can and not making a lot of mistakes. If you can pitch the ball and catch the ball you'll win a lot of games. I may have to figure out a way to get home this summer if this keeps up! Congrats to everyone on the start...keep it going! Mark They even successfully did a run down today with 1 throw! That didn't always happen last year...
  6. vandy125

    Internal alternatives to Avisail Garcia

    QUOTE (lasttriptotulsa @ Apr 12, 2016 -> 09:15 AM) He's had 28 plate appearances. Let's give him a little more time. His BABIP is an entirely unsustainable .167. If it were the .320 mark he hit last year he would have a .280 batting average right now and we wouldn't be having this conversation. So far this year, albeit a small sample size, his FB% is up, his pull % is up, BB rate is up, K rate is down, pitches per plate appearance is up and his contact rate is up. All positive signs. Let's at least give him a few weeks before we try to magically save our season by calling up the likes of Travis Ishikawa or Jason Coats. I agree with this. To me, he has looked much better at the plate. Now that he is not being a liability in RF all of the time, we can wait it out a bit more.
  7. vandy125

    Netting over dugouts.

    It's going to the inner edge of the dugout. Here's that article that you probably saw: http://www.sbnation.com/a/mlb-preview-2016/nets
  8. vandy125

    The Wussification of America

    QUOTE (Y2HH @ Feb 11, 2013 -> 04:08 PM) That IS the point. There is a point to existence, and it's everything you went over...to live while you have the opportunity to do so, whether you want to spend that time having a family, raising children, reading, teaching, being an artist, whatever, it doesn't matter...that in and of itself, is the point. So long as it's not destructive. Though you could argue that point to a fair degree, too. I don't have a problem with all religious people, or all religions, I only have a problem with some of them, and some aspects of them. I have a problem that religion, in general, is abused, used, and excused, especially by those that follow it. More people have died in the name of God than for any other reason. Brutal wars are STILL being waged after 2000 years in areas of this world for one reason and one reason alone: religion. That's the people and the part of religion I dislike. I dislike it's inherent hypocrisy, in that nobody can follow the rules set fourth by these controlling, man made religions, and worse, MOST don't even try...hence my point of taking their religion al-la-carte, because it's convenient. Sure, I'm Catholic, but I break commandments with regularity, because it'd be impossible to not. Or the age old, praise God for all that is good, but blame him for nothing that is bad...and why? Because he "has a plan", so don't dare question him. Some feel I should be thankful because I wasn't born into extreme poverty and starvation, like many in the world currently are, so what of them? Should they thank God that they were? Should I thank that same God that it was them and not me? Oh, wait...I know...he "has a plan" for them, right? Wrong. Because if that's the case, and part of that plan constitues extreme suffering, and a slow miserable existence and an even slower more miserable death, then like I said above, that God represents nothing I could love, or even want to understand. And if he doesn't want to explain why, then I feel I have every right to question him, his motives, and his actions...and more, outright blame him for them. Or, being more realistic, I can simply say that God had nothing to do with it...because if God exists, he doesn't care...and if he did care, there is no rational excuse for the suffering he allows across all walks of life...other than the fact he's a dick. I can't get behind any God that allows the continued suffering of the innocent that I see every day in this world...I'm not equipped to understand why, because if he exists, he didn't equip me to do so. What I can do, however, is question exactly what I see...and I can question him in the face of those that tell me to have faith. I'm the sheep that got lost...because God opened the gate when he gave me free will to question everything...including him. I do get your point. I really do. You have to realize that it is the short-sighted view of history and time however. If this is all that there is, if there is nothing more, then time is short and it can be incredibly brutal. It can be painful, and it can be very unjust. If this is all that there is and there is a God ruling over it, how could anyone want anything to do with that being? That would be ridiculous. However, if there is an immortal soul, some piece that lives longer than this, then what is 70, 80, or 90 years in the view of eternal? It is nothing, it is but a short time. There is a long time to right the wrongs and injustices of what is happening now if the soul is indeed eternal. Buddhism talks about getting off this wheel of life. Christianity and Islam talk about life after death. Most of the religions that I have studied talk about more than just this life. So, IMO, it is short-sighted to think that all of the terrible and all of the wrongs can be waved away with a magic wand in this life. There is so much more time that will pass. Of course, especially in American culture, we want everything right now. We want things fixed right now, we don't care how it happens, but we want it right now. We have lost our ability to try and see further, to go through short-term pain for long-term gain because all we see is the here and now. And I really do not want to get into the debate between whether religion or atheism has killed more people throughout time. We can talk about Stalin and his 10-20 million, Hitler and his 20 million, Mao Zedong and his 10's of millions of Chinese, the Crusades and its half a million. History is full of people killing people. The reason that it happens is because they were human. They wanted power and control, and they were willing to do whatever it took to get that regardless of religion. They used whatever excuse possible to get them more power. To lay it all at the doorstep of religion is disingenuous. Religion, or lack of it, does not cause you to kill people. People will find ways to do that regardless of what weapon they wield.
  9. vandy125

    The Wussification of America

    QUOTE (Y2HH @ Feb 11, 2013 -> 12:29 PM) I have no issues with this line of thought, it's not only more realistic, but it's something I can wrap my mind around. What I do not like is written religion that have arbitrarily changing rules over the years, which require constant heaping praise for God for all that is good, whatever/whoever that God may be, while NEVER blaming that same God for anything bad. If you want to liken God to that like which humans are to a colony of ants, that's fine...but I also don't demand the ants praise me for all that is good in their lives, while dismissing my negative actions as 'well, he has a plan, accept that' when I decide to pour lighter fluid on their colony and burn it to the ground...just because. If/when I decide to kill ants because they're 'in the way', I'd not only expect them to question me for it, I'd expect some of them to hate me, too. Of course, the ones that continue to love me regardless of my actions may continue to do so...since I really don't care, either way. And I doubt God, if one exists in that same manner, cares either. I could explain that view and its consistency to you if you'd like, but that is much farther down the path (and quite a different one) than the one that you are on in your beliefs from what I can see. Of course it is non-sensical to you. If you view God as a human does a colony of ants, then matter of factly, it doesn't matter at all what we do. It is all meaningless. So, there would be no point to giving praise for anything. What point would there actually be in anything we do if God is indeed like that? If there is no God, we are at the same point in my opinion. We can live for our family or for generations on down the line or for ourselves, but none of it is going to last. You and them will eventually be forgotten just like me and my family and everyone else's. We can live a "moral" life (whatever we define that as), make "good" decisions (again whatever we define that as), etc, but we all die. We are just an asteroid strike (nuclear war, etc) away from the collapse of everything. So, I would ask, what is the point? This question is actually explored really well by many people who attempt to make a point of life (with God, without God, with many gods, etc). To some, there is no point to existence. If you are fine with where you are at in these questions, then that is up to you. However, you could take a look in a different direction to see why people are where they are instead of lumping them in with the ants under a cynical being's magnifying glass. Sure, some have just followed what is around them and are where they are without giving it any thought (I pity them when someone comes along with tough, or just deeper, questions), but there are many who have thought philosophically about another being who they do give praise to that being regardless of what happens in their lives here. I'd rather try to understand why or how that happened before throwing someone in a category and saying "I dislike all of them". Also, to your point about arbitrarily changing rules, I would again hope that you are not lumping everyone into the same boat as again there are many viewpoints where the rules do not change. An example of one such rule that you even cited for a group is to praise God no matter what happens while here.
  10. vandy125

    The Wussification of America

    QUOTE (Y2HH @ Feb 10, 2013 -> 09:32 PM) It's a good thing you bothered making a point I could "listen too", then. Oh, wait, you didn't bother, because you know you have none that you can defend in any kind of rational way. So attack the man, not his statements or opinions. Which is fine, as matter of fact, it's exactly what I expected. As I already said, explain everything whilst explaining nothing, and demand we all accept that as fact. IMO, it can all be a path that starts out with the basic question, "is/are there a god(s) or not?" At that point, you need to define what the word "god" actually means. My thoughts are that we often observe and interact with creatures or beings that cannot observe us or what we are doing. We can influence them without them understanding what is going on. Do we believe that we have the ability to do this, but that there is not another being(s) that is able to do the same to us? IMO, that is an arrogant belief to have, but we've already hit a point where we start getting into philosophical discussions. That is why I call it a path. If you have the view that there is something with the ability to interact with us that we are unable to observe, then you start asking questions about whether or not that being or being(s) would try to interact with us in a way that we actually can understand that they are there, and if they do so, what would it look like? Would it show up in the form of "miracles" that challenge our understanding of how we can observe things working, but are simply another form of the way that everything truly is around us that we do not yet comprehend? Would it show up in the form of a revelation such as "thus saith thus being"? How would it look? Then you start looking to see what you can find and rationally observe. What fits in, what does not fit in, etc. Of course, it is your own choice whether or not you decide to follow such a path, but I wish more people took the time to study a bit of philosophy to take a look at their own beliefs. IMO, the search for and attempt to understand what "truth" is along with our baseline assumptions that we carry with us into our views of "truth" is fascinating.
  11. vandy125

    I'm a finalist for the MLB Fan Cave.

    Voted. Good luck!
  12. vandy125

    Technology catch-all thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Jan 18, 2013 -> 12:11 PM) Hm. The ps3 ability would save me $6/mo in the basement over the Genie Mini Client. I am intrigued. I would still think that they would try to get their money by something like the number of devices connected to that DVR and not necessarily base it on whether you are using the Genie Mini Client as one of those or not. But, who knows?
  13. vandy125

    Technology catch-all thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Jan 17, 2013 -> 11:12 AM) DirecTV Genie Review I thought this could be applicable given conversations around these here parts recently. To add a bit to that, they showed off a bit more at CES 2013. You will soon be able to use some Samsung TVs, PlayStation 3's, and probably other RVU capable devices to access the HR44 DVR. That means if you have one of those devices, you won't need an extra box hooked up to it to access anything on the DVR. DirecTV Genie DVR RVU Server
  14. vandy125

    How or Why did you become a Republican?

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Dec 12, 2012 -> 11:15 AM) I'm a Republican generally but differ a lot from the current party, which has gotten to be a little too extreme socially for my tastes. That said, I have zero interest in starting the circle jerk that would inevitably ensue from participating in this thread. ^^^ I echo this as well. Great to see how the thread started off with an immediate attack... Showed exactly which direction it would go. Usually I enjoy a lot of your posts Y2HH since they are generally thought out, but that was ridiculous. There is no way that you can get any type of creative conversation with that type of an attitude.
  15. vandy125

    Tablet Buying

    QUOTE (bmags @ Nov 21, 2012 -> 11:58 AM) I actually played around with one, and it was disturbingly laggy. I really like the windows 8 on the lumia. But on a bigger device that I want to do more I found it frustrating. Just curious, was it before or after they released a patch on November 13. It was supposed to address that very issue: http://news.cnet.com/8301-10805_3-57549437...ks-performance/