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  1. Yoda

    Relationship Advice Thread

    Sounds like she enjoys your company but a serious relationship would compromise her freedom. Do you know if she does this with other guys? When I read that she gave you her number while she was on a "date" with someone else, that was a red flag to me. Since you’re both just friends, you’re open to ask away as to where she sees herself long term: marriage and starting a family or continue with current lifestyle?
  2. Yoda

    Cell Phone Question

    This isn't happening to me, but out of curiosity did you purchase something recently from say TV or online? A purchase that asked for your phone number? Both my parents were getting similar calls earlier this year right after they purchased some kitchenware off the TV. It took probably a good 4-5 months till the calls stopped.
  3. Yoda

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    Country music singer Don Williams died yesterday at the age of 78. I can only find reports stating he died of a short illness. No specifics on what the illness was. My dad brought me up listening to him and I got my gf hooked on a few of his songs. Truly a hard pill to swallow.
  4. QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Aug 30, 2017 -> 02:16 AM) What the f***? Take your fantasies elsewhere please. This board has been pretty dead for the most part so I guess any discussion is good discussion
  5. Yoda

    Royals at Sox Game 2

    I'll be in attendance with my brother whose home for 1 more week before he returns to South Korea for the Air Force....let's make this count boys!
  6. Yoda

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Aug 9, 2017 -> 09:52 AM) Yeah, that documentary that came out a few years ago is really sad. Not sure if it is still on Netflix. TYVM That's the one I saw but on YouTube. It hit home since my gf's grandmother is 75 and we believe she's in the mid to late-stages of Alzheimer's. She lives in Florida so we don't get to talk to her much but when she was living in West Lafayette we'd go visit her every other weekend and we were noticing her dementia symptoms gradually getting worse. This was like a year ago.
  7. Yoda

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Aug 8, 2017 -> 06:47 PM) RIP Glen Campbell, 81. Just lost my grandma to Alzheimer's. Not as bad as Glen's but it sad. Crazy. I was just listening to a string of his songs a couple of weeks ago in the garage and also watched a documentary and I wake up to this. Sorry about the loss of your grandma.
  8. Yoda

    Site BackOnline

    QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 7, 2017 -> 08:47 AM) Just FYI when board is down typically there will be updates in the Facebook group. Not everyone does social media
  9. Yoda

    Site BackOnline

    I thought this site got hacked. I even went as far as lurking into WSI (which I haven't done in years) to see if anyone would bring up why SoxTalk was down, but nope no mention. It's like I was the only one who cared