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  1. k3nn3th


    that's pretty much exactly my feeling. ferrel is gonna become the new chevy chase if he keeps making movies like these haha
  2. k3nn3th

    MLB most overpaid

    yeah i agree i think delgado shouldnt be that high up there. he has been pretty consistant throughout his career and had a huge season last year he's been hurt off and on this year too.
  3. k3nn3th

    White Sox History

    wow seeing jason bere's name brings back memories
  4. k3nn3th

    Fallen Angels to Sox (we pray)

    great win, jackson and cotts were solid. marte was lights out. feels great to have the bullpen not blow the game for once.
  5. k3nn3th

    Fallen Angels to Sox (we pray)

    that's a safe bet. jackson should be cut
  6. k3nn3th

    Kenny Williams ESPN1000 Recap

    thanks for the recap, always good to hear what KW has to say
  7. k3nn3th

    a prediction

    I would love to see the Kendall trade go down as long as Pitt eats part of his contract. He's a stud
  8. k3nn3th

    Gagne Streak over at 84!!

    props to Gagne, record will never be broken
  9. k3nn3th

    Kip Wells

    Kip really looked good out there tonite. Dominant fastball topping out at about 96 mph. Pitched himself out of the few jams that he got himself into and got the win for the hottest team in the majors. Good for him.
  10. k3nn3th

    Garciaparra on Trading Block

    couldn't have said it better myself. It comes down to the fact that Nomar is not an upgrade, which should be the result of any trades we make this season.
  11. k3nn3th

    LA Times now Reporting

    please god no keep jose he's a great clubhouse leader and a lefty bat. we can live with the K's like we always have.
  12. k3nn3th

    SoxTalk poster in the Daily Herald

    sweet deal
  13. k3nn3th

    one thing i want to know...

    I don't think its a big deal really
  14. k3nn3th

    Roster move

    darrensbourg is a relief pitcher who has been around awhile. i believe he was once a part of the marlins system
  15. yeah i agree 100% with that. konerko did it to me tonite