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  1. CanOfCorn

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Dealing your "ace" two years in a row is most definitely a tank. Also: There are a lot of OF prospects in the system that could take the RF spot, or move Robert to a corner. You can have Tilson in RF in the meantime. Or maybe Basabe or Rutherford or Adolfo or Gonzalez or even Walker. They are all at different stages of development, but if we are talking about '20 or '21, one of those names might be up with the team...or even traded for a controllable young RFer.
  2. CanOfCorn

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Machado and Harper also seem to be playing off each other, which is odd since they aren't the same type of player. But neither wants to blink first. For instance, if Harper signs for 8/250MM, then Machado could have a bit of a bidding war with the teams that lost out on Harper. So neither guy wants to be the first to sign, which is just delaying everyone.
  3. CanOfCorn

    The Fighting Illini

    You are right about football needing more time. Especially considering the dumpster fire that was Tim Beckman. But, Groce didn't really have a system. And because of that, Underwood's rebuild to his system is going to take longer. I'm not ok with this season so far. They have been playing just well enough to lose. But, they aren't far off from what I've seen. They are REALLY young (like football). Now if they are struggling next year and have a crappy recruiting class...I will probably move over to your side of the fence. But, after 1 1/3 seasons, I'm not ready to jump ship yet.
  4. CanOfCorn

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Arizona to the Central...sorry, Chicago West to the Central. (after they are moved to Houston)
  5. They would absolutely make money, but if the fan base doesn't travel and the bowls are essentially downgraded, ticket sales will suffer. Bowl games are still businesses. I'm really not talking about the semi-finals up. But that first round is going to be tough for the teams, the bowls and the fan bases.
  6. It's not just adding games, but it's also travel. Part of the fun of bowl games is the fanbase gets to travel. While places like Boise and New York in the winter are hit and miss, it's still just one bowl game. Whereas, if it's an 8 team playoff, it's hard for a fanbase to travel to up to three different games not even knowing where they will be. For instance, let's say Miami is in the playoff, they are assigned a week one in San Diego at the Holiday Bowl, they win and go back to the Orange Bowl and win that and go to the Championship game in Phoenix or LA? That's hard for the University, but harder for the fan base. I'm not saying it shouldn't happen, just that ticket sales might be difficult.
  7. CanOfCorn

    The Fighting Illini

    What both teams need is a belief in a system and time to build it. Lovie came in late his first year, so his first class of recruits is going to be upperclassmen next year. This is when they should start improving. They are still young, but the classes are starting to stack. If he doesn't get to a bowl game next year, it's going to be tough to keep him on, especially if the losses are of the 63-0 variety. As for basketball, I think most people have already commented. It was left in shambles, just like football. What I like about Whitman is he is willing to give the coaches time to rebuild. I hope he stays with the process barring any missteps. That being said, look at the non-revenue sports...Volleyball, tennis, golf, wrestling, baseball...all much better. I know those don't bring in the money, but its still important. And just you wait until they start men's and women's hockey. They SHOULD be powerhouses.
  8. CanOfCorn

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    Neil Simon, 91. Playwright, TV and movie writer. RIP.
  9. CanOfCorn

    **Media/Press Thread**

    I'm actually a little surprised Trump hasn't been brought up in a lawsuit about this. I know he is a sitting president and all, but he IS posting from his personal account. I'm sure there is a legal reason why, or maybe they are waiting until after he is out of office, but still....
  10. CanOfCorn

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    Secondly, my first concert not with my parents was Kenny G. Don't ask. First record I bought was the Beatles - White Album, but first records I was given (with my Hannukah gift which was a cheap turntable) was Elton John 21 at 33 and Hall & Oates H2O.
  11. CanOfCorn

    Your first Album collection/First concert attended

    The Police. Specifically the show at Comiskey Park with Cheap Trick that my mom wouldn't take me to/let me go to.
  12. CanOfCorn

    Can of Corn

    Suck it Pants! (But you’re right. I am a bloviating jerkface!)
  13. CanOfCorn

    All Star Break Boredom thread

    I think Engel might get the boot down to the minors...although not sure about options left.
  14. CanOfCorn

    Sports Media discussion

    QUOTE (bmags @ Nov 6, 2017 -> 10:11 AM) And I am not a Bennetti hater! But there are too often times where him and stone are having a painfully unfunny back and forth and you can tell they are thinking "look how funny we are!" That doesn't bother me one iota...it's nice to have two people that actually enjoy calling a game together. Unlike Stone and Hawk, who just don't click at all. Another example: I would much rather listen to Foley and Edzo, than Foley and Konroyd. Not because Konroyd is bad, in fact, I think he's excellent. But he's boring. Foley and Edzo enjoy being together calling games and it shows.
  15. CanOfCorn

    President Donald Trump: The Thread

    It's time to stop ragging on the current President. To borrow from Dennis Green: He is who we thought he was. It's now time to shift the focus to the people who can and should remove him from office. He is unqualified, undignified and ill-prepared. Since there's no where to Peter Principle him up, the only other place to go is out. Time to yell at the House to impeach and remove. And yes, I understand who is next in line and next in line after that.