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  1. Buehrle>Wood

    3/19 vs Reds, 8pm, NBCSC

    Jose beast mode this spring
  2. Buehrle>Wood

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    Our bullpen could be top 5 in MLB.
  3. Buehrle>Wood

    Gio Gonzalez

    That actually ended up being a decent amount of money.
  4. Buehrle>Wood

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    "Only" 36 per year. Well worth it.
  5. Buehrle>Wood

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    Per ESPN
  6. Buehrle>Wood

    Gio Gonzalez

    Pretty simple and nothing to do with total wins. We needed a someone who could lead off, someone with a decent OBP, and he had to play CFer as it's the only spot where no one would be blocking anyone of even remote relevance. Jay checks every box there. The fact that hes a stop gap doesnt hurt as we do have some interesting CF prospects, just not now. If Adam Engel is your every day CFer, Renteria is not batting him leadoff. Moncada and Anderson hit lead-off in 135 games last year....something they should never be doing basically (Anderson especially) and wont be on the next successful team. Jay relieves that and places two of our more developmental players into more proper roles. If we spent a million or two too much on him, who cares? We weren't spending that money anyways. The more egregious overpays were pretty much everyone else added. No one should care about that kind of money or the blocking of Adam Engel
  7. Buehrle>Wood

    Gio Gonzalez

    Yep. Going to post for the 50th time this offseason that Jay is a nice fit for this team regardless of everything elss.
  8. Buehrle>Wood

    New Banner

    Eloy is a lame pick.
  9. Buehrle>Wood

    New Banner

    Anderson needs to be up there. Abreu and Moncada were my other 2.
  10. Buehrle>Wood

    **Big Ten Tournament 2019**

    Underwood really should be fired if money wasnt a thing.
  11. Buehrle>Wood

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    The mid 00 White Sox were probably the cleanest team in the league in terms of guys caught or even suspected PED cheaters. Obviously they had some but everyone did.
  12. Buehrle>Wood

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    I have wonder if we sent him down early for not signing his contract.
  13. Buehrle>Wood

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    Jon Jay is a nice fit on this team regardless of the reasons he was signed for and I will keep reiterating that until its accepted as fact.
  14. Buehrle>Wood

    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    Reports during negotiations said Machado did not want to go out west. Of course 50 extra million can convince people a lot of things. If money was equal I have 0 doubt hed be here.
  15. Buehrle>Wood

    Roster Cuts Thread

    Damn eloy got cut early