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  1. Buehrle>Wood

    Sports Media discussion

    Wow. That hurts
  2. Buehrle>Wood

    Jimmy Fallon imitates Sox fan

    Slow news day/week/month/off-season
  3. Buehrle>Wood

    2022 Hall of Fame ballot

    The Barry bonds before he did steroids was a hall of fame player is still the dumbest argument I've ever heard
  4. NSC is soxtalk legend so we ride or die for him
  5. Buehrle>Wood

    2022 Offseason Plan Thread

    He tweeted that was fake news
  6. Buehrle>Wood

    Adam Frazier traded to Mariners

    Idk, I'd still say Frazier is worth the chance. Lefty 2bman that should give a .340 OBP and 760 OPS. I would take that.
  7. Buehrle>Wood

    Would you rather trade Eloy or Vaughn?

    Vaughn since there's a lot better chance of Eloy becoming a great to elite hitter. We can say that because we've seen it. Vaughn we haven't seen anything. Of course the real answer is neither when their values are both at low points.
  8. Buehrle>Wood

    "Old" White Sox Games on YouTube (05/15/88)

    There's some links in there to some.
  9. Buehrle>Wood

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Laughing emoji should account towards the points. My only gripe.
  10. Buehrle>Wood

    White Sox Sour Candy

    The hell is a Duane reade
  11. Buehrle>Wood

    White Sox Sour Candy

    If you tie your account to your purchase you can edit your settings a digital receipt instead