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  1. There is a god. Arod will be back and sounds like there could be a new pbp guy too
  2. Buehrle>Wood

    Soxfest news and notes

    While we all await the Castellanos soxfest surprise, figured I'd start a thread. CSN Plus is covering everything. Eloy says "fuck no to playing dh", says Luis Robert is the second coming of Mile Trout, and that the sox will male the playoffs.
  3. Buehrle>Wood

    Goose Island Sox Golden Ale

    https://blockclubchicago.org/2020/01/24/white-sox-create-1st-beer-with-goose-island-sox-golden-ale/ Summer needs to get here
  4. Buehrle>Wood

    MLB cheating scandal

    Astros Twitter praying these pedo accusations are true is a bit disturbing. It's not like that absolves them all anyways or that Fiers is/was the only source.
  5. Buehrle>Wood


    I dont think theyll actually assess him during spring training and will keep him down...but it's not like hes been other worldly in the minor leagues like some of our other minor leaguers. His stats dont exactly show he needs to be up here this second.
  6. Buehrle>Wood

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    Well his hit total still gets him in easily but yeah if he played anywhere else this were probably talking closer to 90%. But yeah full agreement with you.
  7. Buehrle>Wood

    MLB cheating scandal

    No hes agreeing with him and calling out the astros
  8. Buehrle>Wood

    MLB cheating scandal

    I dont believe that. Their reaction to Farquhar was intense. If everyone knew there would be no reason for that.
  9. Buehrle>Wood

    Sox sign P Bryan Mitchell to minors deal

    Someone had to fill the massive hole left by the departure of Dylan Covey
  10. Buehrle>Wood

    MLB cheating scandal

    The internet is calling for Jessica Mendozas head. Let's hope they get it. What an idiot and since shes a terrible broadcaster it would be a net win for everyone to make Sunday Night Baseball watchable again.
  11. Buehrle>Wood

    White Sox sign Andrew Romine

    Someone had to fill the massive hole left by the departure of Ryan Goins
  12. So sounds like no bullpen pieces or platoon RFers. If Cishek is a "major move" than those would be too. Looks like the team is set.
  13. Buehrle>Wood

    Sox Org Coaching Updates

    I thought he had this by the end of last year since every astros cheating article described him as the Dash pitching coach.
  14. Buehrle>Wood

    White Sox Hitters Camp

    I could be wrong but I thought the camp was always this early, and veterans did show up. Theyll go home soon for another month off. We usually get a complete list of names before hand though. Seems this one just popped up. Anyone got the list?
  15. Buehrle>Wood

    Hire AJ Hinch to replace Ricky?

    Why would anyone want that cloud/distraction over this franchise just when they look like they're going to start blossoming? Managers arent going to win you ballgames. They may lose you some, and perhaps Renteria qualifies as that, but doesnt mean we need to replace him with a cheat.
  16. Buehrle>Wood

    MLB cheating scandal

    Reading the reports, it seems like Cora may he the one eating the lifetime ban. Pretty scathing of him.
  17. Buehrle>Wood

    New Chisox Motto

    It's kind of odd how the only one anyone ever remembers is "The Kids Can Play". Its been 20+ years now.
  18. Buehrle>Wood

    Offseason Moves - Grade em'

    How is, at this point, the Abreu extension even a question about what it what it was? Grandal's first words about signing here were about that extension. Hes being paid a lot for his production. But also because to tell the Cubans the White Sox will take care of you life. Weve seen two contracts in a matter of months to prove that. Edit: lol my bad just realized I was responding to ron.
  19. "A source indicates this is likely the White Sox’s last major move of an offseason"
  20. It was sent via push notification but also it's in the athletic article.
  21. Buehrle>Wood

    Steve Stone stays in White Sox booth

    Hawk and DJ in their last year was the absolute best. It took them forever to hit their stride but once DJ kind of accepted Hawk was the voice of the booth they became amazing...just in time for DJ to be relegated to radio. Now Farmer and DJ are the worst pairing of all time.
  22. Buehrle>Wood

    NCAA football thread 2019-2020

    The fumble overturn was a horrific call
  23. Buehrle>Wood

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Whatd timmy tweet? Hes always posting vague motivational stuff/song lyrics if that's what you mean. It's literally nothing.