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  1. I took a look at the 2015-2016 MLB free agent list: http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2014/09/2016...ree-agents.html What's depressing to me is that I'm not sure the Sox could buy their way out of their present situation, even if they had infinite money. I'm not seeing how the Sox can cobble together an average lineup without trading off at least one of the young guns (Quintana, Sale, Rodon). Your best bet at this point is to try to jumpstart the club with a 1998 Astros/Mariners type trade (where the Mariners got Carlos Guillen and Freddy Garcia for Randy Johnson).
  2. Wedge

    2015-16 NHL thread

    QUOTE (LDF @ Jul 16, 2015 -> 09:26 AM) interesting set of rumors.... yes it is rumors and well, i am just looking, mostly b/c it involves the hawks. since the loosing of Oduya via ufa, there is a little rumblings that UFA Christian Ehrhoff-d is on the docket for a discussion with both parties interested, and Ehrhoff wouldn't mind playing on a really cap fav salary, in order for a chance to get a SC ring. now my take is, the hawks needs to get rid of at least 6-8 million in salary..... how??? i think this may be wishful thinking. Ehrhoff is probably looking at a 1 year deal. He only made 4 million last year and had concussion issues. My guess is he's looking at a Richards type 1 year deal.
  3. Quickest potential fix is a new manager. Robin's terrible. This might be a 500 club with Guillen managing. Simply terrible game management alone has turned 5 wins into losses.
  4. Wedge

    6/28 at Detroit Tigers

    QUOTE (Soxfest @ Jun 28, 2015 -> 03:04 PM) Today is going to end badly. It did lol
  5. Wedge

    Official NHL 2014-15 Thread

    We're gonna lose 4-1
  6. Wedge

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    Thibs is such an awful in-game coach.
  7. Wedge

    Is Ventura the worst manager in the history of MLB?

    It's really tough to judge Robin's bullpen management when the cards he's been dealt there have been awful in his entire tenure. How many games has Jose Abreu won for us this year? Would Abreu have adapted as seamlessly to MLB under a different manager?
  8. Wedge

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    This might be a really dumb question, but what sorts of things is Thibs going to do when both Gasol and Noah are on the court at the same time? I know Gasol isn't considered a great defensive big, but I think the pairing should be pretty solid defensively. But what about offensively? What sort of sets can they run when they're on the court together?
  9. Wedge

    How will ozzie be remembered?

    I'll remember him as the skipper of the first White Sox team to win the World Series in 88 years.
  10. Wedge

    Rios, $1M traded to Rangers

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Aug 9, 2013 -> 03:27 PM) No, Soler was a substantial international signing. Durp.
  11. Wedge

    Rios, $1M traded to Rangers

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 9, 2013 -> 03:12 PM) I mean....just going on a huge spending spree across the board the last two years, throwing good money after bad, and hoping some of it sticks. There's no arguing their Top 4-5-6-7 of K.Bryant/Baez/Soler/Olt/Almora/Alcantara is a LOT more interesting/exciting/intriguing. Of course, there are no guarantees with prospects, any more than there is picking random mutual funds. Unless I'm mistaken, Bryant, Baez, Almora, and Soler were draft picks? In the "trade a starting pitcher for prospects sweepstakes of 2013" I like Garcia over Olt. I'll grant you Alcantara as an international signing. Not seeing where the Cubs spending willy nilly in trades is making a difference.
  12. Wedge

    Rios, $1M traded to Rangers

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 9, 2013 -> 02:44 PM) Except they've never done this in the last 30 years, as an approach. It's frustrating to watch the Cubs or the Dodgers amass talent in this way...but the White Sox are highly unlikely to change course right now. What talent have the Cubs amassed this way? You're frustrated Corey Black isn't in the system?
  13. Wedge

    Peavy appreciation thread

    Sort of sad that injuries held him back so much. 83 starts in 3.5+ years. Oh, what could have been.
  14. Wedge

    Jesse Crain dealt to Tampa Bay

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 29, 2013 -> 03:21 PM) 100% this is going to be true, no matter what the metric is (appearances, IP, days on roster, etc). The downside is that the Rays could theoretically make another trade with some of the more attractive PTBNL prospects, right?
  15. Wedge

    Rios, $1M traded to Rangers

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Jul 29, 2013 -> 12:50 PM) I have a hard time believing we're asking for this. And if we are, I hope Hahn comes down a ton off of his demands. That price is unreasonable, no one will pay it, and we need to get Rios and Ramirez and a couple of others off this team. WE can't go into next year with these same stiffs. Isn't the objective of a trade to improve the team or at least it's prospectus? Unless you're getting back two top prospects and a utility player, I don't think you're doing that. The issue seems to be that you're misclassifying Rios and Ramirez as stiffs. That's not accurate, as they have value commensurate with their salaries.