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  1. valponick


    QUOTE (kapkomet @ Oct 1, 2008 -> 03:19 AM) I think they already had a drawing for the tickets. Ah, ok, thanks.
  2. valponick


    Any word on when they go on sale via ticketmaster.com?
  3. valponick


    The reality of this is finally sinking in.
  4. valponick

    2007 Fantasy Baseball Sign Up

    I was the commish of league 2 last year....I'd like to be in a league again this year, and would be willing to be the commish again. I'd actually like to request 2 spots in the league (my wife, board lurker will register). Lets get another one going
  5. valponick

    Sox Pride

    QUOTE(max power @ Oct 4, 2006 -> 05:07 AM) Would you be so kind to elaborate on why that is a scam? I never joined, though I thought about it. Never got my code to purchase tickets for starters. From what I gathered it was not run by the White Sox but by mlb.com. The reason I say that is that everytime I tried to get my ticket code I had to go through people at mlb.com, I never actually got to speak with a representative of the White Sox. Also, my credit card was charged almost 3 months before my sox pride card actually arrived.
  6. valponick

    Sox Pride

    QUOTE(letsgoarow @ Oct 4, 2006 -> 04:56 AM) for all of you who have been depressed at the start of the playoffs this year.......please put in your dvd labeled sox pride.... it will not only make you smile, but it will put you in a great mood. and yes i did cry a lot during it I thought this thread was about the Sox Pride Club, which turned out to be the biggest scam ever.
  7. valponick

    And that's a White Sox loser

    QUOTE(Cerbaho-WG @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 10:10 PM) Um, look at the sample size as a RHB. Either way, you were wrong, just suck it up and admit it. I am done w/you and this thread.
  8. valponick

    And that's a White Sox loser

    QUOTE(Cerbaho-WG @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 09:26 PM) Navarro is a switch hitter who is much better from the left side, so I have no clue what the hell you're talking about. Leaving in Thornton was the right call. Navarro hits .259 vs RHP and .289 vs LHP, but you're right he hits much better from the left side.
  9. valponick

    And that's a White Sox loser

    QUOTE(Wealz @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 09:20 PM) How do you know he brought MacDougal in one batter too late? Thornton had already pitched 1 1/3 innings when he gave up the bomb and a righty was coming up, we were up by 1 run and had a chance to make up a game on the Tigers and keep our distance from the Twins, he should have and could have used his bullpen better.
  10. valponick

    And that's a White Sox loser

    QUOTE(Wealz @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 09:15 PM) What did he do this time? He brought the Great Brandon McCarthy in . . . He brought in McDougal one batter too late, he pinch hit for the wrong person in the bottom of the 10th just to name 2 things. He doesn't really seem to have a clue.
  11. valponick

    And that's a White Sox loser

    Ozzie is trying to manage this team right out of the playoffs, I really wouldn't mind seeing him gone next year.
  12. valponick

    Could the White Sox

    Iguchi won't hit 20, he'll probably end up with 17. Actually I don't think any of those 3 will hit 20.
  13. valponick

    Jimbo's in danger of closing!!!

    Eh, $4 for a can of beer, I won't miss it, business is business.
  14. valponick

    GAME THREAD: Devil Rays @ Sox, 7:05pm

  15. valponick

    GAME THREAD: Devil Rays @ Sox, 7:05pm

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 12:35 AM) Paulie needs to work on hitting line drives more and stop with this pop up s*** with men on. He pops it up, then does the suicide shrug. This annoys me so much, it reminds me of Cerrano in Major League II.