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  1. Pasqua's Mailman

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Not predicting the Sox will get Machado or that MLB Network will ultimately be proven right but the hosts on MLB programs rarely come to the table with any useful inside information. They are just regurgitating the conventional wisdom. Predicting Machado to the Yankee really doesn't require much imagination.
  2. Pasqua's Mailman

    Updated Baseball America Top 100

    BA's Top 10 1 (3) Vlad Jr 2 (1) Acuna jr 3 (6) Torres 4 (28) Soto 5 (4) Jimenez 6 (5) Robles 7 (7) Bichette 8 (8) Senzel 9 (9) Tatis jr 10 (10) Whitley
  3. Pasqua's Mailman

    Updated Baseball America Top 100

    5 (4) Eloy Jimenez 11 (11) Michael Kopech 52 (53) Alec Hansen 53 (54) Luis Robert 66 (77) Dane Dunning
  4. Pasqua's Mailman

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Dec 18, 2017 -> 02:52 PM) The Ricketts are honestly paying a huge amount of debt down from their purchase of the team from TribCo. I don't think any reluctance is due to profits, but due to that debt being a big burden. Very good point... hadn't thought about the debt issue from the original purchase. My comment is based on some personal business I have had with the family about a decade ago (non-baseball, pre-Cub). Ricketts are genuinely decent people but they are very conservative and risk adverse. This comes from the father and this business philosophy has been imprinted on the kids. The debt issue confirms in my mind that there is no way they will let the payroll get anywhere near the luxury tax.
  5. Pasqua's Mailman

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (FT35 @ Dec 18, 2017 -> 02:27 PM) I mean...I agree...but Theo is creative and he could find ways to make it happen. More years/less per year, moving Lester/Heyward/maybe even Zobrist, talking a player down to make a championship run. My guess is that he's not THAT concerned with the luxury tax--given that his Red Sox were usually over when he was there and and his main competition was ALWAYS over it in NY. The luxury tax threshhold for 2018 is $197 million. If Machado and Harper made $30m each, that leaves $137 million to build the rest of their roster--a number that would have been 16th in MLB--right above teams like Cleveland and Houston. A payroll of $197 million would still only be 5th overall in MLB (using 2017 MLB numbers) and about $45 million LESS than the Dodgers. First off...It's insane money, I get it...but I bet Theo could write Machado's and Bryce's checks, bump his remaining salaries by $13 mil to spend $150 million on the remaining roster (only about $20 million less than his payroll from last year--for a total of $210 million). He'd be $13 million over the luxury tax line, costing him a whopping $2.2 million (lol) in luxury tax penalties...and STILL NOT have the highest payroll in MLB by a longshot. He would have Machado, Harper and a $150 million dollar roster around them. There may be some revenue benefits that follow that type of move. Theo may not be that concerned about the luxury tax but you can bet the Ricketts are. The old man is running the show over there and has absolutely no interest in touching the luxury tax. They are currently making boatloads of money and project to make more... the Ricketts didn't get to the position they are by walking away from profits. There is no way they are going to lower their profit margin when they don't have to.
  6. Pasqua's Mailman

    Heyman: Justin Upton to the Tigers

    Ken Rosenthal reporting the Tigers are in discussions with Upton https://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal/status/689269785692090370
  7. Pasqua's Mailman

    Non-Roster Invites

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jan 14, 2010 -> 02:58 PM) Where did you get that partial list? Merkin twittered it about two minutes ago.
  8. Pasqua's Mailman

    Phil Rogers on Sox quest to find leadoff man

    QUOTE (tommy @ Dec 6, 2008 -> 06:32 PM) I still there is no way Cabrera accepts arbitration and I think Kenny knows. Doesn't Cabrera have until Sunday to decide whether to accept arbitration?
  9. Pasqua's Mailman

    White Sox Acquire Nick Swisher from Athletics

    QUOTE(Elgin Slim @ Jan 3, 2008 -> 03:34 PM) I absolutely despise this trade. KW talks about these guys as being too much to give up for Cabrera and then trades them for Swisher? That is bulls***. The Sox needed to be doing what the As and Marlins are doing, stockpiling prospects and trading away overpriced veterans. I don't know if Swisher can even play CF, meaning that the Quentin trade was stupid. The Sox will be challenging the 1962 Mets for worst team ever in 2010. There is no one, at the moment, in the minors that is ready to play in the majors. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nein. Aaron Poreda is an injury waiting to happen. I doubt Lance Broadway will do anything at in the majors once he faces a team other than the Royals. Most of the guys that project to be major leaguers are HS guys who were drafted in 2007, meaning they are at least 3 years away. KW is on crack, acid or needs to be put in the looney bin if he had any hope or prayer of the Sox competing before 2010 before this trade, because Detroit and Cleveland are that much better than us. Now, we'll be lucky if we're competing by 2013. Here's to 5 seasons in last place. I still love the Sox and will support them through this terrible play, but I hope that JR sees the light and fires KW before he runs the franchise into the ground, to the point that we're the laughingstock of MLB. Hell, the Marlins will compete before us. 1. Swisher played almost 60 games in CF last year. 2. How is Aaron Poreda an injury waiting to happen? Based on what exactly? 3. If none of the guys in the minors will be anything for three year, how will the Sox be the worst team in the world in 2010? 4. Why shouldn't KW try to compete? What is he supposed to do? Trade all the veterans away and field a Marlin's type team? 5. How does this trade make it less likely that the Sox will compete THIS year? None of the players the Sox traded would really have helped this year, so how does this impact 2008?
  10. Pasqua's Mailman

    White Sox Acquire Nick Swisher from Athletics

    QUOTE(Allsox @ Jan 3, 2008 -> 01:56 PM) The White Sox officially have zero prospects in the minors now. Swisher's not a bad ballplayer (Love the OBP) but he's not a CF nor a leadoff man so what need is he filling for '08? And past Buehrle and Vazquez, relying on the combo of Danks, Floyd and Contreras to fill the rotation out is nothing short of praying for a miracle. If one of them failed, at least there was a backup plan. Now there isn't any. We'll be lucky to see 70+ wins this yr and beyond. And how exactly would the Sox be better than 70 wins if they hadn't made the trade? Would De Los Santos have helped this year? No... In 2009? Doubtful... Sweeney was not in the plans at all and Gio is an open question.... The Sox may only win 70 games this year but their chances of winning more games this year improved with this trade... they did not decrease...
  11. Pasqua's Mailman

    Do we need a philosophical change?

    QUOTE(joeynach @ Dec 5, 2007 -> 03:22 AM) The point now is that with all of us recognizing the fact that the plan has basically failed and any attempt to replace the "impact" players with lesser free agents or trades will only piss us off. You mean like what happened in 2005? Go back and look at that offseason... many public "misses" but seem to recall that season turning out alright... Nobody has won anything yet and nobody has lost anything yet... Its not about signing the FAs that make the public happy its about putting together a team that wins... that will be judged on the field... not on a fan message board or the newspapers in December...
  12. Pasqua's Mailman

    Farmer threw Rooney under the bus

    QUOTE(Jenks Heat @ Jan 28, 2006 -> 01:56 PM) During the Q&A session with Farmer, Singleton, Mack and Thome someone mentioned Rooney. Farmer says, "John quit, he was offered a contract and turned it down." It was very cold no sugar coating it. This did not seem like a company line it was harsh. Also Singleton was very impressive. Maybe the SCORE got it right, wouldn't be the first or last serving of crow for me. Farmer and Singleton did a great job of keeping the players from saying anything questionable. It was a great session, not as good as Ozzie, KW and Hawk. All three had awesome presence and are right on. Ozzie has a future in anything he wants. That is rich... it is my understanding that Farmer and Rooney BOTH agreed to play hard ball with the Sox and hold out for more money... Farmer took the first offer the Sox have him and left Rooney hanging... Farmer is all class... ahh, NO!
  13. Pasqua's Mailman

    Bill Mueller To Sox?

    According to Peter Gammons Insider column on ESPN, the White Sox are rumored to getting Bill Mueller...
  14. Pasqua's Mailman

    7-27-05 Game thread Sox @ KC

    Buck can't hit a curve ... don't help him out...
  15. Pasqua's Mailman

    7-27-05 Game thread Sox @ KC

    oh god... i smell doom