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  1. Easily, it legit reminded me of split-squad lineups from the spring
  2. Shocked our split-squad lineup couldn't pull it out. I'm officially on draft watch 2019. Today was a good loss
  3. Why? The roster is one of the worst in baseball. Individual development is way, way more important
  4. Best offense vs worst pitching....should go great. Baez and Schwarber and playing out of their minds.
  5. Diaz should have to pitch from 90 feet to give the guys he's going to face a chance
  6. Yep no one has benefitted from the tank more than Yolmer
  7. Davidson has a hole in his bat these days. Definitely a 65 power, 30 hit tool type guy
  8. Who cares if you win 70 games or 77 games in the long run? The fan base has already checked out this year in terms of thinking this team can compete.
  9. The guy is a monster when he puts the ball in play. However he's taking far too many called 3rd down the plate due to guessing.
  10. Disagree on the fining but baseball does have a huge problem with so many teams not even trying to compete this year.
  11. Too many strikeouts Yoan. Desperately needs to learn how to protect, as he can hopefully get a few bloopers here or there
  12. This roster is comically bad right now. Probably only 7-8 legit major leaguers on it. Oh well, go Yoan and Timmy.
  13. .143/.148/.151 that is a strong 7-8-9 (they sure do love giving Engel chances)
  14. It's astonishing how bad he is at his job. He's great for the tank though
  15. fathom

    2018 MLB Draft

    My thoughts exactly, I'm against messing with Yoan