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  1. Screen play to Tarik has been great...not
  2. No he just sucks and they’ve made him worse by trying to get him to not run
  3. Hicks must be the best player in the NFL, as they look terrible up the middle.
  4. Amazing how badly they’re getting outcoached today
  5. Great play call by the Saints. What idiots running the ball on 3rd and short
  6. Quite ironic that Nagy was obsessed with fixing the kicking position, and he did...yet everything else has collapsed
  7. yep but if the offense is this bad, there’s really no point to keep him here.
  8. Absolutely think they will if the offense finishes in the bottom 5 and team goes 6-10 or so
  9. Sure when he’s an offensive coordinator somewhere next season
  10. I really don’t see how Nagy gets another year with how bad this offense is. Pace also should answer for the lack of development of his draft picks
  11. Trubisky is nearly unplayable. Talk about a massive regression. The punt block team is just awful as well.
  12. So if this season goes as it seems it will, is Nagy guaranteed to return
  13. fathom

    2020 MLB Draft Thread

    Ed Howard seems like someone the Sox would be very high on given his background
  14. fathom

    Rendon thread

    A Boston reporter said JDM was sore if he had to play consecutive games in the field.