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  1. fathom

    4.21 Games

    Hitting a ton of grounders again. Just judging from the play-by-play on milb.com, I’ve noticed a ton of ground outs to first base.
  2. Alonso, the catchers, Nate Jones, Abreu if he's actually washed up. They're already the 2nd worst team in fWAR defensively, and that's a big reason they've lost some of their recent games.
  3. Yes they are far from those teams in terms of talent. They’re still starting 3-4 crappy players every game.
  4. They do? That’s your fault for overrating the Sox talent level.
  5. Blake going to get sent down you think?
  6. He made a lot more contact in the minors. He also hit the ball hard all over the place. Right now, even his contact is relatively weak. He'll get better, he has to make adjustments. Defensively though....he's a DH
  7. Peter Alonso is mashing the hell out of the ball
  8. Last pitch wasn't even close....just once it would be nice if the Sox called up a prospect that took the league by storm.
  9. Actually bad outfield defense was the likely difference.
  10. Eloy needs to make some adjustments...those swings were awful. Looks to have no confidence at all.
  11. ugh, pitch right down the middle and he rolls over AGAIN
  12. nice quick hands...now steal and let Abreu flip one to rf
  13. good AB! Didn't try to do too much. Garcia should steal 2nd on the first pitch here.
  14. Ruiz is not a major leaguer
  15. fathom

    2019 MLB draft thread

    another homer already for Bleday