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  1. Best thing was seeing him run hard twice without grimacing
  2. Wait, Yoan is stealing?
  3. fathom

    Spring Training thread

    Grandal missing a few days due to knee inflammation
  4. Is it Rajah, the person I used to get my wrestling rumors from?
  5. Carter Jr. could not have played worse tonight. Just never seemed mentally into the game.
  6. fathom

    Spring Training thread

    Burger looks in phenomenal shape. Hardly even recognize him. Rodon still looks beefy.
  7. fathom

    Spring Training thread

    Was thinking that about Sheets, any chance they’re trying to trade him?
  8. fathom

    TA7 on Hanging with Hurt

    End of January it seemed
  9. Smart play by Coby to foul on the 3 pointer...good lord
  10. fathom

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    Singer is the likely pick
  11. Can you imagine him in the ASG firing up shots at the end with the Elam Ending? In all seriousness, congrats to him. He’s been awesome.
  12. fathom

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    But could you imagine how popular the Sox would become with teen girls if they made this trade?