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  1. fathom

    Harper part 3

    Everett has won a WS at least
  2. oh trust me, I've considered that but not sure they have roster room if they keep Delmonico and Leury.
  3. I think I look at it this way...if they get Manny cause of it, then it was a brilliant trade. If not, I much would have rather had Avi for the same amount or let Palka get all those at bats than Alonso will get (assuming they go out and get another outfielder). If it's going to be a rebuild year, then Palka should get an opportunity and not a veteran player.
  4. wouldn't be so sure, as there's still Delmonico and Leury
  5. or Abreu is getting dealt
  6. didn't he literally say a week ago they don't want stop-gap measures?
  7. Was literally just going to post something very similar
  8. sorry, was based off the comment that Hahn said in regards to Alonso was signed to help the team and nothing to do with the ancillary benefits. If the Sox don't sign Bryce or Manny, I guarantee Alonso is the whipping boy on this board in 2019.
  9. of course, as if the Sox don't get Alonso, then fans will not like Alonso very much
  10. I know I've been the optimistic one in this thread, but if Hahn is being truthful and the Sox didn't intend to bring in another first baseman this offseason and the deal didn't even start getting discussed until Thursday, it does worry me a bit that this is desperation.
  11. Hahn's a comedian now I see
  12. and if the Sox and Phillies both offer 350, does anyone think having his closest friend doesn't help the Sox?
  13. if the plan backfires and they don't get Manny or Bryce, then who cares about the Indians saving 9 million. Not going to be actually competing with them in the coming year anyways. It's real simple, for anyone thinking this move makes no sense, that should be a good thing as it likely means it makes sense to the people who actually know what's going on.
  14. This was from a few days ago from a good Yanks source: