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  1. That's what you get for walking Kendall in that situation.
  2. I dont get it. Chavez is much more dangerous than Kendall is, even if both are struggling.
  3. Huge K for Buehrle! Byrnes just swung through a fastball right down the plate. We need to play shallow on Kendall to take away the blooper.
  4. Walk Byrnes, try to turn DP on Kendall
  5. Keep the ball down Buehrle! Everything has been up.
  6. Jesus Dye. What the f*** is he doing?
  7. I'll take a sac fly right now. Have to avoid big inning.
  8. Swisher is a guy who K's a ton. That's two hits Buehrle has given up to him now with 2 strikes on him.
  9. QUOTE(WHarris1 @ Apr 27, 2005 -> 03:17 AM) And the next one was a bloop I have to admit, I flipped over to the Cubs game to see the last out after Dye's foul ball. Was his liner to right field hit hard?
  10. QUOTE(sircaffey @ Apr 27, 2005 -> 03:16 AM) That was not a flare. It wasn't hit as hard as Hawk made it seem like it, but nonetheless, it was hit hard. The ball that went foul down the LF line? To me, it looked like it would have been a blooper down the line. Anyways, it is nice to see Dye swinging with more authority. He hasn't been aggressive at the plate at all this year, and is getting down in the count early and often because of it.
  11. QUOTE(WHarris1 @ Apr 27, 2005 -> 03:13 AM) Man, Dye is putting some good hacks on the ball. That 2-1 foul was laced. Dude, I'm happy Dye got a double this game, but that was a flare off the end of the bat. He's still stranded 4 guys on base today.
  12. QUOTE(CWSGuy406 @ Apr 27, 2005 -> 03:10 AM) Doesn't the ump have to issue a warning before a guy can be tossed like that? No, he can eject a person if he feels it's intentional. Zambrano didn't have a warning tonight, and he got tossed.
  13. I'd rather Buehrle didn't retaliate in this game. There's the risk that he'll get ejected, and no need to put on another baserunner.
  14. That definitely looked intentional.
  15. QUOTE(Fotop @ Apr 27, 2005 -> 03:03 AM) Was that just an unintentional, intentional walk? I'm watching on gamecast, and I'm rather curious because Kielty kills us. I have nightmares of Kielty hitting with a 3-0 count. I was happy we walked him there w/a lefty up next.
  16. Great job Buehrle. Hopefully we'll keep having good AB against Harden.
  17. Big batter in the game here with Hatteberg. Buehrle has to keep the ball down like he's been doing.
  18. Pitch over the error Buehrle.
  19. Ozuna has to try and hit a sac fly in those situations. Would have loved to see him get that bunt down.
  20. Holy cow, incredible AB by Widger there. Thought that ball was going to hang up long enough for Kotsay to catch.
  21. I'm more confident with Uribe at the plate in crucial situations than anyone else on our team. Keep it going Widger!
  22. Nice hit by Dye. Sure would have loved to see that in the first inning with 2 men on base.