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  1. Kelley for sure and honestly I feel like they should cash out high on Crochet
  2. fathom

    Cease could be the best P on Sox, per Lucas Giolito

    We also were told coming into last season that he was working on eliminating the cut on his fastball.
  3. I don’t mind the offseason acquisitions considering the budget. I do wish they were more aggressive in trading prospects for quality players though with cheap contracts.
  4. Not a guaranteed quality starter in the bunch there. Quite the risk in an “all in” season
  5. Vafan, you are way too worried about blocking unproven players. There will be injuries and plenty of playing time available this year. Having quality depth though is more important than avoiding it due to wanting to leave spots open.
  6. That’s an all-timer there. Lavine makes some of the dumbest decisions down the stretch you will ever see.
  7. You think there’s a chance they trade Collins if they sign Mathis, or will they keep 3 catchers to start year?
  8. Stoney mentioned bullpen at least three times tonight
  9. Stoney seems convinced he will be in the pen. I agree with you though
  10. Sure sounds like Rodon to the pen
  11. Gotta love Hector still saying more good news is missing for the Sox on the same day Twins and Cruz are negotiating again
  12. I thought he was the worst starter the Sox faced last year
  13. At the time of non-tendering, it could be they didn’t have a strong grasp of what the market would be due to COVID.
  14. And it can’t be said enough, he did this bad against some awful offenses.
  15. Pretty sure he was happier with TLR being hired than I was
  16. Sounds like Hamels might be next according to what Bruce said
  17. I’m more hopeful for Rodon than Lopez, to be honest
  18. Better than no velocity and concerns they will never get it back. He sucked of course last year but Ricky did him no favors. What the Sox need to do is a tell him to give them 75 dominant pitches every outings. He doesn’t need to be a workhorse.
  19. James was all over this. Him and Harold continue to be the best by far.
  20. I love it. He’s going to be motivated to get a multi-year deal. His stuff was good when he returned, which is better than we can say for some of these options.
  21. No offense, but this post made me feel worse about things. Just seeing names like Lambert, Stiever and Mercedes as possibly being needed in significant roles is scary. The Padres and Dodgers are acting like teams trying to win a World Series. The Sox seem like they’re trying to win the division.
  22. He deleted it of course. Not a good look
  23. fathom

    Arenado traded to Cardinals

    Freeland seems like a Sox type guy