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  1. fathom

    2022 AL Central catch all thread

    It is, but they’re capitalizing on it and have a deep system they can trade from at the deadline.
  2. fathom

    2022 AL Central catch all thread

    Twins win again. They’re legit enough to win a lot of games in this division.
  3. Was it really some big secret that he’s a jerk off the field....nope
  4. fathom

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    Who doesn’t want to read Dicaro’s latest articles
  5. I love Tim’s teammates/coaches sticking up for him. Needless to say, but no one on the Sox is buying Donaldson’s bullshit. How awful of a person do you have to be for Hendriks not to like you?
  6. fathom

    2022 AL Central catch all thread

    Twins making it look easy against KC
  7. He just wanted to make Cortes feel comfortable today with racist comments flowing
  8. I can’t imagine how long the suspension would be if someone on the Sox said this to Judge.
  9. I like how some Yankees fans are trying to convince themselves that Donaldson meant it as a compliment. I wonder how Sabathia feels about this.
  10. Yep Donaldson should get suspended ten games if this is true
  11. Nope, Twins look like the better team 1/4 of the way into the season.
  12. Can’t find a number 2 hitter this year or a number 5 hitter.
  13. Just not enough weapons in the lineup and on the mound today. Can’t wait to hear Keuchel’s excuses.
  14. Never would have thought Robert would look so much more dangerous against offspeed pitches than fastballs
  15. Needs to be hitting more line drives and walking more
  16. Vaughn just can’t elevate the hanging slider lately
  17. Does pulling an outside slider count? He’s been great but just feels he changes his approach so much with RISP.
  18. What drives me nuts about Yoan at the plate is that he doesn’t battle at all. No effort to foul off pitches he gets fooled on.
  19. He swings this year like he’s never seen an offspeed pitch.
  20. It’s like their hitting coach and hitting strategy should be changed immediately.
  21. Last six swings by the Sox were all on pitches out of the zone. That’s pathetic
  22. Leury didn’t swing at a single strike
  23. Grandal’s just not providing enough slugging