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    Manny: All Quiet on the Rumor Front

    Cappin = lying
  2. fathom

    Manny: All Quiet on the Rumor Front

    Also doesn’t want to jeopardize the chances of a deal taking place.
  3. I’m sure Dodgers let all teams know he’s available, especially one like Braves with their needs and resources.
  4. And why wouldn’t Braves be all over it if price was so low? If Sox get him, it will be for a much bigger price than most think on here IMO.
  5. Which means they likely have to give up more to get Joc without taking on a salary dump. As for starter, I'm still expecting Gio.
  6. outside of Eloy, he would be the prospect I would say had the best consistent quality of at bats out of all the prospects I watched last year (on the Sox).
  7. His 2015 and 2016 were both really good also. He’s not a one-year wonder.
  8. That would be an astronomical leap. He’s an intriguing prospect, but if you can get a 3 WAR outfielder with two years of cheap control for him, then that’s an outstanding draft pick.
  9. You have a lot more faith in our draft scouting than I do
  10. https://dodgers.mlblogs.com/joc-pedersons-2018-improvement-might-be-even-better-than-you-remember-789c5d6273c0
  11. Braves are close to getting an outfielder though, so unless it’s Joc in the next few days, I doubt they would match up down the road.
  12. More I think about it, the more I feel Sox will have to give up a decent amount if it’s just for Joc. A team like the Braves would be all over Joc if the price was low.
  13. Is that actually true? They did seem to get along well during the postseason.
  14. I don’t see why it’s such a bad idea, as they wouldn’t really be harming the overall rebuild. They still wouldn’t have brought in any long-term guys besides Manny in this hypothetical situation. The rest is just short-term payroll expenditures that won’t harm you down the road. Also by now I’m sure the Sox have an idea about what their chances are for Harper. They’re not that dumb where they would give the Dodgers more flexibility if they feel like they’re in direct competition for Bryce.
  15. If they do this move, I truly feel like it’s because they are gonna get Manny and plan on competing in 2019.
  16. Yep two year of control, so he has more value than Puig or Wood.
  17. Dodgers have no need for Jay or Alonso. If this rumor is true, no reason to think some combo of the 3 names mentioned wouldn’t be involved
  18. Pollock costs you a pick though and would also lock up more payroll in years 3, 4 etc.
  19. Sure he’s a wild card, but if you aren’t getting Manny or Bryce, you’re still in a rebuild season where you want to see what you have in Palka instead of Yonder.
  20. I think all this illustrates is how unnecessary the Alonso move was if they don’t get Manny
  21. Joc has been over a 3 fWAR in three of the last four years. He would be a dramatic upgrade in CF offensively. He would have been the best or 2nd best Sox offensive player in those years.
  22. You just want to see the headline “Dodgers acquire Bryce”
  23. There’s no room for Engel on the roster if they get Manny once Eloy is promoted.
  24. Eloy LF, Joc CF, Palka RF with Jay the 4th outfielder. Not exactly ideal in terms of platoons in CF and RF.