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  1. fathom

    Red Line Radio Hahn Interview

    I’ve yet to hear anyone not related to the Sox organization that has said he will stick at catcher.
  2. fathom

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Bishop with two more homers tonight (KLaw at the game). He’s flying up the ranks.
  3. fathom

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    Hitters were taking might swings against him. The homers were bombs.
  4. They were foolish enough to replace their front office that couldn’t produce a winner. Jokes on them
  5. fathom

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    Giolito really doesn’t deserve to be in the majors. He can’t pitch from the stretch, which is alarming considering how many walks he allows.
  6. fathom

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    Unreal how bad the starting pitching is going to be. Giolito just isn’t major league caliber.
  7. fathom

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Those secondary college bats would piss me off. Misner is slumping big time and I’m not interested in Stott at all.
  8. fathom

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    Santana doesn’t have much on his fastball
  9. fathom

    Spring Training Thread

    Training staff believes he will recover in a week
  10. fathom

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    I feel bad for KW...no doubt him and Trout would have bonded
  11. fathom

    Gio Gonzalez

    It’s frustrating that a lot of fans seemingly don’t care enough to still be angry. To this day, I’m still shocked Hahn hasn’t been fired. If you were purposefully trying to have a bad offseason....I don’t think you could do as poorly as he did. Can’t wait to hear his justifications tomorrow on red line radio
  12. fathom

    Gio Gonzalez

    Hahn misjudged the market big time. He will probably receive an extension.
  13. fathom

    FS: White Sox Should Be Pleased With 3rd Pick

    Misner just went 0 for the weekend at Arkansas
  14. fathom

    3/16 vs Dodgers, 3pm, NBCSC

    Yep it’s disgusting how much JR had run these organizations into the ground.
  15. fathom

    3/16 vs Dodgers, 3pm, NBCSC

    Really wonder what more he could do to get fired? He’s Gar-level bad.
  16. fathom

    3/16 vs Dodgers, 3pm, NBCSC

    All it does is hurt a team with fragile enough young pitching. The corner outfield defense is going to be ridiculously bad.
  17. fathom

    3/16 vs Dodgers, 3pm, NBCSC

    It’s truly amazing how badly this roster has been constructed. Palka should only be at DH.
  18. fathom

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Another dominating start for Lodolo
  19. Jones didn’t look to be throwing very hard. Robert had a nice double, Madrigal still has a long way to go to hit legit pitching with authority
  20. He sucks in every aspect. He would be release caliber if he wasn’t once a top prospect. Oh well, at least Moncada looks good righty.
  21. At this point he might have to match Lance Broadway’s acting success
  22. Gavin’s hook was infinitely better
  23. I do wonder why in the hell is McCann hitting so high in the order this spring?
  24. He’s just terrible from the stretch. Given how many guys he walks, this adds up. He just does so many little things poorly (pitch from stretch, hold runners, etc)
  25. fathom

    New Banner

    Manny, Joc and Bryce