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  1. SouthPaw

    Thank You Everyone

    I haven't posted in a very long time. However, I'm always on here to stay up to date on my favorite team!
  2. SouthPaw

    2007 Fantasy Baseball Sign Up

    1) What format you prefer playing - Head to Head 2) Your relative level of experience - Experienced 3) Your league preference - Does not matter 4) Whether or not you are willing to be a league commisioner - No thanks
  3. SouthPaw


    QUOTE(DABearSoX @ Jun 23, 2006 -> 11:13 PM) anyone have the distance Pods GS went.......he showed some power on that one yahoo sports says it was a 412 foot shot. "he hit a 2-2 pitch an estimated 412 feet to right. "
  4. SouthPaw

    Trophy Girl

    Just got back from the game and thought id tell soxtalk that some guy had a replica of the World Series trophy. He said he made it himself, this thing was awesome. edit: sorry bout them being blurry.
  5. SouthPaw

    Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson quotes

    How about last night when he told D.J. that he sucks? that was awesome. During the picks to click segment in the beginning. D.J: Oh come on look at these picks... this is some bull. Hawk: (laughs) You suck (laughs)
  6. SouthPaw

    From Northsidebaseball

    seeing that board makes me appreciate soxtalk that much more.
  7. SouthPaw

    Video of Barrett-Pierzynski

    I really hate that Barrett got that sucker punch in
  8. SouthPaw

    Brawl Results

    Pods is awesome for getting in there so fast. And that was such a cheap shot a AJ.
  9. SouthPaw

    White Sox v. Mariners

    QUOTE(BigSqwert @ Apr 24, 2006 -> 10:38 PM) Gotta love it. 51 pages for a Monday night west coast game. Soxtalk rocks! Yeah im guessin it exploded once anderson homered
  10. SouthPaw

    White Sox v. Mariners

    QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Apr 24, 2006 -> 10:31 PM) Why do we run ourselves into outs. Its alright, sets us up nicely for the next inning. Iguchi gets on and Thome hits a game winning homer.
  11. SouthPaw

    White Sox v. Mariners

    QUOTE(toasty @ Apr 24, 2006 -> 10:30 PM) IM LAUGHING MORE AT THAT HR THAN I DID AT PODS WALK OFF Yeah its funny how a lot of people's reaction to his homer was laughter...including my own that was awesome.
  12. SouthPaw

    White Sox v. Mariners

    Now if that doesnt help him out of a funk i dont know what will
  13. SouthPaw

    White Sox v. Mariners

  14. QUOTE(SnB @ Apr 10, 2006 -> 01:21 PM) 6-3 white sox winner. Jenks with about a solid of an outing as possible Yeah it was great to see him have a easy inning