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    David Freese

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Sep 16, 2014 -> 09:35 PM) I would think the Sox would rather have Davidson get back on track and play that role if not start altogether. Whether he does is obviously in question, but with where the organization sits, I don't see the utility in starting Freese. I am not as averse to bringing in older players as many others are, I would just prefer it to be a starting pitcher who could be flipped if the team doesn't end up in contention happen next year or a catcher who could split duties with Flowers (and ideally be a leader in a now very young clubhouse). I too would like Davidson to be the player we thought he was going to be but after this year he has to show me. I wouldn't be crazy about him as the righty in a platoon, due to so few at bat, which is why I thought about a veteran with favorable platoon splits.
  2. BamaDoc

    Alejandro De Aza

    i still have a hard time figuring him out. His overall numbers the last four years have declined perhaps because we played him to much. His splits against left handers get worse and worse while he has a career OPS of .748 vz right-handers and this year is actually .772. Acceptable on the right team but I don't know if that is us. As a part time or platoon player yes but maybe not what we would have to pay at arbitration.
  3. BamaDoc

    8/15 Games

    Who would have ever thought that at the end of the WS game the WS position player in the game with the highest batting average would be Cleuluis Rondon? I have hope for him and glad as young and light as he is that he has not worn out this year.
  4. BamaDoc

    Game Thread- Sox @ Tigers 12:10 PM CT

    Perfect…out of inning…over 100 pitches….take him out and trade him! LOL
  5. BamaDoc

    Conor Gillaspie

    Really! Really! He has probably been our biggest positive surprise this year. He doesn't have a home run. Big deal! His slugging percentage is about sixty points higher this year. His ops is 140 points above last year(.832). His ops is better than everyone except Abreu. He is not an all or nothing option. I would bet if our whole team had his production it may lead the league. Yes, I would like his glove to improve but he is doing fine overall.
  6. BamaDoc

    Jack McDowell unloads on James Andrews

    I also recall an article in which Jack discussed warm up pitches both before a game and between innings. He always used less there and commented that no one counts those. He has a valid point. If you are exerting max or near max effort it doesn't matter if a batter is there. He talked of using 2-3 less per inning warming up than allowed, he was pitching in the day of complete games so 18-27 less "pitches" warming up meant 1-2 more innings.
  7. BamaDoc

    Jack McDowell unloads on James Andrews

    I thought Jack had elbow surgery and had a nerve injury. Am I wrong, I could be thinking of someone else?
  8. BamaDoc

    2 Realistic trade options I came up with

    Freese would be an upgrade at third but would be pretty old by the time we rebuild. I would go younger prospects. Cardinals don't have a ton of infielders in their top 20 per MLB.com but something like Cooney a LHP and 14th ranked and perhaps and either a replacement like Kozma or maybe a young outfielder close to ready like Piscotty or Ramsey. I think you have a better chance of two mid prospects than any of their top 5.
  9. BamaDoc

    9/7 at Orioles

    QUOTE (flavum @ Sep 7, 2013 -> 03:01 PM) https://twitter.com/CST_soxvan/status/37633...0094338/photo/1 Leury leadiing off. Semien batting 9th. Seems backwards!
  10. BamaDoc

    8/23 Games

    Andy Wilkins at third base?
  11. BamaDoc

    8/14/2013 White Sox vs. Tigers

    Austin Jackson has the worst avg of today's Tiger lineup at .266 (OBP .333) . That is better than six players we are starting!
  12. BamaDoc


    Nestor Molina three scoreless innings 25 pitches 23 strikes Hope start of something
  13. BamaDoc

    Do you want Ventura back as manager next year?

    I would really love to hear his explanation on why Peavy was sent back out. Must be something I don't understand. I see no benefit only potential harm.
  14. I had planned to attend Fridays game vs Oakland which is also fireworks night. Unfortunately, my mother is dying and on life support so I will not be able to make the trip from Alabama. I have put them on stubhub with instant download available. I paid $143 apeice and am asking $100. They are five rows from the field, right by the Sox on deck circle next to the dugout. Sec 136 row 5 seats 3,4,5. Hope someone can enjoy the game. Go Sox!
  15. BamaDoc

    Tickets for Friday vs Oakland

    Thanks for the expressions of support. The tickets have sold, wish I could be there. Go Sox
  16. BamaDoc

    Some Sox free agents

    Per the MLB trade rumors site link, Buehrle, Pierre, and Frasor rank as type B free agents meaning if arbitration is offered and rejected by the player, if the player signs elsewhere the Sox receive a supplemental pick between the first and second round. The good news is the pick is not from a signing team so it does not keep anyone from signing them. The picks could be quite useful to restock the minor league system. The down side is if the player accepts you are stuck with them and at a arbitration price ie maybe not the price you want. Buehrle no brainer you offer so if he doesn't resign you get the pick. He will have multi year offers. Frasor tougher call. May decline in search of a multiyear (two) year deal and I think someone would do that so I say offer. Pierre toughest call. You don't want him back, unlikely to get multi year offer so highest chance of accepting, so I think despite wanting the pick you have to pass. I would however, try to get him to agree to refuse arbitration thus getting the pick. I would have a wink wink agreement that he could be a minor league instructor when his playing days are thru. Thoughts?
  17. prospects? kennyhatesprospects
  18. BamaDoc


    Great job by Mark. Best wishes whatever comes
  19. BamaDoc

    mlb tv

    Has anyone subscribed to mlb tv. If so, how has it been? I live in Alabama, so I am assuming no Sox games will be blacked out? Any info appreciated.
  20. BamaDoc

    Sox make 8 roster moves

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Mar 15, 2011 -> 01:31 AM) Impressive but still young and learning He turned 27 this January. This is a huge year for him. Not a lot of Dennis Werths out there.
  21. BamaDoc

    Frank Hall of Fame chances

    I think Frank is a sure fire HOF, but I was wondering what his first ballot chances were. Edgar Martinez received 32.9% of the votes after 36% his first year. I think penalized because he was primarily a DH. A career line of .312/.418/.515 with 7 allstar 5 silver slugger, 2 batting titles is not bad. Frank was .301/.419/.555 with 2 MVP four other top 5 and 3 more top ten, 1 batting title and 500+ homers, 5 all star, 4 silver slugger. I am in no way saying EM is equal to Thomas, I am only tossing this out to get opinions on how primary DH are seen by the voters. Maybe Franks .300,20+ hr, 100 runs walks rbis for seven first years trumps all and gets him in on first ballot?
  22. BamaDoc

    Juan Uribe

    When Uribe gets hot he can be very productive. It looks like he is. Gotta get him in the lineup. He may win them the Series. I still root for him and Rowand individually although I would like Texas to win.
  23. BamaDoc

    Numbers please

    Those of you who can translate AAA stats to probable major league stats .....would a platoon of Gartrell and either De Azza/Reed really give much different numbers than what Kotsay and Jones provide. The AAA guys hit well against the opposite pitcher. I realize we won't cut vets but I would like to see the analasis.
  24. BamaDoc

    Numbers please

    Updated numbers DeAza .338/.420/.497/.917 Gartrell .304/.393/.569/.962 Reed ..387/.424/.742/1.166 (numbers versus opposite armed pitchers) of note Reed played first last night. major league equivilent data base apparently not updated but still a plattoon might work well.
  25. BamaDoc

    Numbers please

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jul 26, 2010 -> 07:19 PM) De Aza vs RHP in AAA - .308/.401/.451/.852 Gartrell vs LHP in AAA - .302/.380/.552/.932 and their major league equivalent (according to minor league splits) De Aza vs RHP - .255/.338/.380/.718 Gartrell vs LHP - .255/.324/.429/.753 I could see them outproducing those numbers, but it's not an upgrade by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks for the numbers. They would outperform Kotsay and Jones as they have been used if the Rookies platooned. Kotsay . 220/.306/.353/.659 Jones .203/.307/.430/.737