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  1. Just as kind of a fyi for people, ACL requirements are different for different people and activities. A surgeon friend of mine completely tore his in high school. Never repaired. Ski’s double blacks every winter. Small subset of population maintains stability without it. In no way suggesting that is the case or advocating not fixing just information.
  2. BamaDoc


    This is post trade (which was not a salary dump) and per spotrac but they list the Sox payroll as #7. Respectable for the window? On the right side of the page, they have the luxury tax calculation and have the White Sox at 210 million. They have JR within 20 million of paying the luxury tax! I am not sure anyone had this in their predictions. I find fault when I think I see it but conversely, one should give credit when due. I certainly can fault some roster construction but uncle Jerry is spending more than I expected. Perhaps season tickets have jumped post lockout resolution? I am not pro Jerry but trying to be fair. Looking for my fire retardant clothing……….lol. Side note, could you imagine this board if we let Jansen walk at 1yr 16million only to trade for Kimbrel at 1-16?
  3. BamaDoc


    I hope we will have payroll room to add. I do feel fairly confident that Jerry will not pay a tax and that for us, the 230 tax threshold will be a hard cap. I don't agree with that but hey it is easy to spend other peoples money.
  4. BamaDoc

    The Harry Rules

    Absolutely hilarious read on (for some of us) our old Sox announcer. https://theathletic.com/3204000/2022/03/30/the-harry-caray-rules-a-step-by-step-guide-to-a-night-out-with-one-of-baseballs-most-legendary-characters/ Wish I could have experienced it first hand but was to young for bars during his Sox days. Hearing him in the cooler on air, tossing beers to fans, talking like a fan not a corporate shill………Harry !
  5. There will be shortened time to get ready for the season. Starters will be held back awhile as far as how many pitches/deep they go to avoid injuries. For relievers, I think you limit innings but also avoid back to back days for awhile. With the possibility that Kimbrell is not traded before the start of the season and he seems to be more effective closing, could he and Liam split closing duties for maybe a month while arms regain strength? Say Liam gets odds and Kimbrell even days. You might have to adjust if there are blowouts but perhaps neither going more than 2-3 days without pitching. There were times last year where I think Liam was over worked and this would prevent over work/injury risk while it exists. If Kimbrell is pitching better in a closer role(part time) then you would maximize his trade value. You could do similar things with the others in the pen at the start of the season for injury prevention. Just thinking ..........
  6. BamaDoc

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    cancelled my MLBtv renewal. My small symbolic act.
  7. BamaDoc

    Request for mods

    I don't know if you have any control over this or not but I humbly request that the 10-1 Astros over our beloved Sox game score be removed from the right side of the Soxtalk headquarters page. It just sucks to look at that every time I come here and if the work stoppage causes games to not be played it will suck more. Thanks in advance for all y'all do!
  8. BamaDoc

    Request for mods

    Thank you all who participated in getting the score removed. Really, Thanks!
  9. BamaDoc

    Levine links Sox to Conforto

    Trying to remember, did I see one ownership proposal eliminated FA draft pick compensation? I have no interest with a poor farm system of giving up a high pick for 1 year of Conforto.
  10. BamaDoc

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    Had not looked at it that way. MLB also has to spend money on the minor leagues while NFL doesn't thanks to college football.
  11. Been awhile since I have seen it. It is listed MA. Don't recall any nudity. Probably some profanity but don't recall anything. Think as a documentary it is probably fine. Think there is some alcohol. Now you got me wanting to rewatch. My wife liked a lot.
  12. Battered is a really good watch and a true story. Highly recommend.
  13. BamaDoc

    The MLB lockout is lifted!

    A salary floor might be the biggest concession owners could make and might force some ownership groups to sell. A low initial floor which increases over the length of the CBA might work and give some teams time to sell and possibly relocate. A raise of the minimum would accomplish the goal of getting money to the younger players. Gradual increase of a hard salary cap/penalties would make remaining owners happy. This likely screws minor leaguers who aren't part of the union and spending in their area gets cut by some franchises due to profit desires.
  14. BamaDoc

    FS: 2021-2022 International Preview

    Do you think we are holding money or the signings just haven't been announced? I figure if we had 1 million available, Prieto would be in our system. Dodgers with 30!??! Where do they play all of them? Is it just two DSL teams? Do they churn and burn a lot of prospects ?
  15. BamaDoc

    FS: 2021-2022 International Preview

    F it. Sign him up. Less dollars and give Juan sr a job!
  16. BamaDoc

    Montgomery pleases TLR

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?..
  17. BamaDoc

    Soxtalk Member Age Range

    On the way to sixty. Profile says 2004. Was on another board before that but I am to old to remember it’s name. It closed and moved here after trying to find another.
  18. BamaDoc

    Is Jake Burger

    It’s funny people questioned if he could play third. He could play second in an emergency but is not an every day option. I like him but may be trade material.
  19. Nice find but I can't get behind pay wall. Perhaps a reasonable summary without blatant theft LOL. I normally do a post on this but couldn't do it with looming work stoppage. Major concern with Ford is a nearly 33% k rate at AA. Would worry part time work in majors would be even higher.
  20. BamaDoc

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    For Noah! One year, giving up pick, 21 million. After significant injuries how many innings could you expect? 120-150?
  21. Cody Bellinger projected 16 million same as kimbrell. Swap lol
  22. BamaDoc

    Marshall/Rodon info coming soon

    I think what is trying to be said is that Tony does have an advantage by not saying if Rodon or even Kuechel will be out. If it is not announced, the Astros have to do some work on scouting/culling/analyzing/prepping etc ahead of time. If they don't pitch or are ruled out later then that time and effort was wasted.
  23. BamaDoc

    Final weekend pitching probables

    I don't want Lynn, with an iffy knee, anywhere near a wet mound!
  24. BamaDoc

    9/30 Games

  25. BamaDoc

    9/26 & 9/25 AAA

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2021-09-26 https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2021-09-25 I return like the Sox shall! On the 25th games, Romy three hits, Rutherford hr, Mendick played lf. Fry blew a save. Parke gets AAA era below 4. Perhaps next year he could serve as about a #20 pitcher?