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    I'M IN!
  2. BamaDoc

    I'm Going!

    My wife surprised me for my birthday with a trip for my 12 year old son and I to go to games three and four. We fly out in the morning. Any other Sox fans going to the house of the enemy?
  3. BamaDoc

    I'm Going!

    I am getting psyched. My son brought his team to Birmingham for the Sox Barons exhibition a few years ago and threw out a first ball and big Frank gave him an autographed ball. This sets the stage for this year when my son was managed by my good friend, a die hard Cubs fan who had of course picked the Cubs as "our" team. Son: Coach, What is the best thing about wearing a Cub uniform? Manager: I don't know? Son: Taking it off! True story. My buddy died laughing.
  4. BamaDoc

    Boston in

    He is through five, would you pull him. At 68 pitches I might let him go one more.
  5. BamaDoc

    BMAC not on 25 man for ALDS?

    What are the rules on roster changes between series?
  6. BamaDoc

    El Duque Odd Man Out

    I think Viz gets the 6&7, El Duque 8&9, or each get at least one to decide the last spot. I can't see leaving McCarthy out. As the young future of the Sox starters, I want him to get playoff experience and his pitching down the stretch indicates he is worthy.
  7. BamaDoc

    25-man roster

    I play Gload, Blum, and Harris in both the remaining games. Some rust to scrape off. I like Harris for speed, Gload as a bat, and Blum's versatility. One thing we have failed at lately is a bunt and I think Harris leads there. It becomes what two of three, and I haven't been impressed with Blum's bat or glove. Blum is adequate a lot of ways, not necessarily good at any. Tough call, but if Gload is stinging the ball, I take him.
  8. BamaDoc

    How is it Ozzies fault?

    I know the topic title will bring forth the Ozzie haters and I admit I do not agree with every move. I also admit he is much closer to the situation than I. For instance, how long was Hermanson's back hurting before anyone of us knew about it or how many nights did he know he didn't have him available. Anyway, my real point is that our team has done far more than expected as NO player is having a career year on offense. I can not find any other team that didn't have someone and usually several guys deviate from their statistical norms. Furthermore, we had one guy on our team, for only a brief period of time, that scared other pitchers. Once Frank left we never regained that presence by any other player stepping up. Also, we were successful in manufacturing runs. How can anyone b**** about Podsednik when he was key to the first half. Do any of you realize pre injury he was roughly 50-9 in stolen bases and 6-14 since. The injury came right around Frank leaving killing our ability to play the same small ball that worked before. How is that Ozzies fault. He can't swing the bat for guys who are pressing and doesn't have anything close to a proven alternative. Lets get real! GO SOX!
  9. BamaDoc

    How is it Ozzies fault?

    I think his pitching manuevers are questionable as well but I think his overmanaging at times is due to little faith in the offense. An absense of faith which has been justified. Hopefully all straightens out as the playoffs loom. Night all, much more enjoyable debating/discussing after a win.
  10. BamaDoc

    How is it Ozzies fault?

    I also hated when we put Timo at lead off and many of the other moves but all our hitters are pretty much sucking this year. Who would you have put in those situations? Blum as an offensive addition get real. Since moving Carl down what have our three hole guys done? Next to nothing. You have to execute and our guys aren't. Just tell me who isn't playing that can lead us into the promised land now not after a game. Who isn't playing that can do it? Who do you know will come through? Tell us in advance not complain after. If you know please tell Ozzie also!
  11. BamaDoc

    How is it Ozzies fault?

    Check my first sentence, I disagree with many moves but with our offense you have no help. My comment was more on the lines of when has such an inept offense with no one having a great year gotten this far!? Virtually no one is batting above career norms(AJ homers mild exception). We have no one close to any major catagory.
  12. It is a grind and we were spoiled by our great start. I don't see the grounders to the right side, the sac flies, and little things happening at this point. If we don't get a serious relaxation on reaching the playoffs any game is about over if we give up three runs. We really need two guys to get real hot as I don't eeven think we can hope for a team hot streak.
  13. BamaDoc

    How is it Ozzies fault?

    No response. Am I incorrect in my thoughts?
  14. BamaDoc

    Clincher contreras

    contreras has been doin great . he's gone 8-1 since Allstar Break from what I know that's better than our other starters.Also Ozzie has done better than most our managers in the past so I still want him back and if we get to the World Series and win you will be talkin like he's the greatest thing ever GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. BamaDoc

    Clincher contreras

    son on computer sorry
  16. BamaDoc

    Message to JR: Sign Konerko now

    I would find it hard to go beyond three years at 30 with options triggered on a 4 or 5th
  17. BamaDoc

    9-28 Game Thread

    if rain is coming would you use a reliever to start and save Contreras for after the rain delay?
  18. BamaDoc

    You're the GM: White Sox edition

    If the Cubs win for Furcal, would you try Nomar at third?
  19. BamaDoc


    If we got in as the wild card, I think how it would be viewed would totally depend on how we did in the playoffs. World Series no problem! Swept in first round.....COLLAPSE!
  20. BamaDoc

    Everett Not Happy

    Hopefully, he is just frustrated about sucking when the team needs him most. Hitting .141 you should be happy to be in the lineup anywhere. I hope he goes on a tear and carries us all the way, for that matter I hope anyone goes on a hot streak!
  21. BamaDoc

    Konerko talks about Contract Situation

    I agree this is not the time to be thinking about this issue. If Frank has a likely chance of DHing, I sadly take the draft picks for Konerko. Obviously, Frank would have to take a incentive ladden contract. The two together are to slow for this style of play. Konerko has not shown the kind of presence that lifts other players and scares pitchers. Even if you are not a Frank fan when he returned you could sense the difference. When he went out no one picked up that presence. I just don't know if we will pay the market rate for Konerko. I can't/won't ever bash him for taking what he can get nor can I fault management for saying thanks but no thanks.
  22. BamaDoc


    Now that rosters have expanded, why are we using Blum. He has hit about .200 with the Sox. Why not Dye at first and Anderson or Borchard in the outfield if you want to rest Konerko? He may be a great guy, but offense early in the game and bring him in late for defense.
  23. BamaDoc


    I am not arguing with the pickup. I just think with expanded rosters we have the opportunity to use some of the players we brought up to give a offensive spark.
  24. BamaDoc

    Game Thread Angels vs Sox 9/9 7:05

    Another good seasoning opportunity for Jenks. This is what he would face in the playoffs.
  25. BamaDoc

    Boston trip

    These two would pitch the next two games after Boston. I hope we leave them in Chicago and avoid wearing them down in useless travel.