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  1. His k rate was about the same last year at 15.3% vs 15.8%.  Also OPS has been better each month but June is still sub .700    Hopefully, gets it going.

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  2. I hate to think it but could some lack of promotions be to maintain trade value for guys?  If you move them up and they struggle, you may hurt what value has been raised.  Not suggesting it for Sosa specifically as I hope he is a keeper.

  3. Awesome for him. Interesting after the one inning appearance recently. Appears that was load management. Glad no injury issue. Hopefully, this is the start of a wave of promotions. 

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  4. As bad as Moncada has been, he has played nearly everyday when available.  The "playing your way out of a slump" except it hasn't worked.  Some indications he may not have been totally healthy as well.  In either case, this latest injury should have allowed you to put him on the IL to clear his head if nothing else.  I played competitive golf and every summer I would have to put the clubs down for about 10 days to get out of my own way.

  5. On 6/19/2022 at 1:31 AM, greg775 said:

    I just wanted to try something different. Clearly Cain is a leader type. Clearly he knows the Central. Clearly he needs a change of scenery. If he's finished, fine. He can't hit any worse than a Grandal in the .100s. ... But if I'm so wrong, fine. Forget I brought it up. Cain blows. OK.

    We could make Cain the catcher!  Not TA, Cain!

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