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  1. Sox It To Em

    White Sox @ Rangers

  2. Sox It To Em

    White Sox @ Rangers

  3. Sox It To Em

    White Sox @ Rangers

  4. Sox It To Em

    MLB Opening Day 2012 Thread

    BS for Mariano Rivera, Rays walk off.
  5. To everybody who thinks this season is hopeless, take a look at this. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?page=05expertpicks Not sayin', just sayin'.
  6. Sox It To Em

    4/8/11 - Sox vs. Rays - 7:10 (WCIU)

    QUOTE (JoeCoolMan24 @ Apr 8, 2011 -> 01:45 AM) Yeah, WCIU blows. I'm another person who can't get WCIU games. Since last year I couldn't stand missing the roughly one game a week aired on WCIU, I got MLB.tv this year for this very purpose. I live in White Sox broadcast territory so I'm blocked from watching the game live, but I'll be able to watch the archived game tomorrow morning. So it looks like a media blackout for me tonight and a doubleheader tomorrow.
  7. Sox It To Em


    Experience is something you got when you didn't want to get it.
  8. Sox It To Em

    4/30 GT White Sox @ Yankees - 6:05pm CDT - WCIU

    I can't believe I thought we would win this game.
  9. Sox It To Em


    Turning. Point.
  10. Sox It To Em

    GT: Fri 4/23, SEA (9-7) @ CWS (5-11), 7:10pm

    I mean, you can't be serious. At least we're only down by one.
  11. Sox It To Em

    4/12 GT: Sox @ Blue Jays, Peavy vs. Tallet

  12. Sox It To Em

    4/12 GT: Sox @ Blue Jays, Peavy vs. Tallet

    Peavy looks on tonight.
  13. Sox It To Em

    4/12 GT: Sox @ Blue Jays, Peavy vs. Tallet

    JFP will pitch seven shutout innings tonight.