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  1. Garcia won’t even take a walk so pathetic
  2. AV not getting the big hit hardly ever
  3. GB on commentary is just beyond bad
  4. Of course Sox have no luck this year…..time to say goodbye to DK he is not a MLB starter anymore.
  5. Soxfest

    5/18 Sox @ Royals | 7:10PM CT

    Sox will go 1-2-3
  6. Soxfest

    5/18 Sox @ Royals | 7:10PM CT

    Robert not even doing fundamentals correctly, mix on this team is not working.
  7. Soxfest

    5/18 Sox @ Royals | 7:10PM CT

    Engel sucks yet again……team can’t get out of its own way all year!
  8. Soxfest

    5/18 Sox @ Royals | 7:10PM CT

    Offense SOS every night
  9. Soxfest

    5/18 Sox @ Royals | 7:10PM CT

    Every umpire missed call cost the Sox a run
  10. Soxfest

    Types of Losses

    Offense is abysmal