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  1. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    QUOTE (MHizzle85 @ Feb 25, 2013 -> 11:32 AM) We will have a league this year, but I'm kinda waiting until I hear about my status with MLB before I make any commissioner moves. In that case, I'd like to vacate my spot/commissioner title since I won't be able to keep up with it as much as I could before. I figured this was the case, MHizz. Instead of letting things get down to the last minute, though, would it be possible to transfer commish of the league to someone else on an interim basis until you find out for sure? If you do get it, then things will continue as-is. If you don't, commish can be transferred back to you. This is, of course, all dependent on whether commish can be transferred at all and isn't restricted in some way.
  2. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    Are we going to have a league this year?
  3. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    I vote for Thursday March 22 @ 8pm Central for the draft. Let's get this resolved. Anyone else have a preferred date/time for the draft?
  4. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    I selected my keepers in the league, they are: Jose Reyes Mark Teixeira Adrian Beltre Cliff Lee Cole Hamels
  5. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    I have two drafts set for the evening of 3/25. I'm all for moving our draft to a different evening. The suggested days of Mon - Thurs after 6pm Central works for me.
  6. BuehrleTheAce

    Mark Buehrle Appreciaton Thread

    I really have nothing to add that hasn't already be said by the posters before me. I was going to say, I guess I'll have to change my nick, but after 2 seconds of consideration I scrapped that thought. I know most, if not all, of you never considered him an ace in the "pure" sense, but to me he embodied what the ace of a pitching staff should be: consistent, reliable, durable, and above all, likeable by his teammates which leads to respect. MB really has nothing more to accomplish in baseball, he's pretty much done it all; everything else from here on out just pads his HOF-bound resume. I'm semi-serious when I say I'm going to become a Marlins fan now, but I'm not joking in the least when I say I will follow and root for MB regardless of who the Marlins play when he's pitching. He deserves the contract they gave him, and he should feel some amount of resentment to the White Sox organization for the poor contracts they gave non- and underperforming players that effectively took the ChiSox out of the running for his services. How could they have not seen, 2 years ago or especially last off-season, that MB's contract situation would need to be handled or he would walk? Were they really that smug or confident to think that he would stay in Chicago at a deep discount? The man has earned his paycheck, and it's time someone finally pays him. Is $14+ million for 4 years too much? Only time will tell. However, if he can be as consistent and durable in Miami as he was in Chicago, and more importantly be a leader and inspiration to a young Marlins staff, that contract could pay for itself in success for years to come. OK so I lied, I guess I did have more, a lot more, to add. Anyway, good luck MB! Chicago and us fans will surely miss you!
  7. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    Two days until draft. Do we have a line on 2 more managers or are we going with 10 this year?
  8. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    So J4L is accounted for, does anyone know where the remaining two missing managers are and if they're going to re-join the league this year?
  9. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    My keepers this year: SS José Reyes OF Álex Ríos 1b Mark Teixeira SP Cole Hamels SP Cliff Lee
  10. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    QUOTE (supernuke @ Feb 13, 2011 -> 11:10 AM) I'm in, and Troy Tulowitzki is still an Asshole. LOL! Oh you got Troyed badly in the playoffs last year. I can't do anything but feel for ya hahaha
  11. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Non-Keeper #1

    I'd like to get into an active non-keeper league this year. Don't remember what happened last year and why I wasn't in one, I was usually in #4. Let me know if there are any open spots.
  12. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Keeper League 2 Info

    I'm in a ready to go! Gotta avenge my poor playoff performance last season!
  13. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Leagues update

    QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Mar 28, 2010 -> 04:11 PM) I sent an email to all the managers in Soxtalk #2 asking if they were interested in joining another league. I'll let you know if anybody responds. Thanks man, much appreciated! As it stands, I have not gotten a reply from robinventura23 as of yet. We are still only at 3 members and without a commish available the draft time cannot be changed. I would really like to see this league get filled and draft before the season starts. Anything I can do to help I will just let me know.
  14. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Leagues update

    QUOTE (knightni @ Mar 27, 2010 -> 10:27 PM) I'd been sending people to robinventura23. Seems like more than 4 people... Would you PM him and see if he can change the date of the draft? Sure, will do. One dropped out so we're down to 3 only. Not sure if #3 is ever going to fly this season
  15. BuehrleTheAce

    Soxtalk Leagues update

    Less than a day to go to draft and league 3 still only has 4 players. Can we sweep the streets for 8 more by draft time?