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  1. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Special Teams has had issues at points this year. That batting of the ball play was costly and stupid.
  2. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Wait a second missed xtra point? Really.
  3. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    The fighting for the football is the key. He battles for it and moves to make the catch.
  4. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    The kicker spot needs to be addressed in the offseason.
  5. southsideirish71

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    I believe the issue is video games and electronic devices that have taken away from the pickup game mentality. I have a 14-year-old freshman and have asked this very question to him and his friends. His friends are split up between those who are active in sports and others that are not. They all, however, want to play video games pretty much 24/7. They don't want to go outside as much as we did growing up. And to be honest, if we had the same video games and access to electronics I probably would have been the same way. My son is very active in baseball. We moved him from in-house/LL back when he was 10 years old. I wanted to prep him for HS baseball and give him the best chance to do it. He was already throwing too hard for the kids in LL to catch and in fact, his LL coach moved him to the OF because his son ( 1b ) was too afraid to catch the ball. Travel baseball has been great for competition in some aspects, but it's becoming too watered down. I have a background in college baseball and focused on the development of the kids and getting the kids ready to play at the next level. A lot of my fellow coaches, however, are trying to win all games and trophies. We had a team last year in the area play 105 games and had a kid with almost 150 innings pitched. That's insane. Every kid on my team pitched. I spread it out across all arms. The parents in travel baseball are horrible as a whole. They all believe little Johnny is going to not only make it to college but start at SS. I was helping our 10u team try out kids last summer and one of the mothers comes up and states that she wanted to know if her son was going to play SS and CF throughout his career because she wanted to get him the best baseball scholarship available. I looked at this 9 year old and asked her, so anyone in your family have a background or pedigree who played baseball at an advance level. Nope. Why do you think your son is going to do this. She just said she had money and that should solve everything. I told her that this is a very complex sport to project a 9-year-olds development pattern and how they will grow if they like the sport, and what their long-term goals are. The boy was very much undersized as well. He looked like a kid ready for tball. I asked how tall was the father, she said 5'4. She was 4'11. No one in her family is over 5'6. But Jose Altuve is short and made the majors. I told her that citing a unicorn as a pattern of success is not a good thing to base future success with. I ran the tryouts. The boy was afraid of the ball, couldn't catch, hit or throw. I referred her to the local LL. She was livid with me. A week later I get a snarky email about how she made some travel team that has like 7 teams at 10u and is cashing a check at her son's expense. I talk about how hard it is to move onto each level. When we play in national tournaments like Perfect Game, Cooperstown, etc you see how you truly fit in. It doesn't help to stave off delusion. My son hit .750 in Cooperstown and I had some parent screaming at me to put their kid in at SS and to lead off over my son because some "mythical" scout was there to look at their 12-year-old. Its insane. That boy was hitless and was striking out against advanced pitching at a rate of 85%. Parents treat travel baseball like free agency. Each year they jump from program to program. More worried about the brand than the training or what is best for their kid. In travel baseball, exposure to professional training is probably one of the best benefits. Those programs who focus on winning first probably are not going to build your boy into the player that they are going to be. They focus also on the boys who mature early. My son pitched last year in a tournament in Texas where one of the Texas teams was averaging a 14u player that was 6'1 and 200 lbs. They were bigger than the varsity team at his HS. I shut my son down for the fall to give his arm, body, and mind a rest before the HS grind picks up. He plays for an HS travel team in the summer that starts working out in November. He works out 3 days a week with a trainer. Has a hitting instructor and I am his pitching instructor. Unfortunately, the days of walking up and playing HS baseball because you want to are over. I have heard some of the HS coaches state they want relatively finished products in HS and don't want to teach kids fundamentals.
  6. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Whats the tape the Packets have. Make sure the CB drops a sure fire pick. Thats pretty much how they beat the bears. If Fuller catches that they are 4-0 going into this game.
  7. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Fumbling on the 1, having that ticky tack call on the pick that nullified the touchdown, then the follow up play is Mitch throwing a pick in double coverage in the end zone. The defense not showing up. Lots of blame for this game.
  8. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Turnovers are the story for the bears on this one.
  9. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    One of the better hires. If Mitch can avoid the double coverage forced throws this is going to be something.
  10. southsideirish71

    Moncada hopes to stay at 2b

    Moncada should spend this offseason working on his footwork and glove work at 2b. He has amazing physical tools. I think a focus on working on the technical side of being a fielder is going to help him over the long run.
  11. southsideirish71

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    You really think that an arrest of Kavanaugh wouldn't stop this. I have a hard time believing that. They would immediately withdraw him and probably would nominate Judge Barrett and truck this through.
  12. southsideirish71

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    So one question. The 3rd accuser. Why hasn't her attorney immediately contacted local law enforcement who investigate these types of crimes to press criminal charges? A criminal charge against Kavanaugh would immediately stop this from moving forward.
  13. southsideirish71

    9/22- Cubs vs Sox, 6:10

    Another umpire who thinks people pay to see them instead of the players. Joe West another in a long line of people who should not be umpiring.
  14. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Great pick 6.
  15. southsideirish71

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Kyle Fuller doing Kyle Fuller things.