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  1. southsideirish71

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

  2. southsideirish71

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Ricky is here as long as he wants. Reinsdorf isn't firing him.
  3. southsideirish71

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Glad Ricky came out to let Keuchel talk him out if pulling him.
  4. southsideirish71

    White Sox vs Indians 8/9 game thread Sunday Night Baseball

    There is the catcher playing first base.
  5. southsideirish71

    White Sox vs Indians 8/9 game thread Sunday Night Baseball

    Mazara looks great. I would rather have Engel in the game than him right now.
  6. southsideirish71

    White Sox vs Indians 8/9 game thread Sunday Night Baseball

    Umpires are in mid season form.
  7. southsideirish71

    White Sox vs Indians 8/9 game thread Sunday Night Baseball

    Except sliders have a big red dot in the middle.
  8. southsideirish71

    White Sox 30 Man Roster Announced

    They may need to walk away from Renteria sooner than later. Thank God Jon Jay isn't here or he probably would be your starting RF and permanent 2 hole hitter.
  9. southsideirish71

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I could live with a hybrid approach. 3 and 2 would work for me. Online only would not. The kids need to be taught in person and tested. Tests in a classroom. My son is a very high level academic kid who is trying to land academic scholarships that will impact his long term future. Going to a P/F system and allowing everyone to cheat hurts his chances of differentiating his talents from others. This could impact where he goes to school and his career chances down the road. Federal and State funds should be provided for both PPE and other material. This should of been done already. HIPAA and other lovely privacy laws are going to be at odds with reality. You test positive, sure contact trace and part of that is that you notify the school and that person goes away for 2 weeks. Now I already know that we will have a mix this fall. Some parents will keep Junior home when he sneezes, says his tummy feels bad, or just wants to stay home to keep mom company. Others will push 3 pills down their kids throat and tell them they are not sick and to go to school. I think at the HS level its simple. Everyone wears masks. If your kid doesnt want to wear a mask, great homeschool is for you. You get sick, you contact trace and everyone involved gets tested. When people get sick they get processed out until they are cleared. There is no penalty for staying away with a covid positive hit. Its part of the price we pay to open up. Shuttering for the year is a better option then just moving to online only.
  10. southsideirish71

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    It offers nothing. No grades. No tests. 20 minutes of homework a day. Minimal contact with your teacher over a zoom. Just about every kid was sleeping most of the day while this was going on. Playing video games and getting perfect scores. The classes were cheating constantly. Its a joke. Previously: Two hours or more a day of homework. Tests and quizzes validated knowledge. Teachers were interactive with students. Kids couldnt cheat wholesale because the teacher is in the room.
  11. southsideirish71

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Online teaching is a waste. It is completely worthless in its current state. So whats the point of paying employees to do what exactly. There are no tests. There are no grades. Zooms are limited. If all of a sudden I couldn't do my job in my current capacity do you think my employer would just allow me to collect money for long periods of time if my productivity was to drop.
  12. southsideirish71

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Well thats mandated here in Illinois. I see jackasses going into stores without it. The stores do not object to them violating the rule. They let them shop and then process them without penalty. They should either escort them out of the store or refuse to engage in business with them.
  13. southsideirish71

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Well you have me sold. It's not safe. However the online education is a waste of time. So let's get the furlough notices out in August then. Maybe we can get a stimulus for the education workers impacted by this economic slowdown. You know it sucks for them however the safety of everyone overweighs the economic impacts to individuals. People are more important than money I keep hearing. So just like the small business workers and others who have had to bite the bullet I guess its just another industry decimated by the virus. I hope a vaccine comes out quickly.
  14. southsideirish71

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    You cant contract trace when its community spread. Too many people. Contract tracing works when you have a very small number of cases.
  15. southsideirish71

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    So it's really about waiting for a vaccine. The goalposts have moved all over the place with this. Everyone fucking knew the minute this would open up a bit that cases would increase. The original reason to lockdown was to keep from overloading the hospitals and due to not having enough ppe and ventilators. Now we cant possibly open up a school because the virus is still around. And its not the teachers fault. Okay. I buy that. How about this take. If you are not going to provide proper education, then shut the schools down. You can do it until there is a vaccine. And while you do that, furlough the teachers, support staff, and building workers. just like other businesses that shutter up. This sham of online education is not acceptable. It's a glorified checklist to punt kids to the next year, its eyewash at best. Its busy work to make it seem like something is happening. Unfortunately nothing is happening. Its just bullshit. And there has been plenty of time to address this. And just pointing at the orange man and getting upset at his incompetence is not enough. Plenty of blame to go around. My wife works in a school district. There has been zero, zero talk of what happens if the schools cant open up. They are having their first call in a week to go over the concerns of the teachers. It is going to be exactly the same as the spring. That was a quick thing that occured in March. In August its not. There has been time to plan. And nothing has been done. Punting the kids to the next year while everyone waits for a vaccine is not going to work. This is not a glorified babysitting service. Its education. If that isnt happening then whats the point.