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  1. southsideirish71

    Hector is implying Nelson Cruz, we're along for the ride

    He gets inside information and for that privilege he does some light twitter speculation on behalf of the player/agent. Like Bob Nightengale is the un-offical spokesperson for JR.
  2. southsideirish71

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

  3. southsideirish71

    Hector is implying Nelson Cruz, we're along for the ride

    Minor leagues 2021 Team Vaughn
  4. southsideirish71

    Hector is implying Nelson Cruz, we're along for the ride

    I think Hector has solid connections. But there is some issues with some of the stuff he adds to it with his tweets. More of playing on emotion than facts Look Manny has a whitesox hat in this video, thats a sign. A tweet with "this will come true" in a response to a whitesox need to agree to terms with Manny Machado, is a bit different than saying the sox have the high offer right now things look good. His numbers were correct. I will give him that. Hey I would love to have Cruz as our DH. I hope this is true.
  5. southsideirish71

    Hector is implying Nelson Cruz, we're along for the ride

    I am still waiting for Hectors predictions from the Machado offseason to come true.
  6. southsideirish71

    Student Loan Debt

    The perception was there back when I went to college about community college. I had someone ride me very hard about being poor. The ironic thing is that this same person was there in the spring semester because he flunked out of the fall semester. Karma you sweet b****.
  7. southsideirish71

    Student Loan Debt

    I have had two family members go through this fun. One started picking schools based on football teams from what I could tell. He visited LSU, Alabama, Clemson. His grades in HS were mediocre at best. So he winds up at ISU. Very upset about the fact their football team sucks. He wanted to be a nurse anesthesiologist. Well after Sem 1 of this year, that dream is dashed. The classes are a bit harder than he thought. So now he wants to be an engineer so he wants to go to Clemson. He is transferring for 2021/2022. I asked him why are you dropping your major. The classes are hard he says. And you think engineering classes are going to be easier. Well, he doesn't like math. Well at least he wont encounter math in engineering, wait a second. So tune in next year when we are revisiting his major again. I turned to his father, you know the local community college would have been a great place for him to make this decision. My nephew. Well, I am not going to a loser school. They have no parties. Only losers go to CC. I see this as a 5 to 6-year adventure for him. The next one picked a 50k a year college and is her major is nursing that a lot of state schools or cheaper schools could have supplied. She has always wanted to be a nurse. Her mom is a nurse. The major selection is fine. I asked her why she picked the school. It looked like Hogwarts was her comment. Now she was a straight-A student, had an average ACT, and did receive some scholarship money. She turned down 3 near full rides because she didn't like the schools look, not Hogwartzy enough I guess. She is going to pay about 40k a year hereafter her small scholarship. I want to hear no complaints from either family member about what they are accruing for their student loans. One had 3 near full rides. And chose this school based on a nonsense category. The other has random selections of majors based on what he thinks the job can pay but don't have either the tools or the discipline to push through that. I truly expect my nephew to decide he is pre-med after the engineering debacle. Because Drs make a lot of money. In the end, some of these kids are their own worst enemy. I was the first generation to go to college in my family. It was a big deal. It's more of an expected outcome now. I find it ironic that only losers go to CC. Their parents all used CC as well as I did to afford college. My father couldn't afford to send us to school. Their parents are all doing very well for themselves. And their degrees make no mention of the fact that they went to CC. The perception of Community College is funny and is based on the fact that you must go away for school. If you don't go away then you cant have the college experience.
  8. southsideirish71

    Student Loan Debt

    A lot of kids should be looking at community college to start. Dropping 50k on a school just to get away from home to figure things out is a very costly experiment. The other thing is people should be reviewing what their degree is and what school really makes sense for it. You need to get a return on investment. One class that should be made mandatory is a basic finance class in high school. This is how credit card debt works, this is how checking works, this is how to save. We send kids out into the world and they have zero idea on how any of this works.
  9. southsideirish71

    Badler: Sox expected to sign Yoelki Cespedes

    There are natural mechanisms that make a major league hitter just a freak of nature. They usually have amazing hand-eye coordination and outstanding vision. You can't teach that. Now their swing mechanics however can be changed and massaged over time.
  10. southsideirish71

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Also a lot of these radar readings from the 19 year old is some dude doing a run and gun into a net.
  11. southsideirish71

    2020 Election Thoughts

    I don't remember this urgent need to add DC and Puerto Rico as states when Obama and Clinton were in office. You are trying to terraform the legislative branch because you get sad that rural states have an equal say that other larger more populated states have. This will do wonders for the political landscape here. You are going to birth more Trump-like candidates with this.
  12. southsideirish71

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Well as long as he doesnt want a lot of money. He sounds like our kind of pick up. A fixer upper.
  13. southsideirish71

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I love the run up the middle down by a few touchdowns with just over 8 left. Are we playing to win or playing for the gambling spread.
  14. southsideirish71

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    If the sox truly wanted him they would of locked him up already. We are playing the prototypical sox lets let it simmer and hope the market isnt there and we can strike for a bargain. The same technique we used with Machado. Someone will swoop in and steal him away at the last minute here because we are bargain hunting for a need.