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  1. bschmaranz

    2020 White Sox Team Builder

    We can only hope. Watching Engel hit was like watching Jose Valentin field a grounder at SS. I didn't even notice Peralta won a gold glove this year!? He only played 99 games, bizarre.
  2. bschmaranz

    Return of Samardzija?

    Agreed. If you're a professional, it shouldn't matter. Although one would think if Coop had issue with the whole thing, they wouldn't entertain such a move.
  3. bschmaranz

    2020 White Sox Team Builder

    I'm a fan of the guy when he's healthy, I'd like the addition. Also think we probably should get another solid utility outfielder just in case he goes down for any period of time. I'm gonna put my fricken hand in the toaster if Engel gets more than a few ABs a week.
  4. bschmaranz

    2020 White Sox Team Builder

    Dig it, although I gotta think it's gonna take more than those 2 to snag Peralta. I assume you meant him in RF too, you have him and Eloy tag teaming LF.
  5. bschmaranz

    White Sox Offseason Rumors

    Punch and pie.
  6. bschmaranz

    White Sox Offseason Rumors

    This wasn't a tweet or rumor. That's a paddlin'
  7. bschmaranz


    Why the hell did I think he was a butcher? Are those his numbers specific to RF?
  8. bschmaranz


    I don't get how people are concerned with Castellanos glove but playing Joc on RF is ok? Or are they talking about him for DH?
  9. bschmaranz

    A Realistic Offseason

    I dunno if Rendon is gonna give us a discount.
  10. bschmaranz

    Predict the Market: FA Contracts

    Yup. You know he's definitely going to try and get what Trout got.
  11. bschmaranz

    A Realistic Offseason

    And it's not even close imo.
  12. bschmaranz

    Rendon Thread

    Good point. I am incorrect and apologize.
  13. bschmaranz

    Rendon Thread

    For the record, he added that word after my response.
  14. bschmaranz

    Rendon Thread

    You know both personally?