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  1. It's like one of those SNL sketches that some find funny and others think it's too bizarre/awkward.
  2. bschmaranz

    Alcides Escobar Released

    You saying Escobar is gonna Scottie Pippen us?
  3. Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?
  4. So uh, tell me again why we didn't move Colome?
  5. bschmaranz

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Is it Joc Pederson?
  6. bschmaranz

    Will you be mad if the Sox do not seriously try to move Abreu?

    Do they still have Bird? Wtf happened with that dude?
  7. bschmaranz

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

  8. bschmaranz

    Sox interested in Edwin Diaz

    Yeah I get that, but Jackie Bradley? His bat has always kept him out of the lineup despite his glove. Might as well ask us for Engel.
  9. bschmaranz

    Sox interested in Edwin Diaz

    That Russo jackass on MLB Network just said the Red Sox should just trade Jackie Bradley for Edwin Diaz. Um.... Why in the hell would the Mets even think about that?
  10. Don't you also hate when your butler accidentally buys the wrong caviar?
  11. bschmaranz

    Teams are interested in Nova? Trade him!

    Throw in Rondon, both of them.
  12. bschmaranz

    Steve Stone with a dose of reality for Sox fans

    Yup. Entertainment is necessary, especially in tragedy.
  13. bschmaranz

    Gerrit Cole - The Rebuild’s Fulcrum

    I'm with ya. He can be our Lester, except he's better.
  14. bschmaranz

    andrew vaughn at kanny

    Do you need a hug?
  15. Take the jag bag stuff off the table it's still a dreadful idea. Career .705 ops with a glove that's consistently declined since they won? No thanks. Even at his peak in 2016, his ops+ was still below average. Also, you gotta think if the Sox were ever interested in the guy, they'd probably be able to get him for significantly less.
  16. bschmaranz

    Sox sign OF Jacob Scavuzzo

    Seems like the name of a character you'd find on Welcome Back Kotter.
  17. bschmaranz

    RF options are bleak...any other ideas?

    Misa thinkin yes
  18. bschmaranz

    Hahn and Hawk on the Score

    Yaz had TWTW, that's all I know.
  19. bschmaranz

    Hahn and Hawk on the Score

    Hawk was on with Mulligan this morning. Didn't take him long to start in on advanced stats and launch angles.
  20. bschmaranz

    ASG Voting Update

    Probably wanna put Morton on that list too.
  21. bschmaranz

    Trade Idea: Andrew Cashner

    Now we're on the trolley!
  22. bschmaranz

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    But where does this all leave Yonder!?
  23. bschmaranz

    Reacquire Adam Eaton

    I'd say he's more likely to be a waiver pickup than a trade candidate.