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  1. BearsWhiteSox23

    Toughest College Basketball Arenas...

    Williams arena is a tough place to play when the gophers have a decent team. But they really suck.
  2. BearsWhiteSox23

    Robin Ventura is retiring

    Ventura was one of my favorite players. Great all around player (well except speed). I would retire his #.
  3. BearsWhiteSox23

    Yo! It's August 3rd almost!

    What the hell happened? I go out of town and the sox are 1.5 back...I get back and they are 5 out and lost 3/4 to the tigers. I was up in northern minny w/no computer, tv so i just found out everything today. And the cubs got nomar. Not a great day to come back to....at least we found a taker for elo...Please right the ship boys
  4. BearsWhiteSox23

    Offical GET ROBIN BACK thread!

    Only if dan pasqua comes back too
  5. BearsWhiteSox23


    I hate to say it, but last year was a fluke. Seven years of mediocrity and all of a sudden he is cy young? I dont think so. He isnt locating and his cutter is not as effective since the league has adjusted. He might be an OK #5 starter, but the problem on this team he is a 3/4. I hope he turns it around, but I doubt it
  6. BearsWhiteSox23

    Let's go, YANKEES!!!

    Good win. I hadnt even been paying attention to the wild card standings. Good to hear as of tonight, the "weak crappy" AL Central would have two teams in the playoffs (although the division is pretty crappy). Still a long ways to go though.
  7. BearsWhiteSox23

    Ordonez Placed on the DL; Borchard Recalled

    Damn this is bad news. It sounds like its a very real possibility maggs and frank both may be gone for the year. KW might have to make a move. It may create a problem when/if they come back, but lets worry about that then. On the other hand, its another opportunity for borchard. Hopefully he sticks this time.
  8. BearsWhiteSox23

    Is Shingo Rookie of the year

    Yeah its cub hating talk, but there is a thread on there today talking about the cubs chances at the wild card. I mean who cares? I hate the cubs like any good sox fan, but I hate the twins worse. The cubs should have no effect on us unless we meet in the WS. I just prefer to ignore them which I guess is easier in minnesota than in chicago. By the way, who are the minor leaguers and major leaguer who post on here?
  9. BearsWhiteSox23

    Is Shingo Rookie of the year

    Yeah WSI is a pretty good site, but you just dont get the minor league stuff. Also in the talking baseball forum there it is way too much cub talk. But I like both sites and as long as the subject is the white sox its hard to have a bad web site
  10. BearsWhiteSox23

    Is Shingo Rookie of the year

    Thanks. These sox fan pages are the only thing that keep me sane up here in twins country.
  11. BearsWhiteSox23

    Is Shingo Rookie of the year

    I think if shingos save total was higher he would have a shot. Crosby is gonna be a hell of player though. on another note: Im new to this site, just actually came across it today. Im a member at WSI. Just wondering if the two sites are rivals, affiliated in any way, or just two different white sox fan pages. Both sites seem pretty cool. This one seems to have way more minor league stuff.