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  1. thedoctor

    GT 8/2: You'll get nothing and like it

    completely believable for a team owned by second-place jerry.
  2. thedoctor

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    hey, we may achieve jerry’s second-place goal. so there’s that.
  3. thedoctor

    White Sox tried to trade for Ohtani

    is it even really good pr? maybe they thought it was, but all it's done is opened up the floodgates for a sea of "seat at the table!" comments. sox get more ink for guys they don't sign than anyone else in the league.
  4. thedoctor

    Nightengale: Sox have clubhouse issues

    trying to diagnose the clubhouse issues by assessing how guys look in the snippets you see during a game is folly.
  5. thedoctor

    Nightengale: Sox have clubhouse issues

    this type of leak could not be more predictable.
  6. thedoctor

    Mendick, Engel, and (maybe) Robert leave with injuries

    is the eloy 60-day thing more of an administrative move?
  7. thedoctor

    Too soon to panic

    we can all cite a ton of examples where teams underperform early then catch fire and roll. i'm sure it's possible that can happen. that said, this team is just good at losing. how they lose looks different from day-to-day but the result is the same. starting pitching looks great, then it doesn't. bullpen shines for two weeks, then gives it up. we don't hit for two-and-half-months, then score 32 runs in our last four games. go 1-3 in those games. being good at losing is a team characteristic. i'm more inclined to think that's what this team is this year. doesn't mean the rebuild's a failure or some variation of this core can't excel in a different year, but i increasingly think we are not going to see it this year.
  8. thedoctor


    winning record and improvement vs yankees, rays and red sox should have the roster whole again in the next month have played bad baseball for 2+ months but aren’t buried
  9. the season’s long so I have a hard time making declarative statements about where this will end up. but it’s hard to imagine things going worse, or ignore the steady decline in performance since last July. and if this is the yoan and grandal we’re getting this year, you can probably pack it all up.
  10. thedoctor

    When did we take the wrong turn?

    there’s a lot of reasons, but a bunch of guys you were counting on being unavailable for long stretches of time the past two years hasn’t helped.
  11. thedoctor

    Donaldson apologies to Robinson, "understanding" with TA

    go pound sand, douche.
  12. thedoctor

    Hahn’s 2022 Offseason (So Far)

    it’s an abject failure to this point. still can turn around, obviously. just don’t understand why he’d basically repeat last offseason. overspend on relievers and try to fill important gaps with washed up vets.
  13. thedoctor

    How Unconcerned Should We Be?

    i’m still concerned. the bar here isn’t winning streaks, it’s being a legit championship contender. hard to see that as a reality when you struggle to hit right-handed starting pitchers. that can certainly improve as you get guys back and others rise to more historical norms. that said, right now it looks a lot like last year and last year wasn’t good enough.
  14. thedoctor

    Luis Robert vs Frank Thomas - first 140 game comparison

    frank arrived at the exact perfect time for me. him being instantly amazing and me having a ton of disposable time on my hands to watch him play. he introduced me to the idea of stopping whatever I was doing when he was up.
  15. thedoctor

    Sox vs Sawx Game One-6:00 CT

    you knew it was going to be bad when they referenced the play-by-play announcer breaking into tears after signing the back of the green monster. foh