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  1. hopefully they're talking like that in about a month.
  2. thedoctor


    the sox are division champs. prove me wrong.
  3. thedoctor

    Tepera on 10 day IL; Fry recalled

    right. that said, putting "finger laceration," which is entirely unrelated to any of those facts, is just a bit galling at this point of the process.
  4. thedoctor

    Tepera on 10 day IL; Fry recalled

    this year with the injuries...my goodness.
  5. thedoctor

    Liam Hendriks' wife identified pitch tipping

    maybe she can take a look at kopech, too.
  6. I don’t care what they do. it’s sweet we set a standard that probably can’t be met. just a perfect convergence of things.
  7. thedoctor

    Rodon to IL with Shoulder Fatigue

    I’m no tlr fan, but he does have the benefit of talking to those guys to see how they feel. maybe guys said they wanted a day. /shrug
  8. thedoctor

    Sox at Cubs 8/8, 6:10 pm

    law degree reference! drink!
  9. thedoctor

    And that’s a white sox winner

    this team can be maddening at times but this season is a helluva lot of fun.
  10. it’s amazing so many bad moncada takes can fit on one message board.
  11. shut down, no. but i think he should be pushed back, skipped and perhaps miss some starts if possible. some combination of kopech, charlotte guys and maybe even a back-end starting pitcher acquisition could probably accomplish that.
  12. to me it is all about the playoffs. if we win one or more playoff series, then yep, credit is due. if he gets us to the playoffs and we win nothing? well, ricky did that.
  13. starting to feel like a late-afternoon somber rick hahn press conference kind of day.
  14. thedoctor

    Jose Abreu - This is the End?

    their margin for error is so slim right now. yermin is disappearing and guys seem to be heading to the il on a daily basis. i'm sure that within this, guys like jose and ta are feeling extra pressure to carry the load and it just isn't happening. this team could use a break. all-star break can't come soon enough.
  15. thedoctor

    6-19 GT: Sox @ Astros (6:15pm)