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  1. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    If you know it's fantasy then you already know the answer.
  2. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    You pick now to ask that when people have wanted to trade for Joc , JD Martinez, David Price with Benitendi ,Mookie ,Marte and a whole thread devoted to trading for starting pitchers with prospects ? At least this one you get a pitcher with a ton of upside and plenty of years of control. And basically I contemplated it just for fun not actually thinking it was possible.
  3. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    Just going by what Baseball Reference says.
  4. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    Gallen isn't a free agent till 2026 . That would be a massive win for the Sox which is why it won't happen. I've been saying the same, keep the prospects let them develop but this Gallen kid might be the real deal and 2nd basemen are plentiful to replace Madrigal.
  5. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    Not sure it's necessary. 1st priority is starting pitching perhaps even after making that trade. I've been against trading the prospects but very much in favor of prospect for prospect if a position of need is filled with a position of strength. How much do we really lose with Madrigal ? We lose his years but get plenty years back in Gallen. Gallen has already proven himself in the majors. You can fill 2nd base with Cesar Hernandez. SIgn a one year stop gap right fielder or even go after Ryu or Bum. Gio Gallen Bum./ Ryu ,/ Keuchel Cease Lopez Kopech . Leave money for Betts or Springer next year or sign Rendon and forget about more pitching . I think the lineup is good without Rendon but the pitching staff still isn't great even with Gallen just like it wasn't with Wheeler. This is all just fantasy . If a Gallen for Madrigal trade ever materializes I would be shocked. It's just fun to play around with a new idea.
  6. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    If that's the case do it now. Tons of 2nd basement on the open market . No idea why the D backs would give away a promising young starter.
  7. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    True but i guess i was looking for specifics about signing guys to a major league contracts who get an invite to spring training but get sent to the minors. Do they have the option to refuse that? Do they specifically have to be signed to minor league contracts? It could still work in theory unless they all wanted to be starting pitchers but instead 2 become starters in the majors and 2 become relievers if you only sign 4 instead of 6 because maybe there is space on the 25 for 4 pitchers among starters and relievers if one is a long man who can periodically start.
  8. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    FA SP: What to do after the Wheeler miss?

    Maybe the Sox should take the bargain basement idea to the extreme. Everyone talks about being creative so here we go. Sign all the youngest hurt/bargain basement guys. Give them all 1 year plus an option or a more than fair buyout like 1 yr $5M contract with a $1M buyout. Some of these guys are going to get more , But the idea is to try to sign 6 of them at the same time to Major league contracts maybe with incentives. I'm not sure if that would work when some would have to be sent to the minors. Don't tell any of them about all the other guys you are signing. I know it's a stupid idea mainly because I have no idea what guarantees you have to make a player when signed to a major league contract but they aren't going to sign if they know you already signed 3 other guys and they have an equal offer. Tanner Roark Wade Miley Brett Anderson Martin Perez Kevin Gausman Alex Wood Michael Wacha Drew Smiley Gio Gonzalez Julio Teheran Rick Porcello Jordan Lyles Ivan Nova Identify the ones you want most ,equally split perhaps with guys who are worth the most like Miley with guys who could be worth the most recovering from injury that's not too serious . How much would it take to sign 6 of these guys ? $50M AAV ? This increases your odds of finding one who gives you excess value. You hit the jackpot if you find 2. The rest are your AAA depth and if they do well trade them off bring them up to pitch relieve or whatever. Flame away and tell me where the holes in this process are. Then try it again with the holes fixed. You could do a version of this also signing 3 or 4 of them.But the less you sign the less your odds of finding the one who ends up giving you value. Edit: You could do much the same thing with relievers only the price would be much less like the Mets just signed Brad Brach. Edit: Jordan Lyles off the board. Texas signed him. 2 yrs/$16M
  9. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    Sox Claim Tayron Guerrero

    The new future Japanese League player.
  10. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    Sox in on MadBum

    I probably would be too depending on cost.Have to figure 4 years . If a team goes 5 forget it. If he's going to $100M also forget it. Somewhere between $80-85 M perhaps? I'm sure this place would be livid but the casual fan base , meaning those most likely to buy season tickets. just might like it a lot. After all he is a legend and a likely good influence on the young pitchers and the most likely to give you 200 innings which is still pretty critical for the 2020 Sox.
  11. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    RF - The Final Piece

    https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/pirates/2018/09/26/corey-dickerson-defense-drs-leaders-mlb-gold-glove-favorites-outfield-alex-gordon-kevin-kiermaier/stories/201809260191 this link about how he improved defensively https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-corey-dickersons-fusion-dance/ this link about offense Basically he made the change 2 years ago and doesn't seem as if his power has suffered for it. Might have changed his stance a little bit too.
  12. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    RF - The Final Piece

    Yes there are. But basically he choked up a little i think and just decided to go for more contact. I'm sure it in my posts somewhere in this thread or a Dickerson thread or the reasonable offseason . Im sure I linked the articles if you can wade through my many posts I made about him.
  13. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    Tsutsugo - Sox Potentially Interested

    I'd still like to see if the Rockies are willing to trade Sam Hilliard rather than Blackmon.