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  1. CaliSoxFanViaSWside


    To me he's just an older guy for whatever level they put him at and will be watching his 1st 3 months closely. I'm guessing A+ and hoping he can get to AA by mid season . AAA by end of year I'd be surprised.
  2. I want to watch Robert hit more than anyone else on the team. I want to see him run more than anyone else on the team. I want to watch him play the field more than anyone else on the team.
  3. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    LaRussa knows what Spring Training is for. I guarantee you he isn't concerned at all. He's just letting all the NRI's pitch to see if any of them can impress. Pretty much the same thing with the lineup giving Collins, Mercedes and Lucroy pretty equal time along with Adolfo, Rutherford , Gonzalez, Nick Williams, Vaughn, Mendick, Burger and Sheets. This could go on for another week or 2.
  4. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    Yup not real concerned about Burr, Sousa Tomshaw, Johnson,Dopico, Guerrero, Lindgren, McRae, Medeiros,Paulino, Sadzeck,Vargas and Wright pitching poorly. The majority of guys expected to make the team haven't even pitched for the most part.
  5. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    Spring Training thread

    Recent articles and podcasts: Keuchel likes Jimmy Lambert https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/white-sox/dallas-keuchel-endorsed-jimmy-lambert-good-bet-help-white-sox-2021 Abreu and others like Vaughn https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/white-sox/jose-abreu-no-doubt-white-sox-top-prospect-andrew-vaughn-ready-bigs Jerry Narron talks about artitstic lineup , cards, Larussa, catchers and more https://art19.com/shows/white-sox-podcast Garrett Crochet on his rookie season and this season https://art19.com/shows/white-sox-podcast/episodes/827ed18e-918a-43e4-ba7c-b67bf8654a95 Chuck with Scott Merkin after the 1st spring training game talking Abreu, La Russa, Burger and fans. https://art19.com/shows/white-sox-podcast/episodes/eac4476e-cf0a-4f96-b482-604a4504ea3c
  6. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    2021 NHL Thread

    Just for posterity some one had to mention Kane becoming the 10th American and 100th NHL player to reach 400 goals. That's a lot of great round numbers !
  7. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    White Sox Vs. Royals 3/3 2:05PM

    3-2 . Johnson and Lindgren 5 straight walks
  8. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    White Sox Vs. Royals 3/3 2:05PM

    All he does is hit and hit and hit.
  9. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    3/2 Rangers vs Sox 2PM CT NBCSChicago

    Just amazes me that Williams didn't run as soon as he hit it. You'd think constant hustle should be imbedded in a fringe player's head.
  10. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    Spring Training thread

    He's been quite critical of Keuchel when he spoke up and talked about leadership and then didn't perform well in the playoffs. So he's grinding his axe there.
  11. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    I'm going to enjoy the White Sox this year

    Picking on Greg is not humorous though. It's more bullying than anything. It's like everyone picks on that kid so I will too because he's a character. Then the bully laughs about it.
  12. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Any time I see these kind of announcements my 1st thought is nothing is written in stone. That's how we all should view it. We don't really know if Kopech or Crochet will start the season in the bullpen. The bullpen isn't bad without them. It just doesn't matter what they are saying now. Seems just as likely they start in the minors depending on how they look in the spring.
  13. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Glad to see you are still around. As far as I know you are the lone female representative that posts on Sox Talk. I'm a bit skeptical that the pen is a strength because some emerged during the short season and against weak competition. Kopech and Crochet are likely viewed as hedges against the other young relievers experiencing the highs and low of a longer season, stronger opponents and the very nature of the year to year travails of relief pitching in general.
  14. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    Spring Training thread

    I made one of these for a school science fair as a kid using quart milk cartons and 4 small mirrors. I forget how old I was . Probably 10 or so but I don't remember if it actually worked because I couldn't line up the mirrors properly or cut them down to size to get the angles right to make it work . It worked in theory but the execution was lacking .
  15. CaliSoxFanViaSWside

    Andrew Vaughn Article - 3B/OF and Opening Day considerations

    Do you know why the Sox made that trade ? Lack of pitching depth after the season started but that was also apparent before the season started. Sound familiar ? And now you are also suggesting they do the same thing if necessary this season. You make your own luck. Lack of preparation caused a chain of events that led to the rebuild. I can understand you calling Tatis luck a little bit, but the trade in itself was a blunder. It was typical Sox acquisition that only netted them an innings eater and not a pitcher who could propel a struggling team to greater heights. A trade where the other team ate a lot of money for a guy who was a mistake for the Padres since they acquired him , a veteran who was sucking and sucked even worse once the Sox got him. He wasn't a difference maker. The majority of us hated the trade in the thread that followed the trade, not because of Tatis, but because Shields was so bad. How many times do the Sox have to keep making the same mistake over and over again before they realize that 34+ year old players who show multiple signs of decline aren't likely to improve ? No one here can claim they hated the trade for Tatis because of Tatis but the majority of us here hated it because it was a bad trade from the get go and Tatis becoming a superstar pissed us off even more.